How To Please A Woman Sexually

You want to know how to please a woman sexually?  It’s not always what you think. In this special interview, I sit down with my friend Jason (an expert on sexual escalation) to discuss attraction, how to get physical, and … keep reading

Do Bad Boy Jerks Really Get The Girl?

There are still so many men out there that believe women want to be with the Bad Boy.  I am here to tell you that this statement is entirely false. WOMEN DO NOT WANT TO BE WITH THE BAD BOY!!!!!!!  … keep reading

The Secret For ALWAYS Getting The Girl

The Wing Girl Method has been featured in the Huffington Post! Check it out: Click Here For Article

How To Have Real Confidence

As you know, The Wing Girl Method believes that for a man to be truly attractive to women he has to have real confidence! But what exactly does that mean? Well for me, as a woman, I think that a … keep reading

A Man’s Check List for Ordering Wine

Recently I have been very into Wine! I have been taking lessons and learning more and more about it. Because of this I now know there are so many rules and things to know in order to properly order wine. … keep reading

Bad Boy vs. Nice Guy

Do Women Want To Be With The Bad Boy or The Nice Guy? Contrary to popular belief women DO NOT want to be with the Bad Boy. They want the Nice Guy. I know you are probably cringing right now … keep reading

Why Do Women Flake On Plans?

Why do women flake on plans? Have you ever made plans with a women and then 30 minutes before meeting she sends you a text saying “Totally forgot. I have plans to meet my grandmother and can’t make it” or … keep reading

Do You Have The Presence Women Want?

As I always say information is key and recently I was challenged to elaborate on the information that I provide. You may or not know but women like to be challenged so I was more than happy to accept!   … keep reading

How To Attract Women: Avoid Pouncing On Her

You want to know how to attract women?  Don’t pounce on them.  In the past few weeks I have had several coaching sessions with men who did not realize that their actions were considered pouncey by female definition. This made … keep reading

What Women Want – Other Experts Speak Out Part 2

Yesterday I introduced you to a couple of my new friends in the community Alan Roger Currie and Carlos Xuma. I shared with you their opinions on What Women Want. Today I have a couple more people to introduce you … keep reading

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