Ask Women Podcast Ep. 206: What Women Want From Men

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What the hell are women looking for in a man? What do we find attractive, what turns us off and what makes us want to you over other men? On this weeks episode we find out the answers to these questions plus much much more.

My adorable and newly single neighbor/best friend joins us and tells us all about the her experience of dating in 2017 after not dating in over 10 years. The great thing about her is that she is a normal woman, not in entertainment which means she’ll provide insight into what REAL women want.

Even if you are a woman, you’ll love this episode. Press play to download or listen.

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On this show we dive into:

1. What to text after a date and what to NEVER text

2. How to express value to women without sounding arrogant

3. How to act on a first date

4. The 10 commandments of dating

5. What women are looking for on the 1st date

6. How to be thoughtful without coming across needy

7. Female 2nd date equation – how women decide if they will see you again

And so much more!

Guest: Rina (Marni’s best friend and neighbor)

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  • Mike B

    Thanks for a most interesting podcast. Having lost a partner through death, I can say that your comments to Tom about completing the grieving process and then learning who you are as a single person again and becoming comfortable with that status cannot be emphasized enough. There will be periods of intense loneliness, and looking for a new relationship to fill that need is not healthy, and not likely to be successful.
    It is also true for those coming out of long term relationships through divorce (Rina). Go out, enjoy being single again. Recovery takes time. Don’t look for a new serious relationship before you’ve gotten clear emotionally from your recent loss and have real clarity about what you want, not just what you need.
    Rina’s comments and experience of being too forward with new online contacts would signal me as a guy that she is being motivated by needs, not wants, and I’d be listening carefully to see if she was actively doing that work on herself if we were conversing online or meeting on a date.
    When you talked about online profiles Rina touched on a key point. She evaluated them on how it made her feel.
    Guys don’t get that women operate on feelings. An effective profile needs to create a feeling that women want to respond to, and for the type of women that the man is interested in meeting.
    Marni, Rina, and your producer, best to you. I’m in Huntington Beach. That’s not that far away πŸ˜‰

  • Todd Blk

    Have you ever seen the movie “Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead”? Here is a kickass pickup scene with Andy Garcia. Tell me what you think of this (YouTube):