Podcast [Ep. 187] Why Women Change Their Mind About You (Holiday Special)

Happy ALMOST Holidays!!! This week it’s just Kristen and Marni in studio digging into our mail bag and over analyzing this!!!   Topics covered on this show: 1. Why women can change their mind about you at the drop of … keep reading

Real Life Example: How To Escalate over Text

Finally, I have an amazing, real life example of how to escalate over text messages!!! A little back story. One of my favorite clients wrote me, asking what I thought of a recent email exchange he had with a woman … keep reading

Quick Guide To Online Dating

Just a few little reminders for when you are online dating 😉 For more tips on how to date online and attract more women online CLICK HERE

When To Kiss A Girl & How To Do It

You’re out with a girl on a date. You’re laughing, flirting, connecting, enjoying each other and then you think to yourself “I really want to kiss her but I don’t know if she wants me to kiss her”. So what … keep reading

How To Flirt With And Date Girls At Work

If you’ve ever had a job, chances are at some point you’ve had a crush on one of your colleagues. It’s only natural. The more time you spend with someone, the more there’s a chance you’ll develop feelings for them. … keep reading

You’re Not Shy, You’re Boring

Just stumbled on this video from my friend Matt Hussey and thought of you!  He explains that being shy is a choice and that YOU have the power to change that whenever you want. Aside from his mis-use of the … keep reading

What Your Face Really Says About You

Voltaire was famously quoted as saying, “Give me ten minutes to talk away my ugly face and I’ll bed the Queen of France”. But sometimes no amount of talking is going to help you recover from the damage your face … keep reading

[Video] Raw Female Perspective On What Turns Women Off

Check out new video on my youtube channel What turns off women? This video reveals the biggest turns off for women and what you can do to turn things around. Dont forget to subscribe to my youtube channel for more … keep reading

Do You Wanna Be More Than “Just Friends”?

Women can be freaking tough to read… Do they want to be friends? Do they want to be MORE???? This is one of the most annoying and frustrating things you have to face with women and I totally get it. … keep reading

You’re A Risk She’s Willing To Take!

If you ever wondered if a woman was genuinely interested in you or just being POLITE… Or even why women give you their phone numbers… only to NEVER respond or call back… I have a HILARIOUS explanation for you 🙂 … keep reading