Body Language Tips For Men: Don’t Ever Do This With Women

What I am about to explain to you is very important. So PLEASE pay close attention. It’s something that you should NEVER, EVER do to a woman.

A guy at the gym did this to me this morning and I wanted to run away from him every time he did it.

I have to take a second to collect myself before telling you about this because just picturing it, actually makes me cringe.

I was in spin class getting my spin on as per usual and this guy took a seat on the bike next to mine.

The guy was cute, very fit and said “Hi” then got onto his bike and the class begun.

BTW, none of this is part of the “don’t do this”.

What he did next was awful.

As the class got harder and harder, he kept turning towards me and stared at me, making the ugliest face.

Picture the white man’s overbite on crack. Or look at the picture below cause it’s pretty damn close to what he did.

He would continue to look at me with this face and stare for about 20 seconds. It honestly creeped me out.

Now I know I’m being bitchy but this is my honest opinion.  It was a gross face and no matter what this guy did after class, he could never redeem himself from this face.

The point I want to make with this story, is that it’s important to always know what your face is telling women.

Seeing his face got me thinking about you and what you may be accidentally showing to women with your face.

Your face is the first thing women look at when they see you and it’s important that your face expresses what you want it to.

So I have an exercise for you that will help you learn how to use your face in a good way so that women are turned on by your face, rather than creeped out by it.

The exercise is pretty simple.  It’s asking the people around you to tell you what your static face looks like.

By static face, I mean your go to face. The face that you most often have on your face.  I hope I’m explaining this correctly and that you get what I’m saying.

But you ask people what this looks like and if they don’t know, ask them to watch you throughout the day to see what face you make most often and then ask what that face is “saying” to them. What it’s projecting.

You may or may not have a cringe worthy, static face but just don’t know it yet. Hopefully, you don’t and hopefully you have a static face that appears open and confident.

If not, then it’s time to start being more aware of what your face projects and start working on altering your static face so that it says what you want it to.

Would love to hear the feedback you get from others.  Write a comment below and let me know what they had to say.

Remember, a man who understands women will win the attention of any woman he wants. Become that man today!

The Last Female Friend You’ll Ever Need,


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  • Cam

    It sounds like he was just making that face because the workout got increasingly harder. I agree that looking over at you repeatedly made it creepy but I’m sure he doesn’t just go up to women that he is trying to pick up and make this face the first time he makes eye contact with them.

  • JL

    “Your face is the first thing women look at when they see you and it’s important that your face expresses what you want it to.”

    Based off of this and every other article I’ve read on here, it isn’t at all about how you look…except when it is, in which case it happens to be the first and most important thing.

    • MisterS

      It’s like saying “Marni makes sense, except when she doesn’t, which is all the time.”


    I believe you over exaggerated what was really happening. Couldn’t you have simply got up and moved to another bike?

  • crsfla

    I’ve been told I look like I want to rip your head off which is funny to me since the last fight I got in was over 40 years ago when I was 15. Won that one and haven’t had to fight since then I guess being 6’2″, 250 lbs helps. But if my go face is saying I want to hurt you I’m betting most women would stay away, but I’m thinking a fake smile wouldn’t be much better. So WingGirl where do I go from here? BTW I am going thru your program Be the Man Women Want as we speak or type or chat or whatever this is called. C

    • nico

      I’m built similar to you. I was once told I look intimidating. I learned to smile. Well, my Charming half smile anyway. Never had a complaint since

  • Andy

    Always try to wear a smile… even if you feel miserable and glum inside… that smile might rub off on someone that ends up making your day… or night. A good self awareness exercise is to look in the mirror, what’s your face look like when it’s stressed, totally relaxed or lost in thought? mine doesn’t look friendly. having trouble? think of something mischevious, that slight grin always works for me…

  • Ike Milligan

    I used to hang out at a Greek pizza joint that was very busy. It was a little bit of a rough street, in that nutty people with an attitude sometimes came in. There was a guy who worked there who used to throw people out who got weird. I found this a bit troubling as I thought the people he was throwing out were rarely bad people, but just a little crazy, sort of like me. So I found a technique that would totally prevent this type of disturbance while I was enjoying my slices. I would sit there and grin. Do you know, that when as they say… “When you laugh, the world laughs with you”? It was amazing; I would be sitting there on the bench alone; nobody was particularly watching me, and yet my constant smile changed the whole atmosphere. Later the boss of the place even mentioned to me the behavior of that employee, and how he started to question his attitude. It seems that the change I wrought just by a big smile actually got through to someone’s unconscious mental process, so that he questioned what had been happening.

  • J. Wonderly

    OK so, don’t make ugly faces…? Got it… Maybe some less obvious advice…?