26 Top PUA’s (Pick Up Artist) In One Room – Summit Wrap Up #1

The Wing Girl Methods review of the 2009 PUA Summit in Los Angeles Part 1. Giving a first hand, female review of the event, speakers and materials. keep reading

Do-Able vs. Date-Able, What Do Women Want?

Do-Able vs. Date-Able, What Do Women Want? For me it’s dark, vibey hair.  That’s the first thing that catches my twinkling, single eyes when I walk into a bar, film event, concert, whatever.  Maybe it was working in the music … keep reading

Attracting Women & Finance Require Very Similar Skills

In my opinion attracting women and succeeding in the financial world require the exact same skills. Both require confidence, comfort, strategy and the possible risk. They also do not leave room for regret or the Coulda, Shoulda, Wouldas, which I … keep reading

How To Work A Room: Starting Conversations With Women

Want to know 3 easy ways to Start Conversations With Women? It’s actually pretty easy as long as you use one of the 3 conversation starters outlined below. I found these tips in this month’s Men’s Health Magazine. 3 Great … keep reading

Cell Phone Dating Usage: The Do’s and Don’t of Calling Women

Communication has become very tough over the years. Today you can text, email, use a cell phone or skype, use google voice, facebook, twitter AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  Too much to handle. Don’t you wish you had someone to break it all down … keep reading

Attracting Women: Do Looks Matter?

I wanted to share an interesting, yet common story about attracting women. I am sure many times in your life you have been walking down the street and saw a beautiful women with an unattractive man and said to yourself … keep reading

11 Ways a Man Can Screw Up a First Date

The first date is one of the most important, for obvious reasons. The better you do on the first date the more likely there will be a second and third date to follow. I asked a bunch of my women … keep reading

Online Dating Guide: 14 Dos and Dont’s of that First Crucial Email

Don’t you just love modern day technology. So many ways to connect and meet women but also so many ways to screw up in a matter of seconds. To help combat these issues, I have put together a quick list … keep reading

How to Show Self Confidence

The Wing Girl Method and all of it’s contributing members (over 50 women) have concluded that the number one quality a man can possess is CONFIDENCE.  If you are not a confident man you will never get the women you … keep reading

WGM on Asylum.com – Hot Girl, Cool Job

The Wing Girl Method and Marni is getting great attention all over the internet. Check out the most recent article published on Marni, Owner of The Wing Girl Method, called Hot Girl, Cool Job on Asylum.com Be the first to … keep reading