How To Create Your Own System For Attracting Women

Here’s how to create your own SYSTEM for attracting women. I wanted to share this email with you because I’m pretty sure you feel the same way. Email: Hey Marni, I am subscribed to several newsletters, including yours. I have … keep reading

If You Want To Get Women, You Gotta Step It Up!!!!

I have been a wing girl to men for nearly a decade now. I have helped 1000’s if not 100’s of 1000’s of men get everything they have always wanted with women.  And still there are haters and doubters.  I … keep reading

Secret To Approaching & Talking To Women – STAY GROUNDED…

I was watching the new NBC show Whitney the other night, which got cancelled. And there was this great scene in it that showed an EXTREME example of a woman putting up the bitch shield and a man handling it … keep reading

10 Rules for Dating Successful Women

#1 Female Attraction Trigger…. Personality!

FACT: The Female Attraction Trigger is PERSONALITY!!! Not really sure to how to start off this post because I am still kind of in shock. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a guy in the U.S … keep reading

What To Do If You Screw Up On Valentines Day!

Think you may be in the dog house, after a poor Valentines Day performance! Have no fear.  Watch this video I did for that shows you how to turn your valentines day screw up around. The thing to remember … keep reading

The Female Perspective On First Dates

The Female Perspective On First Dates. I like to have my GF’s over a few nights a month for a good ol’ girls night.  Nothing big. Just some wine, a few snacks and great conversation. They always know that I … keep reading

Why are women attracted to rock stars?

Why are women attracted to rock stars? Don’t you just hate that guy at the front of the stage? Or the one thrashing chords out on the guitar? You know! The guy that every woman in the room has her … keep reading

How To Kiss A Girl – JUST GO FOR IT!!!

Just a shorty to prep you for your Valentines day dates on how to kiss a girl! It’s a little video showing you exactly how women think about men who do not take action and go for the kiss. Watch … keep reading

What The Wing Girl Method Teaches Women

About a year and a half ago, I was working on creating a reality show (about my business) with a very famous female celebrity. At that time, that girl was single and I of course started to dish out advice, … keep reading