Do You Know These 13 Signs She’s Flirting With You?


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flirting, flirt with womenWant to know an easy way to spot the Signs She’s Flirting With You?  I’m about to tell you.

Now, I don’t believe in waiting for signs before you take action. When considering approaching a woman the only thing you need to be thinking is: “I am interested in her and want to know more.”

BUT once you get into a conversation with a woman, it can be difficult for men to spot the female flirting signs.

First, signs she is NOT interested:

-No eye contact
-Body shifted away from you
-Arms crossed
-Leaning back
-Looking around the room while you are talking
-Nodding and instead of responding
-Giving 1 word responses
-Being overly friendly

If you see these signs, RUN. Get away and get over this woman.  She’s not into you.

Now onto signs you should be looking for.

Here Are 13 Signs She’s Flirting With You:

1. A smile. This is the simplest flirt there is, and the hardest to misinterpret. If a woman smiles at you from across the room, a “slow smile” not a nervous or forced smile.this means that she wants you to talk to her.

2. The hair twirl. This is something that I do when I am into a guy and want him to be attracted to me. I twirl my hair, touch my lips and bat my eyes. All very feminine flirty things that, as women, we feel will make a man turned on and more attracted to us.

3. A “Wardrobe Change”.  It’s definitely a sign when she returns from the bathroom with new lip gloss applied, her hair tossed and a one less button done up.

4. A cry for help. “If a woman asks you for assistance in any way, such as, ‘Excuse me, could you help me figure out the tip on this bar tab? I’ve never had to pay one before,’ she’s flirting with you. I have definitely done this one many times.  Asked for help when it was not needed just to catch someone’s attention. “Can you help me lift this heavy chair for me?”. I do Yoga and weight training and could totally lift it myself but why do it yourself when there is a cute guy that could do it for you.

5. Touch. Lightly touching you while talking is a BIG SIGN!!!  If I find several ways to slightly touch you or get close, I’m into you.  BUT if I freely and comfortable touch you multiple times throughout our conversation, I see you as a “friend” or “non-threatening”. Not a flirting sign. The slight differences in flirty touch vs. friend touch are so discrete, it’s hard for many men to tell the difference. I talk about this more in depth in my program What’s Inside A Woman’s Mind with 3 of my girlfriends.

6. Body Language. Twisting my body away from you but still engaging in conversation.  When I flirt, I too want to be mysterious. So I’ll go back and forth between facing you and not facing you while in conversation. This will also help me calm down and get more comfortable.

NOTE:  When you notice a woman doing this and want to determine if she is interested, pay attention to the way she responds to you in conversation. If she responds with 1 word answers, then twists her body away, she is NOT interested. BUT if she engages you and responds with complete answers and then turns away or asks you a question,  she is into you.

7. Fidgeting. Tossing her hair, twists her pinky ring, or snaps her hairband, this counts as flirtatious behavior if and only if (and these are big “ifs” and “onlys”) she maintains uninterrupted eye contact. If she keeps glancing away, she may very well be repulsed by you and wants to get away as soon as possible. When I am attracted to someone I stumble over my words and fidget. We all get nervous.

8. Proximity. If she’s trying to get close to you, she’s flirting! If she’s constantly moving away, she’s sending you a subtle signal to back off, she’s not into you that way. A woman will get closer to you in proximity. You may even get the feeling she is hovering around you or trying to eavesdropping on your conversations.Women who do not want to be around you will physically back away from you. If she is into you she will lightly touch you in some way.

9. Lively banter and laughing.  She will be laughing at all of your jokes… even the unfunny ones  (another powerful flirting sign). When I am attracted to a guy, I will be fascinated by anything that comes out of his mouth. Remember, if a woman is NOT interested she will give you single-word answers and nod. If you have a woman engaged but you can tell she is slightly nervous, it’s a sign she is into you.

10. Lack of inhibition. This is a tricky one because most women who are that comfortable with you right off the bat are usually not attracted to you. Therefore they may freely reveal lots of private information with little worry because there is no attraction to be lost. It depends on the conversation. In this case I would need to hear more about what information was actually exchanged to give a good assessment as to whether she was interested.

11. Interview Time.  She’ll ask you questions about yourself.  What is your name? How old are you? What do you do for a living? Many men think that questions are a sign of testing, when in fact they are a sign of interest.  She’s asking you questions because she wants the full picture.  REMEMBER: Giving responses are important BUT the way you respond will dictate her attraction levels.  I talk more about this in How To Become A Man Women Want, Step 1. Click Here To Read More…

12. Compliments & Digs.  You know how people say that loving and hating someone is pretty much the same thing. Well the same is true with compliments and insults.  If she’s complimenting you a lot or giving you digs like “oh you’re a player” or “I bet you like that girl”, SHE’S FLIRTING!!

13. Talking About The Future.  She’s definitely flirting with you if she start to come up with future plans.  For instance, she’ll mention a band that she wants you to see. Or she’ll literally say, what are you doing next weekend? When I am flirting with a guy, I want to seal the deal and lock him down.  BUT if he eagerly responds to my invites, I’m over it.  I remember when I was doing a TV show with Jennifer Love Hewitt and we had a “female date”, she turned me off by over inviting me to things.  I could tell she liked me because she invited me to do something that coming weekend. That made me happy but I said to her “l’ll check my calendar and let you know”.  Before the night was over, she had invited me to 3 more things.

Bonus From Marni: I wanted to add in 1 more, just because I like you so much 😉

14. Fighting for validation or as I like to refer to it “impressing a guy with facts about me”.  I almost kicked myself when I started noticing that I was doing this.  It was almost as if I was screaming “I have value!!!! Like me, like me, like me”.  I honestly wanted to kick myself for doing it but it just kept on happening.

This is a huge sign that you have created attraction.  When a woman starts to validate herself to you, slipping in facts about why she’s great or what she has accomplished. This is especially true if you are wondering how to tell if a coworker likes you, because she will validate her success at the job to you. It’s a sure fire sign that you have ignited the fire within! You have her bubbling and it’s showing through her nerves and desire for you to pay attention to her and think she is great.

So if you approach a woman and start talking to her and she starts bragging about something off topic from what you are discussing, she is attempting to show value. A.K.A She’s attracted and TOTALLY into you!!!  At this point you could literally do anything you want with her and she’ll be more than happy to do it.

Now that you know these 13 (kind of 14) Signs She’s Flirting With You, you can start to capitalize on these opportunities.


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  • Listen to Marni. Her every point is undeniable. And yet, it might be worth hanging around someone whose instantly comfortable with you. Most often not, but in rare cases, very worth it. If she’s as comfortable you as with her brother or best gay friend, she’s not flirting with you–yet. But if you are not brother and sister, and not gay, it could mean you two are so compatible that she doesn’t even consider feeling nervous. You may have to start out as best friends, at least for an hour or two, but make your intentions clear and see what happens. Could be you’re soul mates. Could be you end up married.
    And the case where a woman smile from across the room, thinking you were someone else, is another time a man with any patience should hang around. Something about you reminded her of someone she would be very glad to see. Stick around to discover whether that quality is superficial or something more.

  • Tiyelumen

    Nonverbals are indeed crucial… and more often than not, guys are so into their scripts that they fail to read women nonverbals…
    Make it about her, and if there´s a glimpse of uninterest in you, kindly back off. Who knows, your withdrawal might as well turn her on!!!

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  • That the way i’m always do for flirt the girl…hahahahaha…thanks buddy for the nice article..Good luck buddy to make girl flirt to you..

  • william

    Can somebody give me some feedback!!!!

    THere is this girl I’ve seen for 3 times in the salsa club. I danced salsa with her 3 times. The third time was last wenesday.. We were dancing and she keep looking at my eyes and smiling. Her body and my body were very close more then normally is. MY QUESTION IS IF I SHOULD HAVE KISSED HER THERE?????. That night I asked her what she was doing on Friday night. She told me a friend of her was having a party and she invited me to her friends party on Friday. That night (wenesday) I agreed with her to go to the Hip Hop club on Saturday. I went to the party and I saw her. That morning when I got home I sent her some text messages saying that I like her as a girl not just a friend. She told me that she did like spending time with me and that we should first go on a date that’s when we agree to Saturday but then the friend thing came up. We were suppost to go out on saturday night to dance. But she kind flake on me because she told me a friend from out of town was on town.

    I had coffe with her today (Sunday). And I don’t think she likes me in a boyfriend type of way. She did tell me that she enjoyed spending time with me. Do YOU GUYS THINK I LANDED IN THE FRIEND ZONE BECAUSE I DIDN’T KISSED HER ON WENESDAY WHILE WE WERE DANCING?????? Today when we were having coffe I touched her several times. But she never touched me nowhere and her body was not facing me so that’s why I figure she doesn’t like in the way I want her to like me!!!!

    I know we will just be friend but I want to learn from my mistake and do better next time.


    • Marni

      I am going to need more information than this to decided whether or not you have been banished to the friend zone forever. I want to hear more about her response to your text. She told you in advance that she has plans with friends on saturday so I am not 100% sure she is a flake.

      What I do know is that you did not screw up on Wednesday by not kissing her. There are several more opportunities to man up and kiss her you just need to go get that kiss.

      It sounds like you are not sure of yourself which is the #1 attraction killer.

      If you want to talk about this further and figure out EXACTLY what to do to get this girl then write me at

    • Brian

      I don’t believe in being banished to the friend zone forever. Somewhere, deep within, every girl has visualized that “what if” fantasy. All that it might take to bring you out of the friend zone and into the “hmmm.. what if” zone, could be a small gesture of interest.

      If you continue to act like her friend, she will continue to treat you like one. I think on average, women shy away from making that “first move” on a friend, or even bringing up the possibility. It’s on you to get out of the friend zone, and usually it takes more than a simple, “hey wanna mess around?” or “i love you!”… you have to be coy about it. Women are all about the challenge. You can’t deliver it to her on a silver platter. You have to spark the interest and let it percolate. I think of it like a game, almost. And women love games of romance. And that is the key, my friend, on getting out of the friend zone. Romance. Think of things that you can do that show her that you care about her, and that you’re sensitive to her interests. If she is complaining to you about something in her life, find a way to contribute or give her something related to that area. I.e. if she’s been texting you about her car trouble, show up at her place some weekend and tell her you want to look at her car for her. You have to dangle the lure, and almost tease her to snatch it. This takes patience, determination, but also A LOT of finesse. You have to woo her.

      Think of it this way. The friendship you both built up has to be systematically deconstructed and reconstructed into a potential relationship. So, if she’s ranting at you about another guy, tell her you don’t want to hear about him. If she asks you why, say that you just don’t like hearing her talk about other guys so much. And leave it at that, and change the subject. Don’t over-explain it, and if she prods you to, don’t give in. Let it peculate! That night, she’ll be lying in bed thinking about it, and that’s right where you want her to be.

      I think you can figure it out from there. 😉 I’m no professional. This is just what I would do if I wanted one of my female friends to think about me in “that way.” It’s definitely a challenge, so make sure it’s something you want. Cause, worst case scenario is you ruining the friendship you two have built. If you just want to mess around with her, I’d say it’s not worth it. Good friends are hard to come by in the way the world is now. You can always find a girl to mess around with, but a true friend is rare. So think long about it before you make any move. GL

  • Nice website and great information. There is a lot of mis information about how to flirt with girls that I have found, so it

  • Gabriel

    in my opinion a kiss in the club would’ve been great on that night in the salsa club BTW I’m a mexicano so take it from me salsa dancing is a great way to meet an project your self to a girl its a great way to get intimate without committing to unwelcome flirting and its a great way to read each others body language so great choice but a kiss would’ve been way to seal the night off and make your intentions clear but you still might have a chance if you play this right. when u went to the party what i would’ve done if the situation permitted is as i entered the party if i could instantly locate her but don’t approach her instead not let her see me until i wanted her too if there’s alcohol at the party (which i assume there is) go find the beer preferably a keg because there’s usually people hanging around it find a someone to start a conversation with someone or all of them if you are that good of a conversationalist but try to make sure the person/people you are talking to are not the quiet drunk types you want to talk to the people who have the eyes and ears of the party if u can and if you can try to get a group of girls in the conversation as to what u should talk about try something you know about/ are passionate about with me its alcohol I’m a connoisseur and its easy to jump into a conversation about something like that at a party and when you know a lot about the subject remember the bigger the impression you make on the party the better now if you’ve accomplished this try to make yourself be seen by her try to get her attention by maybe say talking to another girl at the party (not to make her jealous but to show her that you are comfortable with the fairer sex) crack a joke make the girl you’re talking laugh try and make sure she sees you doing this this will show her you’re a confident individual who deserves her attention someone she needs to be around to have fun remember if you’re the life of the party everyone will want your company including any girl you’re trying to catch the attention of make her seek you out and say “oh hey i was just about to go look for you!” or some variation of that remember never use lines! always speak in the moment! women can sense something that is rehearsed OK that rambling is over now the Sunday date coffee not such a good idea coffee’s not intimate enough it doesn’t send a clear enough message an try not to have a day date something intimate at night is better we as people tend to look forward to nights out instead of the day it takes a HELL-OF-A-DATE to leave an all day impact on her you want her to be thinking about the great time she had with you for the remainder of the day it would take a big impression to have her thinking about the date she was just on all day and all night i hoped this helped from one guy to another

  • Brian

    Some of these are kinda walking the thin line. I think if you’re studying the positioning of a girl’s feet that you’re being a little too analytical. Even if it’s true, how would you tell the difference? People tend to stand the same way, even if they aren’t interested in you. I also think that if you’re interested in the girl, you will try to find ways to convince yourself that she is flirting, even if she isn’t. Self-fulfilling prophecy. “Oh, yea, she definitely just adjusted her sweater cause she’s into me!” Or.. maybe she was just uncomfortable? Or maybe she fidgets when she’s stressed out or preoccupied. I dunno, it’s good to look out for signs of interest, but I think some of these things could go either way, and don’t really prove a girl’s interest one way or the other. I think the rule of thumb should be: 1) does she touch you more than other people? and her touch is lingering? 2) does she find reasons to come near you/talk to you/get you to talk to her? 3) does she try to make herself stand out from other girls in the area (either by standing closer to you, or in your line of site, or by talking louder than them, etc.) These things are usually sure-fire signs of her interest in you. But if you’re focusing on her foot position, or the buttons on her blouse, she might think you’re the one interested in her, and maybe she’s just being polite or possibly flirting back at you! haha

  • These signs are all too often overlooked, I know that I’m guilty of this anyway. And yes, touch is a biggie!

  • KIM


  • kim

    i am mad , this guy is acting strange around this woman and does not want me to show up at his place all thou i live with him , eat with him sleep with him not sexuallly but was in past.i just reminded me of an ex behaviour. same . he looks and acts just like my first real boyfriend pat. he doesnot want me to talk or confront her. why talk to or look back and stare at him when leaving. talk to your female friend, he call him dude, and flirts , texts, compliements,she asks him to outings not me,uses smiley faces and says friendly gestures.she crossed her arm the first time i showed up after mtg, then gave me an upper lipmean look or going come look at him,not sure, but just other day she showed up to see him talk and her upper lip did it again but he talk to her on the phone /, using sexual language like good coming together ,its hard,get the jestbut called her name but said my many times,,bad he treated me and what he does for me now but when she is around his body language changes but not me, biting lips hand cowboy look but i said he needs clear boundaries with her, is he attracted to her sexually when using sexual talk, he never talks that way to me, i am not confused but i am not sure what to think, how should he act with me in toe or hand. oother girls text and flirt too but he she he just talks to them why have the numbers when you have a girl at home, i dont have boys number nor would i when i live and date share a bed with him,, i am taken. one asked about another girl but says xoxoxo or full name, am i going see you etc , one asked to go to the park not him but her,, another texted then called but invited him to apt and showed up at his mtg too but i called her and said my phone me and him , so she called him and lied as to my action ,i stood my ground and she never calls ooor talks to him now i though it was just friends just tell me you have a boyfriend too.. one flirtedrigh in front of me with the mouth as oral sex ,he did it to me or her but with the tongue going down in public coffee shop ,after he said to her we me and him bably stroller for dogs,well i was not goin do that back with mouth, this is slut stuff but as i am not acting nor want that tlype of treatment from men, i can lust and just do him in a relationship a quickie or blow job on him butr as a couple not just met you, he is so good orallly as it was a long time for both of us. our first nervous encounter but i cant forget either either, when he thought we were breaking up he was so mean mad and anger came out hurt that just turns me on more i see feeling there but why a change in behaviour his when she is around body language abit but doesnot act like that to me, it is slut lust one night stand thing men think about a new its hard, not turned on by me not hard or just horny new drives me not worrly or nuts , just do i leave and have fun and date

  • Dave

    Thanks for that marni, intereting and helpful.

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Thanks Dave glad you got something from it 🙂

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  • Dave

    I think its not right… and also all girls different. I like date with girls from Russia and Ukraine they more open and with them feel more comfortable in communicating, they open soul for you not like american girls or england. And also i can said that haven’t true rules about relationship and etc. becouse all people different and we ca’t know what think somebody with who we date. I often visit this place and and there i mat a girls wich change my mind and i understand that can’t belive in all that write about relationship!

  • Somebody

    This girl i know she always saying my name looking at me and smiles she always touches me on my back and pinches me kinda up under my arms she is always trying to hug me and messes with my stuff. When we get in to P.E she hits me with with basketball or anything she can find so when i hit her back she starts chasing me around the GYM i have 2 girls who do that

  • thegreenstrat

    there’s this girl in my program at college, and recently I’ve noticed she’s been showing possible interest (?) For instance, the other day when I was talking to somebody and smiling, she came up to me and told me that one of my dimples is bigger than the other. To me this seemed like something you’d only notice if you were really analyzing somebody. Is she interested? She also seems to smile a lot when we talk to one another. I’m a bit scared of confessing my feelings to her because she’s in all of my classes and it might become awkward.

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  • Isis and Horus and obito uchih

    I like pepperoni pizza sometimes

  • Kenneth

    Okay, this girl sits beside me. She already has a boyfriend, and whenever she’s around me she always talks about him. I kind of like her, but not too much due to her having a boyfriend, which he’s a pretty cool guy. But, in class she’s always touching me and staring at me. She also smells and rubs my hair sometimes, saying it’s soft. Yet, she also rubs another kid’s soft hair too. She also smiles a lot whenever I speak to her. Finally, she once even put her arm on my back and patted me. Is this a sign of interest or just being a fun friend?

  • Kenneth

    BTW, I’m still in Elementary.

  • Robert Lamb

    This one girl always smiled at me in class every chance I glanced at her. But I wasn’t able to ask her out for a date as she always bolted for the door as the first one out. I mean, I couldn’t even chase her fast enough. I gave up.

  • rustbucketblues

    Ffs. Prostitution seems easier. I bet you Italians don’t have these head-wreck dilemmas