5 Lines That Actually Work on Women


I always say that pick-up lines don’t work and women are instantly put off when guys say something we’ve heard from 100’s of OTHER guys before.

We smell rehearsed shit a mile away and we don’t like it!

But I’m not gonna lie… I’ve seen some WEIRD stuff work with women…

I was out with a guy friend of mine one time when a group of really pretty girls sat down at the bar next to us.

He immediately got on his phone and started frantically searching YouTube…

I asked him what the hell he was doing and all he said was, “Just watch…”

Then he turned around to the girl sitting next to him, tapped her on the shoulder, and pressed play on his phone…

Immediately, his phone erupted with the lyrics “You’re beautiful…you’re beautiful IT’S TRUE!” from the James Blunt song “You’re Beautiful”.

My friend then pointed to his phone and said to the girl, “That’s how I feel about you!!!”

I was appalled that he did something THAT corny, but the girl and all her friends IMMEDIATELY screamed, “AWWWW!!!” and started laughing and then pretty much started fighting over my friend for the rest of the night.

Anyway, long story short… there ARE some lines that are SO UNBELIEVABLY corny, overplayed, and ridiculous, that women see men as charming and funny when they use them… and then there are some that are so harmless and genuine that women can’t RESIST falling for them…

And I’m here to tell you some of those go-to lines :-)

Now, you know I always say, “It’s not WHAT you say but HOW you say it,” and if you deliver these lines while staring at her and hoping and wishing and waiting for her to fall madly in love with you… then you’re gonna get the same reaction you usually get when you try to “use lines” on women… which is REJECTION.

But if you deliver them with an obvious sense of irony and playfulness or an unassuming confidence that doesn’t need validation, she’ll surely see that you mean no harm and appreciate you as an awesome guy she should be talking to.

With that said… the key to these pick-up lines is to make it OBVIOUS it’s not a pick-up line at all…

And the way to do that is to deliver it like you were saying it to one of your guy-friends.

You wouldn’t talk to your guy friends with hesitation in your voice while frantically asking them questions…

And I’m pretty sure you’re more relaxed and silly around your friends than with anyone else.

Bottom line, you can never go wrong by talking to a girl like you would any of your good guy friends… so here they are!

Effective pick-up line #1: [Extend your hand and say] “Would you hold this while I go for a walk?”

Unless the girl you’re talking to is ENTIRELY put-off to men, most women will think this is cute and giggle at the ridiculous question. It takes just a second for a girl to realize you’re kidding, but when she does, she’ll greatly appreciate that you are and now you’re open to start a regular conversation.

If she doesn’t take the bait, doesn’t understand, or doesn’t appreciate the irony of it, at least now you know that she’s not a girl who a.) is all that bright and/or b.) can take a joke.

Effective pick-up line #2: “Hey, I’m (introduce yourself). Can I take you out sometime?”

If (AND ONLY IF) you execute this confidently WITHOUT an air of neediness in you, women will find this sexy and respond well to it every time. It’s bold and it skips RIGHT to the chase. Women can sense when you’re beating around the bush… and we’re very put off by it. But if you say this to a woman with a “matter of fact” tone (as opposed to a “can you do me a favor?” tone), she’ll find it irresistibly charming and sexy. It’s perfect for situations where you don’t have a lot of time.

Effective pick-up line #3: “I really like your [comment on anything interesting the person you wish to meet is holding, wearing, reading, etc.].”

People respond to appreciation. Saying “I like” about something on a woman (as opposed to telling her she’s pretty or her dress is nice or whatever) doesn’t come across as a pick-up line because you’re really just revealing something about YOURSELF. You’re basically offering up information about yourself in an effort to make a connection, which always makes women feel more inclined to open up and talk to you. It also allows for more follow-ups with WHY you like something and more questions you can ask about the said item that you like.

Effective pick-up line #4: “This party really surprised me with the (food, wine, view, entertainment…pick something).”

This goes back to revealing yourself with something as small as “I like.” Commenting with your thoughts on your surrounding environment is a way to open yourself up and connect with a woman based on your shared moment together (because you’re both at the same place, remember?) Generally, when women see you offer up harmless information about yourself, they instinctively do so in return. Plus, it shows confidence when you can be transparent about your random thoughts with a stranger. But make sure to keep it positive! While bashing something together can be all good and fun, starting off on a positive note is always gonna work out better than starting on a negative one.

Effective pick-up line #5: “You look like trouble!”

Again, starting off in a positive, silly way is always a great way to go. And teasing her with this line has a very seductive tone to it… which women instinctively pick up on and feel drawn to. But ONLY if you say it in a flirty, teasing way with a genuine smile! If you deliver it with an air of judgment while rolling your eyes and sipping your drink… she’s gonna think you’re being a dick… and go nowhere near yours. This line is challenging and playful and nothing gets a woman’s flirtatious juices going than that.

I said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s not WHAT you say but HOW you say it…

So if you’re gonna use any of these… OWN IT!

Say them because you mean it, because they’re true to who you are, and because you want to.

Pick-up lines don’t work because they’re meant to PICK UP women.

They’re not statements that will help you “get to know her better” and they don’t offer up anything genuine about who YOU are.

And if you’re not making a genuine statement about HER… and not making a genuine statement about YOURSELF… how are you gonna make any genuine connection?

The answer is you’re not gonna.

So use these at your disposal… but remember they’re MERE ice breakers into having a genuinely awesome, fun, and flirty conversation thereafter…

Find out how to get her wanting you more after your opening line:
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Nothing’s worse than getting a girl smiling after your opening line… only to watch her get increasingly bored and eventually walk away…

And I don’t want you to lose the momentum after these great openers… so I developed a ‘3-step system for conversation’ to get any woman instinctively HOOKED and wanting you for more than just talking.

What’s great about it is you can use it with ANY woman you come across… and still be completely genuine without having to memorize any lines, questions, or secret phrases.

It’s basically a weird way to use what a woman says in conversation to turn her on… without her even realizing it.

It not only gets her to talk more… but also the more she talks the more investment she wants to give to you.

It takes the pressure off you, eliminates awkward silences, and gets her to physically FEEL a sense of comfort and need for you.

Again, weird stuff… but I explain it all here:
=> http://www.winggirlmethod.com/after_the_approach

So commit these 5 lines to memory to get any woman instantly smiling and wanting to talk to you… and make sure you have what it takes to get her wanting more than just a conversation with you thereafter. 😉

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  • Eric Sun

    The best comedians tend to talk about how they polish their jokes by recording their sets to see a) what type of their joke the audience responds to the best b) what inflections and demeanor they used and where their pauses in the jokes were. They also reflect on their mindsets. Ultimately when you see a comedian kill with a joke on TV it looks effortless due to these iterations of his/her practice. Maybe someone can correct me, but I assume using the lines in this article successfully requires the same kind of repetition and self-evaluation for the user to “own” them. This process would entail a good deal of rejection–akin to when a comic bombs–but it is the most rapid and inevitable way to become a “natural” when approaching.

    But talk is talk. I’m going to begin attempting this strategy starting this weekend. Thanks to Marni for helping me better grasp the female mind. I can sympathize with what a lady goes through more and more, and that has helped me see and love the humanity dormant in all people.

  • BillK

    Of course, the most important thing is to KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.

    Talking to single female friends in their late 30s and older, they found most of these to be incredibly cheesy to the point of being groan inducing (a vomit noise going to the iPhone bit; perhaps it works well on 22 year-olds though.)

    In particular, 1 – 4 got passing grades but #5 elicited several “Oh, God”s. 😀

  • Darrell

    I like the first one best. I have actually used the second one but I always get the “I have a boyfriend” line all the time….coupled with “Thank you! or I’m flattered!” I’d be rich if I had a nickel every time I’ve heard that one! I will definitely use them!
    Thank you Marni!