Best & Worst Cities To Meet Eligible Women

Sometimes I love twitter.  Men’s Health sent out a tweet for an article on the best & worst cities to meet eligible women.

(Study: ratio of single women to single men, the percentage of college-educated women, the percentage of gainfully employed single women (all from the Census), and the number who work out)

Here is what they found:

Most Eligible Women

1. Washington, DC A+
2. Portland, ME A+
3. Boston, MA A
4. Seattle, WA A
5. New York, NY A-
6. San Francisco, CA A-
7. Durham, NC A-
8. Raleigh, NC B+
9. Oakland, CA B+
10. St. Paul, MN B+

11. Anchorage, AK B+
12. Madison, WI B+
13. Manchester, NH B+
14. Chesapeake, VA B+
15. Burlington, VT B
16. Denver, CO B
17. Minneapolis, MN B
18. Honolulu, HI B
19. San Diego, CA B
20. San Jose, CA B
Virginia Beach, VA B
22. Baltimore, MD B
23. Winston-Salem, NC B-
24. Baton Rouge, LA B-
25. Providence, RI B-
26. Kansas City, MO B-
27. Greensboro, NC B-
28. Colorado Springs, CO B-
29. Plano, TX B-
30. Albuquerque, NM B-

31. Portland, OR B-
32. Jersey City, NJ C+
33. Atlanta, GA C+
34. Salt Lake City, UT C+
35. Philadelphia, PA C+
36. Boise, ID C+
37. Wilmington, DE C+
38. Cheyenne, WY C+
39. St. Petersburg, FL C+
40. Chicago, IL C+

41. Pittsburgh, PA C+
42. Austin, TX C+
43. Fargo, ND C+
44. Aurora, CO C
45. Columbus, OH C
46. Jacksonville, FL C
47. Tampa, FL C
48. Los Angeles, CA C
49. Bridgeport, CT C
50. Billings, MT C

51. Tucson, AZ C
52. Miami, FL C
53. Sioux Falls, SD C
54. Jackson, MS C
55. Charlotte, NC C
56. Sacramento, CA C-
57. Orlando, FL C-
58. St. Louis, MO C-
59. Omaha, NE C-
60. Charleston, WV C-

61. San Antonio, TX C-
62. Little Rock, AR C-
63. Norfolk, VA C-
64. Laredo, TX C-
65. New Orleans, LA C
66. Houston, TX D+
67. Nashville, TN D+
68. Detroit, MI D+
69. Oklahoma City, OK D+
70. Tulsa, OK D+

71. Phoenix, AZ D+
72. Des Moines, IA D+
73. Riverside, CA D
74. Rochester, NY D
75. Anaheim, CA D
76. El Paso, TX D
77. Lincoln, NE D
78. Dallas, TX D
79. Cincinnati, OH D
80. Milwaukee, WI D

81. Fort Wayne, IN D

82. Newark, NJ D
83. Columbia, SC D
84. Fort Worth, TX D
85. Lubbock, TX D
86. Lexington, KY D-
87. Louisville, KY D-
88. Birmingham, AL D-
89. Stockton, CA D-
90. Corpus Christi, TX F

Fewest eligible women

91. Indianapolis, IN F
92. Buffalo, NY F
93. Memphis, TN F
94. Cleveland, OH F
95. Reno, NV F
96. Wichita, KS F
97. Fresno, CA F
98. Toledo, OH F
99. Bakersfield, CA F
100. Las Vegas, NV F


So if you’re city is listed on the MOST ELIGIBLE list, you gotta get out of your house and start meeting some ladies. If your city is on the least eligible list, maybe it’s time to move 😉


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  • Athirson

    I think they rated Los Angeles too high, having formerly lived in SoCal I think it belongs in the same category as Anaheim (D).

    I can vouch for the good grades in the Bay Area, my social life has improved considerably since I moved here.

  • Mike

    San Francisco in the top 10?… Whatever! This list is retarded… SF should be bottom 10.

    • Marni Wing Girl

      I’ve actually found that a lot of San Franciscan women that I’ve met have really wanted to meet some great guys: it’s also a lovely city to walk around and meet women during the daytime

      Marni 🙂

  • Shawn

    Hey…what about the Canadian cities? Girl hunters are here too…

  • Josh

    I live in LA and i can assure that LA is the hardest place to meet women. My last trip was Washington DC and the women there are much easier to interact with.

    • Brandon Mc

      If you can’t find a woman in L.A. it’s emphatically you!

      • metalgear3

        I agree.. I’m from Florida and I found it far easier to meet decent ladies in LA than in FL

  • Sammy

    Seriously, Manchester, NH??? You’ve got to be kidding me! I live here and I go out in Boston because the women are smarter, more attractive and more mentally stable. If anything this town’s white trash glamour scene is chick repellant – crime, sketchy downtown scene full of meatheads wearing tapout t-shirts, gangbanger wannabees still wearing jorts with t-shirts hanging out of them, losers who complain about not getting a job yet can afford tattoos, and grown men riding BMX bikes due to multiple DUI’s.

    I have no problem meeting girls in Boston, Portland, ME or even Albany, NY for that matter. The majority of single girls in Manchester, especially if your are online dating, have limited to no college education, have kids, and baby daddy drama. Offline most of them are young, immature girls here attending college. That can be fun if you’re looking for a temporary fix.

    Every girl is so stand offish when practicing daygame and nightgame. It’s a weird white trash kind of elevated self worth that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

    I’d rather move to Detroit or Cleveland if it wasn’t for my good job I have. Save your money because this place is pretty much Northern MA’s parking lot.

    • Marni Wing Girl

      I actually think most places will have their up points: but you won’t find them unless you take a positive attitude to where you live. A lot of guys will blame their geography as the reason they can’t meet women; but instead of complaining take action! Join a dating site, make the best of what you’ve got, or put an action plan together to move elsewhere

      Marni 🙂

  • Marc

    Damn! My city got an C-. lol Well at least Little Rock, AR didn’t get an F. That would hurt.

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Hey Marc

      As I mentioned in my video I will only judge you if you judge you: so you need to go out there and practice, hit a museum or a gallery and see what happens. have faith in yoruself, share and your conversation skills will start to fall into place

      Marni 🙂

  • BlueRaven

    I’m not surprised my hometown is the second worst city to meet women.

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Maybe take a weekend trip away 😉
      Marni 🙂

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  • Shawn Mclean

    Who created this idiotic list? it is ass backwards. San Francisco is one of the worst places to find “eligible” women. They’re fugly, bitter and just flat out horrible.

    • Tim

      Boise, Idaho is also one of the worst.

  • Tim

    Seattle?! San Francisco?! Sure….right. I have found San Diego is a great place to meet the ladies.

  • Juvicus Lee

    My city Toledo, OH one of the worst cities to meet women? I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! LOL–Its terrible here for a single man.

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  • Dancingdude

    Las Vegas F!! That’s insane!! cmon who made this list

  • Sonali Chandna

    I think no matter which city you are in, one of the best places to meet single women online , the hassles are less, it does require being careful from our side, but the rewards can be fun.

  • Bob Bygone

    Boise is one of the worst places to find single women. So ready to leave.

  • Timothy

    Boise, Idaho is one of the worst for men over 40, should be near the top.