Understanding Women

My mother sent me a forward the other day called Understanding Women. When I opened it up it was a joke that I’d heard before but find hilarious every time I read it. Just wanted to share it: A man … keep reading

When To Ask A Woman Out & How To Avoid Being Cock Blocked

Did you know that I used to have extremely low confidence and would second guess EVERY action I made? NO? Well, I did. Not only did I have low confidence, social anxiety and a huge fear of speaking my mind. … keep reading

How Good Are You With Women? Simple Checklist To Discover Your GAME LEVEL

Want to know how good you are with women? I had a member of The Wing Girl Method write into me the other day and ask “Marni, Do you have a big checklist to see our level of where we’re … keep reading

Let’s Talk About Sex: Episode 6 of Ask Women Podcast

Episode 6 of the Ask Women Podcast is up and ready for download. Go here to get it now: ==>http://bit.ly/12sd68B I’ve gotta warn you. This weeks episode is a little racier than the previous 5 episodes. This week the girls … keep reading

Female Eye Contact Explained: What It Means When A Woman Looks At You

I guarantee you’ve thought this about women: I looked over at her and immediately she looked away. She must not be into me right??? Wrong!!!! Watch the video below, where I explain what it means when a woman looks at … keep reading

[VIDEO] What Are The Rules For Texting And Sexting

What Are The Rules For Texting And Sexting? The women of The Ask Women Podcast tell you in this video: Download this week’s episode of The Ask Women Podcast here: http://podcastone.com/Ask-Women Or you can download it on iTunes. Ask Women … keep reading

Is Your Place A Turn-On or Turn-Off To Women?

Is your place a turn-on or turn-off to women? You never get a second chance to make a first impression with your place.  Don’t leave it to chance! The Insiders Guide to Your Bachelor Pad: 9 Things Women Really Want … keep reading

The Difference Between Being Introverted and Being Shy

Tons of people believe that being introverted is the exact same thing as being shy.  These people tend to blame their introversion for the reason they are not meeting women, getting dates or progressing in their success with women. I’m … keep reading

How To Date Women In Their 20’s: My Younger Sister Nicki Tells All

I’m putting an end to a horrible rumor right now!!! The rumor that states that it is creepy to date younger women. First – It’s not at all. In fact, many women I know date men who are considerably older … keep reading

Episode 4: Ask Women Podcast

Episode 4 of the Ask Women Podcast is up and ready for download!!! Go here to get it now: ==>http://bit.ly/12sd68B OMG, last night was amazing. The girls and I co-hosted Loveline with Dr. Drew and it was such a blast. … keep reading