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What Your Face Really Says About You

Voltaire was famously quoted as saying, “Give me ten minutes to talk away my ugly face and I’ll bed the Queen of France”. But sometimes no amount of talking is going to help you recover from the damage your face … keep reading

Should You Trust Your 1st Impression When Dating

Someone just forwarded me this really interesting blind date study that evaluates whether or not we should trust our 1st impressions when it comes to dating and meeting people. That was a mouthful 😉 I want you to watch this … keep reading

Secrets Of Creating Sizzling Sexual Tension With Women

If you had to choose only one thing you could make a woman feel to guarantee she wants to sleep with you, sexual tension would have to be at the top of the list. Take it from me, we LOVE … keep reading

How To Make Her Want To Kiss You (Video)

LOVE this video that I just found on how to make her want to kiss you.  I was searching online for great kissing techniques and stumbled upon this video made by my friend Josh from Tao of Badass. I totally … keep reading

Female Eye Contact Decoded: First Sign She’s Into You

I get a message like this every day “Marni, What does it look like when a woman is attracted to you and wants you to come approach her?” It looks like this: (press play and watch) It has taken me … keep reading

How To Build Sexual Tension With Women

I’ve been getting a ton of emails about how to build and sustain sexual tension and excitement in your approaches and interactions. I can tell you first-hand that this is one of the most important dynamics in any interaction. Because … keep reading

3 Body Language Tips For Introverts

I’m loving these videos from Vanessa Van Edwards! I stumbled upon another great one from her where she reveals 3 Body Language Tip For Introverts. I’ve posted the video below: Let me know what you think about this video!! Please … keep reading

How To Be A Good Kisser

Have you ever had a great date with a woman who seemed to be really digging you, and then after the kiss, it was all downhill from there? She seemed to lose interest and maybe stopped returning your calls? If … keep reading

Which one do you like? (Pictures of Marni The Wing Girl)

I need your help! I did a photo shoot the other day and I need your help picking the best picture of me for my website.  I’m also going to use these pictures for media stuff as well, but I … keep reading

Body Language Tips For Men: Don’t Ever Do This With Women

What I am about to explain to you is very important. So PLEASE pay close attention. It’s something that you should NEVER, EVER do to a woman. A guy at the gym did this to me this morning and I … keep reading