Are You Too Needy With Women?

Businessman Kissing Businesswoman's LegA lot of my clients always tell me, “Marni how do I be assertive without looking needy?”

Unfortunately, most guys act REALLY needy when it comes to talking to a girl… asking for her number… or trying to get her to hang out.


The trick is knowing the difference between being a sad needy BOY chasing after a woman in hopes that one day she’ll like him… and being a confident MAN who goes after what he wants and still knows that he doesn’t NEED her.

One of my good friends, Bobby Rio, actually just wrote an article about the 4 things women look for to weed out needy men… and how to pass all her tests to get your girl :-)

Now Bobby says some… PRETTY CONTROVERSIAL stuff… and as a lady I can’t say that I’m behind him 100% when it comes to his “tactics” for seducing women…

HOWEVER, I wouldn’t be a good wing girl if I didn’t show you all your options 😉

To be completely honest… I was torn about showing you some of his stuff but…

I’ll leave it to you to make the decision for yourself if this is something that can really help you get the women you want!

Learn his weird “mind game” called The Scrambler here:

Now here’s Bobby!

Are You Too Needy With Women?
– Bobby Rio

In the article below, we wanted to discuss one of 
the most critical elements to seducing that one girl 
you really want

– your emotions

Unfortunately, most guys emotions DO NOT act in their 
best interest when it comes to getting a girl (especially 
when you really like her).

You’re emotions cause all kinds of mischief like making
 you act insecure, needy, clingy, and predictable…

 things that MURDER attraction.

The reality is that when these “emotions” take over… it’s like it disengages your logical brain. And you 
start doing all the things you know you SHOULD NOT 
be doing…

– feeling a compulsion to call or text her

– Unable to “play it cool”

– blurting out your feelings too soon

– making yourself too available

– showing noticeable jealousy when she mentions other guys

– showing too much disappointment when she can’t hang out


Here’s the worse part…

She is going to TEST YOU to see how “needy” she can make
 you… (she does this subconsciously of course)

It’s her 
way of screening out weak guys.

She’ll cancel plans and pay close attention to how
 you react…

She’ll “forget” to text you back to see how you handle 

She’ll challenge you on stuff to see how quickly you 
back down…

Here’s a very simple example of a “test”…

If you’re
 listening to a certain type of music that you like she might say…

”Do you like that?” in a tone that expresses that she definitely 

How do you respond? Do you lie and say “not really”? Or 
”It’s OK”

If so, you’re TRYING HARDER. And the pendulum of power is 
tipped in HER favor.

THIS tips it in your favor.

Find out NOW how to take the “Power” back:

– And she doesn’t want that. She would much rather you look
 at her and say “yeah, this song kicks ass.”

No girl wants a guy who won’t defend himself. Even against 

Here’s the good news: You can correct this imbalance, and
 rather easily when you know exactly what to do.

Make it happen!


P.S. You see, in this video, we’re going to unveil to you 
FOUR somewhat odd, but extremely effective strategies you can begin
 using today.

Click here to find out how to ultimately put YOU in the POSITION 
of POWER (and eliminate your needy behavior):



If this article struck some chords with you… and if you’ve been struggling to find out how to finally stop feeling like a fool with women… then it’s time to make a change.

Women WANT men who go after what they want… we WANT guys who are persistent and confident and do whatever it takes to get us (why do you think we’ve obsessed with romantic comedies?!)

But we DON’T want guys who are desperate…

Guys who we’ve shot down MULTIPLE TIMES and still won’t take a hint…

Or guys who sit around settling for friendship when they clearly want something more.

And the only way to get your girl WITHOUT being needy and annoying is to show her that you DON’T need her.

Luckily, that’s EXACTLY what Bobby teaches in this new video… about turning on her “I Wanna Bang Him!” Switch (his words not mine!  Haha)

Again, I was torn about sending you this video… but I respect and admire Bobby…

Even if this video is a little raunchy and dirty…

Watch the video here:

Not only will you flip her switch to get her wanting you, but you’ll also ultimately flip YOUR switch from Needy Nerd to Irresistible Hero.

So take action now and stop sacrificing your time and dignity to chase after a woman whose switch you haven’t flipped yet!

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  • dave

    Wow, Wing Girl, I guess if a guy can get through all these games, then he will be O.K!

  • theRealDeal

    Did you see what just happened in UCSB ? It’s people like you and sites like this that contribute to what happened. I said it, because it needed to be said. It’s the cold hard truth. How much is enough? How much shaming can men take? not only do women shame us, when we seek help, we’re further shamed by your ilk that just tells us “go FOR IT! be BOLD! be A MAN!”

    No violence is ever justified, and ultimately no one else is to blame but him. But contributing to a society that pushes men to their breaking point isn’t exactly a smart thing either. It’s sites like this that push the “men have to be BOLD and GO FOR IT!” mentality that makes guys like the UCSB perp feel so frustrated. Couple that with other chemical imbalances, and there you have it. A horrible tragedy. I hope this will make you reflect on yourself in the days, and hopefully years to come.

    • Rich

      Utter nonsense!

      The true way out of neediness is to start living in abundance; to realise just how many women there are, and how simple it is to approach and talk to them. In that respect the “just go for it!” advice (with a bit of daygame technique) was the best advice I ever got and I wish I’d followed it sooner.

      The problem lies with men’s egos. I’ve approached more than 70 women in the last two months and I certainly haven’t been on 70 dates. I haven’t even been on 7 dates. Is that *gasp* “rejection” by the overwhelming majority of those women? Only if I want to call it that. If I let my ego have its way I might start to think that everything is about me, take things personally and even start to blame others for my situation, taking it out on them with words or actions.

      My advice – drop the ego and get on with it.

      • theRealDEal

        Utter nonsense? were you describing what you planned to post? because it’s an accurate description?

        How about women’s egos? their constant need to be approached and not take any risk?

        “Is that *gasp* “rejection” by the overwhelming majority of those women? Only if I want to call it that”

        If you define rejection as them saying “no I don’t want to go out with you” then yes, it is. if you define rejection as getting slapped by a wet monkey (which doesn’t seem to me to be very logical) then no. So you don’t get to interpret at will what is clear and absolute fact- that is, you have been turned down by the majority of the women you approach.

        And like I said, we unfortunately have a workable example of what can extremely happen when the shaming of men who aren’t able continually get rejected is done over and over again.

        • Rich

          Get over yourself. If a woman says no it’s more usually to do with her and her life, though being experienced and competent at approaching does help. Nobody cares if you get “rejected”. Nobody, except you.

          Even some of the best daygamers on average only get 1 date for every 5 approaches. They’ve been turned down by literally thousands of women. Do you think they care about “rejection”?

          How many women have you approached this week? How many in your life? I’ve approached 9 this week, only got a number from 1 and she flaked – but I know this is normal for a beginner. My life doesn’t appear to have been destroyed by shame yet.

          Your choices are to drop your ego and decide to keep smiling regardless and keep approaching to develop this skillset. Or, if you are who I think you are, you will probably choose to do nothing and to keep whinging about how it’s everybody’s fault but yours from the safety of your computer screen. In which case I’m not interested in discussing this further.

          • BillK

            That’s a rather egotistical view of it.

            Nothing says it’s all you, but if you approach 50 women and are rejected by all of them, there’s only one common denominator – YOU.

            Now whether that’s your technique, your look, or you as a person is up for discussion.

            But let’s just say most guys would give up after rejection #5.

            I don’t even know how I’d approach 70 women; there haven’t been 70 women I’ve wanted to date in my LIFE, and I’m almost 48.

            Sure, if you’re willing to go up to any woman and ask for a date, I can see where the numbers game works, but otherwise, I don’t get it.

            I regularly walk into clubs full of women and don’t see a single one I’d approach – not because I have impossibly high standards, but rather I’m looking for more than a good body.

          • Rich

            It’s a good point you bring up. I used to think the same thing; I would see a girl I found very physically attractive and thought “she’s hot but I bet she’s really dull/shallow/superficial/unintelligent etc”. I’ve come to realise that it was mostly sour grapes. I was afraid to go and talk to her, so I decided that I didn’t want her.

            I want more than just a good body and a pretty face in a woman, a lot more, but they are a good starting point. The only way to figure out if she has the rest is to actually go and talk to her.

            You have to see approaching and talking to women as a skill, and accept that you are going to be s*** at it for a long time before you improve and eventually get good at it. It’s nothing personal when you fail again and again initially.

          • BillK

            That’s sort of the issue, though – obviously most men can approach and talk to any woman they want to without issue.

            It just becomes an actual rejection once you’ve talked to her for a bit, have some sense that this person would be someone you’d be interested in getting to know and are THEN are shot down (especially as they now know more about YOU than you’re just some random guy talking to them.)

            To put it another way, if you approach and ask out 50 random women on the street, or bar, or meet & greet singles party – no real rejection is felt.

            But if you approach and ask out 50 women over time that you’ve talked to for perhaps twenty minutes each at parties or speed dating events, and it’s a whole different toll on one’s psyche.

          • Rich

            I don’t believe there is such a thing as “actual rejection”. Can any woman really know your value in 20 minutes. You probably don’t know your own true value after half a lifetime!

            There is no “rejection”. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

          • realdeal

            You’re an idiot, of course there’s rejection, it’s rejection if you have made a request and have not had it responded to in the affirmative. That is rejection. Now women by and large will say things like, “I’m busy” or “ok let me get back to you” and never actually say , “no I’m rejecting your advance because I am not attracted to you” (even though that’s clearly the case)

            you can change definitions you want, I mean I can shoot you in the foot and say “there’s no such thing as blood, it’s just red stuff oozing out and your brain is telling you it’s painful, but it’s not real – get over yourself.” but facts are facts.

          • BillK

            Rejection as in “you’re worthless as a human?” Of course not.

            Rejection as in “I’ve decided I don’t want to get to know you, let alone date you,” yes – we all do it to some degree or another every day.

            For example, if you’re male or female and weigh 300 lbs, odds are you will receive more rejection on the basis of your weight than most would.

            But if you don’t weigh 300 lbs, if your female friends describe you as a “catch” and you still can’t meet anyone who you want to be with and who wants to be with you, there’s something more than it just being a “numbers game” at stake.

            (Even then, I’ve always wondered about that – when most people don’t date 20, 50, or 100 people before finding someone; look at all the crud Taylor Swift gets, as an example, and she’s only written songs about less than ten.)

          • Rich

            Some of us have just been unlucky. It’s not fair, but that’s life. The wonderful thing is that we can choose to go out and make our own luck.

            When you start approaching 7-10 women every week directly you start to realise a few things. Most women are not in a position where they can say yes. Women are friendly and enjoy being complimented and hit on even if they can’t say yes; it’s a positive experience. Just from approaching these women your conversation skills and confidence skyrockets and your success rate improves. It’s a liberating feeling to be able to ask for what you want.

          • BillK

            I could approach 7 – 10 women per week, but are you just approaching random women?

            I don’t see 7 – 10 women in a week I’d WANT to approach – friendly, attractive and age-appropriate (I only go within ten years.)

          • Rich

            I am approaching women I am physically attracted to, usually out and about during the day. I was shown how to do this by some guys from a different company; I won’t promote them on Marni’s site.

            I had a similar issue to yours until I realised that I was trapped by my own “rules” of which women I should be approaching and when it would be acceptable to do so. Funny how what you “want” changes when your idea of what’s actually possible changes.

            My disqus profile has a link to my blog if you want to know more about this.

          • BillK

            That’s just it; there are different levels in different areas of the country that aren’t with their husband and kids. :-)

            In my particular area. I live in a bedroom community (strike one) near a college town (strike two if I’m looking for women older than 25, which I most definitely am.)

          • boganus

            well if thats the case, on what basis are you trying to position yourself for a date? that’s right, your value.

          • realdeal

            “Nobody cares if you get “rejected”. Nobody, except you.”

            No duh. Why would a woman care if she rejects anyone? she’s in the privileged place to get asked again. As we can see though, there can be some real negative consequences in the extreme case where a guy gets rejected over and over. And you and Marni are people that perpetuate this type of thinking, I’m sure the UCSB families are thinking, “hey I lost my child, but at least we’re still in a society where men have to get rejected but not actually call it rejection because no one cares about it but them”

            “They’ve been turned down by literally thousands of women. Do you think they care about “rejection”?”

            how many have they been accepted by? if it’s just 10% success why approach at all if they don’t care about rejection?

          • realdeal

            You can adopt this attitude because you likely haven’t faced this level of rejection, or if you have, you’ve had enough successes

            And never mind the disparity how women don’t have to face this process at all, to get turned down by 9 out of 10 but still have hope and “get over themselves” as you call it.

    • A student

      I am a UCSB student and I heard the gunshots that killed my friend Katie Cooper. Marni had nothing to do this and spoke out in support of us. Marni has done nothing but try to bridge the gap between gender differences. She has done so much work helping shy guys become a better version of themselves so they can live better lives. You need to pipe down and stop being so ignorant.

  • ankita soni

    Lots of person true needy for women. You provided a good lesson here who are looking for women to date.

  • Ding Chavez

    You know, dating is really NOT fun.
    I guess if you’re rich, movie star handsome, or a jerk, then it’s pretty good.

    I have been busy and away from the site here for awhile, but everytime I read one of these posts (I think this Bobby Rio one is recycled), but it reminds me how much the whole thing sucks.

    I don’t plan on joining the priesthood, or turning gay, so I guess I’m stuck.

    As soon as i get more time to deal with this mess, I guess I’ll start struggling with it AGAIN.

    Marni, it would be nice if you wrote a book to make dating easy and fun, that would be worth it.

  • andrew west

    if it was okay to make getting a girlfriend my number 1 top priority, okay to be needy and desperate for one, okay I don’t mean desperate in the sense that I will settle and lower my standards, oh no not at all, I still have standards, then I would not be as so resentful about having to make the first move, doing the approaching and initiating, escalating, asking out, hate how guys are expected to be more mentally independent than girls are

  • theTruth

    Masturbation is one of the main reasons why men become emasculated and needy towards women. Woman “feels” if a man is man enough for her.

  • Screw_Globalism

    Good article , Marni , clingy, needy vibes are a turn off for BOTH genders. As I’m married , I am not in the dating game ( thankfully !! ) have been looking @ WGM as an affiliate product , finding the gender mindset difference stuff fascinating , gets me quite hooked !! This will explain why some women chase taken guys as , like me , give off a ” I’m not going to chase you ” vibe.