3 Tips For Halloween Hook Ups & Cuffing Season

The candy bowls are out, the girls are wearing mini dresses and you’re about to party all weekend dressed as Charlie Sheen. Halloween is here, and it’s probably the last big, sexy party before ‘cuffing season‘ truly kicks off. So … keep reading

What Women Want – An Insider Tells All

So before a month ago, I had never in my life ever met a real matchmaker. I get mistaken for one at times, but I’ve never met one. I always pictured them to be older women who just liked to … keep reading

Should You Trim Your Pubic Hair? – My latest Askmen.com Video

Should you trim your pubic hair? Hell yes!! Check out my latest Askmen.com video to see why.  NOTE: I also give direction on how to do it. For more tips on Personal Grooming, Style and Enhancing your image so women … keep reading

How To Smile At A Woman – First Step To Being Attractive

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winggirlmethod x LookBookOutlet Ladies Fringed Jumper Dress

winggirlmethod x LookBookOutlet Ladies Fringed Jumper Dress/ Rounded Neck/ Elbow Length Sleeves This is a lovely ladies fringed jumper dress that is available in three different colors. You can choose from black, red or pink in the dress and one … keep reading

What Your Drink Says About You On Date

Doing my weekly radio spot on Vegas’s, KOMP radio and they asked me what was my drink of choice.  I told them, right now it’s white wine, usually Chardonnay.  They laughed and said, that means your a little uptight. However … keep reading

Exercise: Break Out Of Your Shell With Women

A sample exercise to “coming out of your shell.” Starting a “low risk” conversation is a great exercise to help you to “come out of their shell.” A “low risk” conversation is one where you can’t be rejected easily. Here’s … keep reading

Secret To Dating Younger Women

Want to know a secret about Younger Women? Younger women LOVE dating older men. In fact, most of them prefer it. I myself happen to be one of these women 😉 Yesterday, I sat down with my amazing friend Adam … keep reading

How To Bring Up Sticky Topics: Kids, Divorce…

You may worry that a woman may discount you because you have bad skin, a job that causes you to work nights, or because you’re a single father. This isn’t true! Luckily for you guys, women rarely write a guy … keep reading

5 Ways to Attract Women

5 Ways to Attract Women! Here is the second installment of amazing videos I did for Askmen.com. The series is called 5 Ways To Attract Women. Check out the full video series below: Tip #1 – Approach ALL The Time … keep reading