Marni’s Mailbag – Right & Wrong Way To Express Intentions

I get a couple of hundred emails a day from men all over the world, asking me questions about women.  Everything from attraction to dating to sex to relationship and marriage.  Wanted to share one with you: Hi Marni, There … keep reading

How To Turn A Woman On: Be Sexual Leader

All I can say is OMG you gotta watch this video if you want to see an example of what women crave, desire and want sexually. It’s so funny how things pop up for you at the right time.  I … keep reading

Why Pick Up Artists & The Game Ruins Your Chances With Women [Video]

Pick Up Artists and  “The Game” is bulls*&t. Sorry but it’s true.  I have had one on one encounters with many of the “TOP” PUA’s and most of them can’t even make proper eye contact with me. Their “Game” only … keep reading

5 Tips For A Fun First Date

5 Tips For A Fun First Date Your first date with a beautiful woman can feel like a lot of pressure. You want to take her somewhere fun, that will make you stand out from the other guys. You want … keep reading

Double Agent & Spy??

A spy? Double agent? These are the new terms associated with me, but in a good way. Last Saturday I spoke at my first event for WOMEN.  300 Women!  It was amazing.  You can see the full wrap up here.  … keep reading

Tip on How To Approach Women: Announcing The Elephant

OMG, have I had an amazing month. I know I said I was taking time off (and I definitely did) but I also did some really great things that will benefit you 🙂 If you recall, this past weekend I … keep reading

How To Approach and Pick Up A Girl At The Gym

QUESTION: How To Approach and Pick Up A Girl At The Gym Marni, I got this one in particular girl at the gym but I can’t seem to approach her since she’s into her training with headphones on…what should I … keep reading

This Guys Got Balls

This guys got balls: get ex back” alt=”” width=”403″ height=”515″ /> The best thing about this is that Ricky stood up for himself. Recognized when something was just not right (because that behavior is NOT right) and did something … keep reading

Example of Self Confidence

Got a great forward sent to me today on Self Confidence.  Would love to hear what you think: Self Confidence The Professor stood before his class of twenty senior organic biology students, about to hand out the final exam. “I … keep reading

How To Attract The New Breed of Females

The New Breed of Females is coming and it’s coming fast!!! It should be no shock to you that women are getting stronger, more empowered.  Some may even say women are becoming more masculine! About a month ago, I stumbled … keep reading