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Ask Women Podcast Episode #1: How To Read Her Signs

My new podcast Ask Women is now ready for you to download. Go here to get it now: I am so excited for you to hear it and to give feedback on it. I have to be honest with … keep reading

When Should You Approach A Woman? Marni’s Mailbag

Hey! I’ve been getting floods of emails from guys who’ve been asking GREAT questions that I think you’d love to hear for yourself. And it seems I get the most over the weekend come Monday lol… Sooooo…. I decided to … keep reading

[VIDEO] How To Flirt & Banter With Women

**Video example below! So the other night out at a lounge, my friends Mike, Eric, and I were sitting down in a moderately busy lounge when we noticed a tall, lean, Angelina Jolie look-alike stroll into the bar. And within … keep reading

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ask Women Podcast Starts Next Week

I have some really big news!!! Big news that I may have mentioned to you before but now it’s actually happening. I am finally doing a Podcast and I am so excited about it. Me and 3 other amazing, intelligent … keep reading

Simple Trick To Catch Her Attention

I’ve got another challenge for you to accept and do by the end of the weekend. It’s a simple trick to catch her attention! Even though I’m not into tricks, this one is okay 😉 The challenge is called, Nickname … keep reading

Your Weekend Dare: Get Your Own Wing Girl

Last week’s dare went so well that I thought I would give you another one to use tonight! For this one, you must be out of your house and somewhere social.  So if you don’t have plans for this weekend, … keep reading

Approach Anxiety Double Dare

I double dare you to approach that ONE girl that you have been wanting to approach but keep putting it off. I can literally feel your stomach muscles tighten from reading that, Ha. But take that as a good sign … keep reading

How To Notice The Signs She’s Into You

Do you have trouble with noticing the signs she’s into you?? Apparently this is a big problem for a lot of men. One that can be easily fixed with a little direction from me 😉 What I think is actually … keep reading

#1 Mistake Men Make When Approaching Women & The Correct Way To Approach and Start Talking To Women

Not sure if you knew this or not but for the past 10 days I was in Europe. First the amazing Paris, then breathtaking Florence. I was there for a little R&R as well as some coaching. I have to … keep reading

How To Make Women Do Anything You Want

I’m about to gift you a freakin’ amazing tool, but I want to be sure you use it for good and not for evil. If you can make me that promise, then watch the video below. IF you don’t think … keep reading