#1 Place To Meet Women: The Grocery Store

Want to know the #1 Place to meet women that, I guarantee, most men are tapping into?? It’s the grocery store!!!!  I swear. My new Wing Girl, Alex, explains why.  Read on….

The Untapped Dating Potential of a Grocery Store

By: Wing Girl Alex Temblador (25)

I have this fantasy… I want to be hit on at a grocery store.

Probably not what you had in mind when you heard the word “fantasy.” But you are still interested. A grocery store? Yes, you heard that right. A regular grocery store.

This “fantasy” is actually more of a theory. I have this theory that a grocery store is the perfect meeting spot. I can find out everything that I want to know about a guy based off of where he shops and what kind of food he is buying. I’ve discussed it for four years now with female family members and friends and they all agree; they would love to be approached by a guy at a grocery store.

Each time I see an attractive man at a grocery store, I smile, I give him multiple looks, I “accidentally” run into him several times, but not one of those men have ever taken the bait and approached me. For that matter, I haven’t even had guys I wasn’t attracted to come up and hit on me at the grocery store. I’ve seriously seen zero grocery store action.

Perhaps, men just don’t know that I, a woman, want to be hit on at a grocery store. So here I am, men, from the mouth of a woman, telling you to go up and talk to the attractive girl you see at the grocery store.

There are many reasons why a grocery store is a perfect place for you to meet someone. More importantly, a grocery store provides great ways to approach that beautiful woman browsing the pasta section. I guarantee that once you read through these reasons and check out the tips on how to approach your grocery store crush, you will start seeing the grocery store as a brand new opportunity.

  1. Most single women are going to be doing their grocery shopping alone.

Hate going up to a group of girls alone at the bar only to be shot down by, not just the one that you were seeking out, but all of them? Well, with a grocery store, you don’t have to worry about that. Single women usually shop alone at the grocery store, so the intimidation factor is much lower than at a bar or a club.

  1. Look at the type of basket she is using at the grocery store.

A woman pushing a cart rather than carrying a basket is the best kind of woman to approach at a grocery store. A woman pushing a cart is refilling her kitchen cupboards and will be taking her time around the store. Need a second to gather your courage? No problem, because unlike the girl who grabs a grocery basket and is zipping through the aisles grabbing a short list of items, a woman pushing a grocery cart is taking her time and that means you have more time to approach her. Women who are not in a rush are more likely to be open to speaking with you.

  1. Women aren’t expecting to be hit on at a grocery store.

When a woman goes to the club on a Friday night or hits the bar on a Saturday night, we dress ourselves up, do our makeup with care, buy a new dress, and sashay into the night absolutely expecting to get hit on. Most likely by men who creep us out, or make us feel uncomfortable.

When a woman goes to the grocery store, we are not expecting to get hit on. We are only looking for food.

Let me give you a hypothetical situation using myself. I just got off of an 8-hour work day. I’m tired. My makeup has worn off. My hair isn’t as fluffed and neat as it was when I fixed it this morning. I dribbled a bit of salad dressing on my pants at lunch and am praying no one notices. I do not feel cute or pretty or beautiful when I push the cart through the Trader Joe’s.

Then, a man approaches me with confidence and a smile.

“Hi, I don’t mean to bother you but is that a fleur-de-lis tattoo?” (I have a fleur-de-lis tattoo).

I nod, “Yeah, it is.”

He chuckles. “Whoever did it, did a good job. Or maybe you just make it look good.” My body gets all tingly and all of a sudden I feel ten times better than I did and more open to talking to this man, because he just complimented me at a time when I was not expecting it.

Women guard themselves against compliments at the club. If we show interest in every nice thing someone says at a bar, we might not ever be left alone. But when we aren’t feeling over-the-top confident about ourselves at the grocery store, and you come up to us, give us a compliment, we are more open to continuing a small conversation. Later, when you bump into us in the frozen food aisle, we are probably going to feel a little more flirty and confident enough to give you our phone number when you ask.

  1. You are at a place that allows you to bond over one interest that you inevitably have in common.

No matter what kind of activities you are interested in and no matter what kind of activities she is interested in, you and a woman can always bond over one thing: food. Everyone eats food, and everyone has a “food story” or an opinion about food. So the easiest way to approach a woman at a grocery store is by using food.

You see a girl holding two different bags of chips, trying to make a decision. Walk up to her and say something like, “Oh, this a tough one. Cheetos are a classic. But on the other hand, Ruffles do go better with any kind of dip. And then with Cheetos, there’s the whole getting orange smears on your clothes and crumbs sticking to your fingers.”

Be playful! She will understand that you are making a joke and will probably go along with it.

Or maybe the cute girl you noticed earlier walks by you when you are looking at the cheeses. You stop her politely, “Excuse me. Do you have any idea how Gouda tastes? My boss is coming over, and I’m trying to impress him. What do you think?”

Women love to give advice! And with that advice might bring on some conversation, flirting, and a date.

Food can be good for you in multiple ways!

  1. There are excellent locations to approach a woman at the grocery store.

Standing in line for the check-out is the best place to approach a woman. She’s not going to move from that line unless you are making her very uncomfortable. (But you wouldn’t do that, not with all of the amazing advice from this site.) So if the lines are really long that day and the person checking out is moving slow, you may have 5 minutes to talk with this woman.

And you don’t even have to “approach” her. You just have to get in line behind her with your grocery basket to check out. Just make sure you don’t make it seem like you are stalking her in the grocery store, waiting for that moment she goes to pay for her items. Stay calm, be cool, and pretend you went to that line because you are done shopping and it looked like it was the fastest moving line.

Another great location to go up and talk to a woman would be the wine section. Give a good wine suggestion. A man who knows wine, that’s sexy and tells a woman they appreciate the finer things in life.

Lastly, the deli section. You are all waiting in line for the deli guy to call your number. Ask her what deli meat she suggests and see what she says. Then before she knows it, you’re making her laugh, you’ve bonded over deli meat and cheeses, and you’ve made plans to meet up for coffee that weekend.

  1. Look for opportunities to be a gentleman.

I think men forget that women do appreciate a gentleman because women forget they appreciate a gentleman. Even if it seems like girls always go for the bad guys, eventually most women look for the nice guy, the kind guy who helps others and is considerate. A grocery store is a perfect place to put some gentleman-like moves on a lovely lady.

If you see she is having a tough time carrying her bags to her car, offer to help her. Did the handle on her paper bag just break? Hurry, quickly run over and gather all of her items before she dies of embarrassment. She will be so thankful. She can’t reach a box of green tea on the top shelf? Offer to get it for her.

Move your cart when she needs to walk by you. Let her go in front of you in the check-out line. Insist on it when she says, “No, it’s okay. I can wait.” You’ve just won a smile and maybe a phone number.

Be confident, be sexy, but be a gentleman at the grocery store.

Have I convinced you yet in the untapped potential of a grocery store? Think about it like this. When someone asks a woman, “How did you meet your boyfriend?” Do you really think she wants to say, “He bought me tequila shots at the bar”?

Or would she rather say, “I felt horrible after a long day of work, but I had to go grocery shopping. He let me go in front of him in the check-out line and then told me that I looked good in this new red blouse I had on. He was cute, so I let him help me carry my bags to my car. They weren’t even heavy.”

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  • Eric Grosch

    A grocery-store would seem to be a mine-field of pitfalls, for instance:
    “You see a girl holding two different bags of chips, trying to make a decision.” I would recommend that the decision should be not to buy chips, as they’re processed, denatured food that’s bad for you and loaded with excess salt. Since she’s probably set on buying some kind of chips, that recommendation could turn her off, as it’s an implied criticism of her home-economics savvy. The western diet is said to be the root-cause of the most common cause of cancer-death in women, breast-cancer, but consideration of that is a downer, likely also to turn her off, even though, if she’s making such bad food-choices as chips and other processed food, she could benefit greatly from advice to follow a more natural-food diet, consisting of food, such as fresh vegetables, that have recently been imbued with life.

    • Galtha58

      Wow Eric. You are far too serious for this stuff. This is about getting a date. Not about convincing someone to change their dietary habits. OTOH, maybe you should be shopping at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or the local Food Co-0p.

    • BillK

      You should do that; if she agrees you’ve obviously found a like-thinking potential partner and should talk further.

      However, if the woman tells you what to do with your organic food and attitude, she likely would never put up with your food attitudes anyway, so may as well find out at minute one.

    • Mike

      Eric, do you believe the girls already rejected you before you even say one word to them? lol Because that is what it sounds like, your basically putting words into their mouths which is purely negative. Let me tell you something…Women are social butterflies! 🙂 They want to bond to you! You can have great conversations with all types of women, it’s true you can’t date them all, but you still can enjoy each others company!

  • roberthagedorn

    Good post. The bar/club scene is exciting for potential hookups, but not the best place to begin a relationship. Your last two paragraphs hit home.

    • Alex Temblador

      Yes, you’re right @roberthagedorn:disqus! Hookups can be easier to achieve than relationships which is why I wanted to offer a grocery store as a better alternative for men looking for women they may want to date. Glad you liked my blog!

      • Nelly Deli

        What is wrong with meeting women online such as right here right now? How would a potential suitor be best acclimated to enticing a woman to stop pussyfooting around and not ” hookup” ( my generation called it a one night stand ) but seriously be interested in meeting each other. I find the online dating sites are rife with employees of the site acting as female members ( I used statcounter on one to prove it ). So, without the PHDs doing studies and Twitter and FB bots that ruin any chance of a real happy relationship, why are online relationship often fruitless, taboo or mostly devoid of success?

  • BillK

    Maybe Millennial women, but every over 30 female friend I asked about this said they’d regard any guy who hit on them in a grocery store as “creepy” – they say at grocers they just want to get food and get home and at bookstores they just want to find a book, not be interrupted by some guy. (Though they never have a good answer to the follow-up question of “So where IS a guy supposed to hit on you?”)

    Personally I keep hearing about Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, but I don’t want to meet the kind of woman who shops at either of those places or for that matter organic grocers.

    I want to meet the kind of woman deciding between Lay’s Deli Chips and Ruffles. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      While I agree with you, apparently we’re drawing conclusions prematurely.


      Well, let’s take a step back to look at the bigger picture

      The point of these tips isn’t to avoid rejection; which your friend essentially guaranteed you. What the point is, is that places like a grocery store don’t carry the overhead of anticipation by women to be hit-on.

      Whether or not they welcome said attention at the grocery store is IRRELEVANT. What is relevant, is that should she see eye-to-eye, then that could be the beginning of something quite organic; as opposed to alcohol influenced behavior. And that, we all should know by now, is typically superficial.

      Thus, I conclude that my fear of rejection compells me to agree with you. However, thanks to Marni, I am slowly coming to terms with that; growing thicker skin to better deal with rejection, and now see that there is no special place where rejection doesn’t exist

      Time to grow up.
      Time to grow some balls.

    • @disqus_TAxCqKemOB:disqus I have to agree with Anonymous below! I understand where your 30+ female friend was coming from. But I’d have to disagree with her (of course, I wrote the blog). See, it’s only “creepy” if the guy hitting on a woman does it in a creepy way and you wouldn’t do that because Marni doesn’t teach that! And as Anonymous said, analyzing this blog won’t help you meet a woman. Just go out and try it and see what happens! What can it hurt?

      And as for the women who shriek that they can get a tea box for themselves… well, it does happen, unfortunately. To prevent it from happening, I’d offer to help rather than grabbing the tea box or whatever item it may be. If she says no, then go on. If she says, yes, then you have an “in.” If she starts yelling that she’s independent enough to get it herself, tell her, “I’m not offering help because of your gender or mine, I’m offering help because that’s the kind of person I am.” She won’t know how to respond.

      Lastly, don’t stop being a gentleman because of the fear of women shrieking that they are independent! I’m from Texas and I lived in Los Angeles for a year and I would get annoyed when men didn’t hold doors open for me and let them slam in my face because I’m used to living in a state where being a gentleman is a way of life. There’s a whole half a country out there that appreciates men who are gentlemen and a man helping me with something on a high shelf does not determine my independence as a woman.

      • BillK

        Alex, I didn’t mean to make it sound as if my statement was fear-based or trying to generate fear, it was meant as simply as another data point that I’ve heard from multiple 30+ year old friends.

        The advice on Marni’s site is wonderful, but sometimes it fails to account for the difference in personality and attitude (and past history) that single 20-year-old women have compared to those in their 30s or 40s or beyond and/or who may be back in the dating pool after a divorce or death, and I was trying to share some of that.

        I’d love to see Marni talk to a older Wing Girl and try and get more information from them about topics like this. I know from talking to them that many older single women tend to want to discount men they meet “organically” and prefer to only meet them through friends or activities; the problem for them, of course, is that makes it a tough circle to break into.

        (Ironically, many of the same woman who discount men they might meet at the grocery store are the same women who complain that there are no single men out there as the grocery store is the only place you could actually run into them in public other than their office…)

        • I can definitely pass that on to Marni because I agree with you, different perspectives are very helpful!
          Unfortunately, I hate to hear that women at any age or because of any experience limit themselves to meeting men in only certain ways. By only meeting guys through friends or whatever the case may be, they will be losing opportunities to meet someone amazing.
          On the other hand, I know that not all women who are over 30, have been divorced, or are widowed feel this way and I don’t want to group dating or “meeting someone” preferences that some women have with all of them. The best advice I can offer is that by remaining positive and attempting to approach women in public (despite what your friends say), you WILL eventually meet an open-minded woman.

          Good luck!

        • Mike

          Why are you asking your female friends for permission to flirt with girls at a food market before you go out there and talk to women? Seeking confirmation is another way of asking for permission to flirt. You take one bit of information (LA News) and perhaps make a theory of it. Those women on the show do not know how to connect with men. I have been approached by random women in public places. I have talked to women in public places like in a store. My experience has told me, that women are social butterflies, they want to connect with people, single women want to meet someone especially in public places. Married ones and ones with boyfriends will sometimes talk to you, sometimes even more than single ones. I also get the vibe sometimes that a woman wants to talk. Because I do not always talk to every single women out there, it’s not practical. I do socialize when I can or want to.

          Your allowing your 30+ friends to hold you back (along with that stupid LA news story). For whatever reason, their reaction to your inquiry is bogus. You will find that out when you gain your experience. Have fun with it, enjoy meeting people! Good luck!!

          • BillK

            I don’t know where the perception comes from that I was asking my friends for “permission” to do anything; it’s called communication, both based on what I overheard from them just talking amongst themselves and (gasp!) asking them what they would think when presented with the grocery store idea here.

            I talk to women in stores and elsewhere of course, though I admit I’ve never, ever been “randomly approached.”

            I’m not allowing them (or the Los Angeles newscasters) to “hold me back” but rather they’re additional data points (that I believe Alex has discussed quite well.)

            Marni’s advice is excellent, that’s why I read her blog and have purchased her products, but they’re still an educated opinion, not gospel. As such, it never hurts to get additional points of view whether they are confirmations or negations of what Marni has to say, and that’s all I was trying to relate here.

          • Mike

            A couple of things that lack in your reply, one is experience. You say that you think Marni’s advice is excellent, you read her blog, you have her products, but you omitted your experience. Why are you not going out there and experiencing rather than reading or listening to products? This is not to say, those things are not helpful but going out and doing it is more important! Your treating this as though it was a science research project in a lab only, but let me tell you, scientists do go out into the field to conduct experiments.

            So go out there and communicate with random women, you already have gathered the tools and if you can, do some traveling on a vacation and talk to various women. This way you expose yourself to a variety of women who live outside of your state or even country. Instead of relying on everyone else’s experience or opinion to gather “data points”.

          • BillK

            My comment wasn’t meant to be a commentary on my direct experience but rather to make it known that there are a wide variety of women who take the opportunity to express, loudly, that they do not want to be approached in bookstores, grocery stores, etc. when they’re trying to find a book, just get groceries, etc.

            Does this limit their exposure to quality men? Of course it does, so it ties in nicely to their “there are no good men out there” complaints.

            The bottom line is that this is a bit like a science experiment for many, and I agree, “lab work” is required but especially for those who may not have the most confidence in the world, it’s good to know what to expect and I was just trying to share that, not to espouse a “gather all data and only approach when guaranteed success” philosophy.

    • disqus_6WhLujF8lu

      As a 32 year old woman, I completely identify with what you’ve heard from other 30+ yo women. Likewise, no idea where the appropriate place for pickup may be. However, I came across this article after questioning my reaction, bc my 32 yo and a 36 yo friends both mentioned favoring the scenario (separately from one another to me lol). I do think it may be related to however they & Alex imagine the interactions to be versus my experience. As far as offering to reach for something, I’m all about chivalry, but as a 5’10 introvert, I’m sure a suspicious eye brow & amused smirk might appear. However, ultimately it would be clear of their kind/humorous intentions & I think I’d accept the offer. Hope this is of some use!

  • Let’s Go Phoenix!

    Excellent post. Please expand with: (1) what are the best days of the week/time of day to go, and (2) what are the best grocery stores to hit and in what area of town?

    • The time of the day is going to net you different results. Mornings and afternoons are going to be the mon type shopping after dropping the kids off at school. Or they will have their younger children with mom. Also a lot if single moms too if that is what you’re looking for.
      Later from 4-6 you will get the women just getting off of work and looking for ingredients for dinner. That’s the best time in my opinion. Location is key too.

  • Nelly Deli

    No way!!!! I owned a coffee shop and the last place to flirt is there! Also, women are working out their daily frustrations from work when they are working out and they usually are in a “hate men” mood! Last if you try to pick up a woman in a store , she is likely to show you her wedding ring like a laser beam from a distance as she leaves you in the dust! And if she is not married she is looking for a sugar daddy to buy her a ring the size of Texas so she can show it to you because her husband is too wealthy to shop! Now if your name is Leroy and you wear baggy pants and look like your teeth need fixing and are a rap star in your own mind then you just hit the jackpot! Don’t ask me! I’m single and only dated supermodels in the 80s and this new generation has me stumped but I’m voting for Trump !!! 2016 !!!!

    • Andrew

      Guy here.I used to do this quite alot. But you have to act natural.You can easily find confused women who are looking at food products which you are well aware about. As an example checking calorie level of each product.So you can jump in. 😀 this works.

  • Awkward and Uncomfortable

    NO! I have been approached twice in the same grocery store, that I was minding my own business, hunting for food at. Both times were very uncomfortable for me, and I ended up not finishing my shopping. Now maybe being married has something to do with the way I feel about being approached at the grocery store, but I really feel like even if I were single I’d have a problem with it. So a tip for the men going to the grocery store looking for women that are looking for food, look at their left hand first (and do not talk about any part of their body)!

  • Heymaker

    I can’t decide if the author is just an earnest oddball, or whether this was intended as a parody of some sort.

  • YooperInVegas

    On three occasions in the past year I’ve had a women strike up a conversation with me at the grocery store. The first time I was kind of stunned, as the woman was one of the most beautiful African-American women I have ever seen. I was putting fresh cilantro in a bag and she asked me what I was making. The second time I was out of town on business and went to the store for some real food to avoid fast food teeming with fat and carbs. a nice looking older lady said hello and we exchanged some small talk. The third time was last night when an attractive woman started a conversation with me in the bread aisle. I was kind of tongue tied and nervous each time. Most likely my nervousness was due to the fact that I weighed around 330 pounds for the past 15 years until last year when I lost 100 Pounds by slashing my carb intake. I’ve kept the weight off by eating right. I’m just not used to attractive women approaching me because when I was big and fat they never did. I’m also still in a marriage of 27 years duration, but without any intimacy for many years, which I plan on doing something about soon. But I do agree with the writer of this article. The grocery store holds some nice possibilities for the future.