[VIDEO] Bad Boys vs. Nice Guys: How You REALLY Measure Up

So the other day I found this AWESOME scientific study where they tested to see how attracted women were to 3 types of guys:

1. A guy with dating skills
2. A regular guy just being himself
3. And…a jerk

The video’s pretty lengthy and it gives you TONS of awesome information regarding what women are REALLY attracted to when it comes to first impressions…so just watch this video and see for yourself :-)

Ok so I got a LOT of things out of this that I really wanna point out to you…

The first one being that even though the ONE girl was charmed and taken at first by the “jerk,” the other two girls were not only completely uninterested in him…they were REPULSED by his actions and behaviors!

(And that one girl who liked him was even embarrassed she “fell for it” once she realized what kind of guy he was being)

While every girl is different, this just goes to show that guys who are all about themselves, refuse to connect with women, and pretend to be completely uninterested are VERY BIG TURN-OFFS to women in general.

Another important thing I wanted to point out was that, while the girls felt very comfortable with the guy who was “just being himself,” it was the “dating skills” guy that ultimately won and beat out the other guys.

Now I don’t want you to take this as needing to learn all these different tricks and techniques to memorize…because I’ll always say that being yourself is the way to go…

HOWEVER, I will say that knowing how to be your best self…in a way that caters to getting absolutely what you want with women…is always the best way to take your game to the next level.

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Being awesome, wonderful you is GREAT…and once you know how to bring out the very best parts of yourself to get girls wanting you, craving you, and doing whatever it takes to HAVE YOU…THAT’S when you’ll get “picked” every time…by any and every woman you could possibly want.

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So whether or not right now you’re the jerk, the nice guy, or the “dating skills” robot…I have exactly what you need to be the woman that EVERY woman wants…so hurry up and get started on winning every time! ;-)


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  • BillK

    That may be true in the UK, but I suspect guy “C” would literally need to beat them off with a stick in Los Angeles as for whatever reason many women there seem to go more for the arrogant jerk than the merely confident. Witness the way many of the “aspiring director” types act despite never actually having directed anything outside of film school. :-)

    What’s your experience, Marni, as I think you’re in L.A.…

    • Rich

      I think it’s a case of like attracts like. The women who are attracted to that sort of abuse usually have their own issues. You don’t want to date them.

  • Rich

    As a friend of mine so rightly says “Just be yourself… But who the f*** are you?!”

    It’s up to you to get outside your comfort zone, learn those skills and get those positive reference experiences. Be someone awesome. Then you can just be yourself.

  • skw

    Haha.. Marni starts off an article with “scientific study” Thtat’s like government efficiency.

    The “bad boy” is all about context. A bad boy doesn’t attract during daylight at a park, he attracts at night, in clubs when inhibitions and a general sense of “looseness” is there.

    Yet another uninformative post.

    • MD

      A bad boy somehow looses his attraction power because he’s in a park in daylight? Is he somehow a vampire?

      And what would stop any other type of guy attracting at night,in clubs where inhibitions and a general sense of “looseness” is there?

  • Bill

    They all picked different guys! How can anyone say the nice guy came out in front?

  • Viraal

    Well I would take a different look at this whole thing. If I look at the girl who chose Mr. B first, than one thing that stands out is that she was more average looking girl and hence she fell for the average guy. The girl who was looking really hot fell for Mr. C as he was all handsome hunk. The girl who was like a perfect combination of beauty and brains seemed to have fallen for Mr. A. So I guess its more to do with a girl’s own personality than how the guy behaves. A perfect example of birds of same feather flock together.

    • Rich

      Perhaps. Or perhaps their birthdays were in the same month, or they both like pizza.

      It’s not really science when the sample size is 3.

    • skw

      You’re exactly right. hot girls that have all kinds of options will repeatedly reject “nice guys”

      • MD

        If life were an episode of a high school teen comedy sitcom.

        Women are people who like a variety of different things. Just like men.

        A “hot girl” is an individual woman like any other woman. Just because you decide she’s hot doesn’t mean you know who she is as a person, what she likes, who she dates.

        Think logically, SKW.

  • Marc

    It’s actually quite simple:

    Become the type of person you want to date.

    Are you most comfortable being a player, with “dating skills?”
    Then those are the types of girls you’ll attract.

    Is being a jerk more your speed?
    Then you’ll get girls who (by and large) would be characterized as jerks, if they weren’t female.

    Like being a nice guy?
    Then you’ll get the “nice girls,” who will feel most comfortable with you.

    Me? I’m shooting for being an awesome guy. There’s a whole lot less competition there, but feel free to join in, ;-)

    • aj

      nice guys get nice girls nope it has never happend for me

  • KevinS

    The hottest woman of the 3 of them that I would want is the one who fell for the jerk ;/

  • MD

    Women are individual human beings (write it on your forehead, SKW)

    This experiment shows exactly that.

    It also shows that “being yourself” and “using dating techniques” run very close to one another in terms of effectiveness. Which suggests being authentic with one or two dating techniques is a good way to go about things. Having the courage to express yourself and learning how to do so in the best possible way.

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