Porn vs. Real Sex

So I’ve kind of had a rough day that I want to vent about. I’ve had to go and see 3 Dr.’s today. Don’t worry, it’s nothing that serious but in all honesty it’s been a scary, tough day for … keep reading

[MP3] How to get over her

**MP3 is at located at the bottom of this blog for download So I’m about to tell you something really revealing about me. Ready?? I used to be a crazy woman.  Seriously. I wasn’t always as level headed and as … keep reading

What To Do If She Has A Boyfriend

I know many of you fall for women that you think you don’t stand a chance with… And it finally dawned on me that that reason may be because of ANOTHER MAN. Duh, THAT’S why! ;-P One of my group … keep reading

NEVER Talk To Women Like This Or They Will Clock You

I was watching an episode of Friday Night Lights last night (yes, I know it’s no longer on, but I’m Netflix’ing and loving it). In the episode, this awesome guy was given horrible advice on how to talk to girls. … keep reading

My Mexican Lover & How He Got Me

Last week I told you all about the guy who failed massively while attempting to pick me up in Mexico. If you didn’t see that post go here: ==> And this week I’m going to tell you about what this … keep reading

What To Say When You Approach A Girl

I totally forgot to tell you my pick up stories from Mexico! They were really good. So one of them is a huge success for a guy and the other was a massive failure. Which should I tell first? Let’s … keep reading

Advanced Training: How To Attract Women

At this point, you may not have a problem approaching women, getting a GREAT conversation going… and getting more numbers and dates than the average guy 😉 And if that’s the case… NEWSFLASH: You are NO LONGER a beginner in dating! … keep reading

Rules For Communicating With Women

FREE MP3 Below Do you know how to communicate with women?  Remember, communication does not just mean talking to women. Communication is the full picture of the way you express yourself and who you are to a woman. Communication can … keep reading

When Is It Okay To Talk Dirty To A Woman?

When is it okay to talk dirty to a woman? This is an area that has been fascinating me for the past week after getting an email from one of my clients, who I will refer to as D. Email: … keep reading

What Women DON’T Want and What They Crave From Men

What Women DON’T Want and What They Crave From Men – Watch this video on my blog and it will tell you exactly what women want! keep reading