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5 Lines That Actually Work on Women

I always say that pick-up lines don’t work and women are instantly put off when guys say something we’ve heard from 100’s of OTHER guys before . We smell rehearsed shit a mile away and we don’t like it! But … keep reading

SHOCKING Wing Girl Method Story

I’ve been getting some emails from guys who have used what I teach in How To Become a Man Women Want to get more women than they EVER have before… This might be the craziest story I’ve heard so far…check this out… “I … keep reading

Tell-All Q&A Session With Yours Truly

Before the weekend, I did a live Q&A with AskMen, the world’s largest online male publication… And along with Keven Underago, filmmaker, businessman, and successful boyfriend to the BEAUTIFUL Marie Menounos, we covered EVERYTHING from the dating world, to the … keep reading

5 Things I Want to Tell Guys at the Bar

As you may know, I’ve been out of the club and bar hopping scene for awhile… So to make sure you guys still have all the latest on what to do WHEREVER you are…I have other trusty wing girls to … keep reading

How To Master Online Dating

The Master Online Dating program is now available and I’m freakin proud of it! Click here to get your copy now: This program is jam packed with all the information you asked for.  Thanks again for all that amazing … keep reading

Porn vs. Real Sex

So I’ve kind of had a rough day that I want to vent about. I’ve had to go see 3 Dr.’s today. Don’t worry, it’s nothing that serious but in all honesty it’s been a scary, tough day for me. … keep reading

[MP3] How to get over her

**MP3 is at located at the bottom of this blog for download So I’m about to tell you something really revealing about me. Ready?? I used to be crazy woman.  Seriously. I wasn’t always as level headed and as awesome … keep reading

What To Do If She Has A Boyfriend

I know many of you fall for women that you think you don’t stand a chance with… And it finally dawned on me that that reason may be because of ANOTHER MAN. Duh THAT’S why! ;-P One of my group … keep reading

What To Say AFTER Your Opening Line

Approaching a gorgeous woman can be hard enough…and for most men it takes a LOT OF WORK to break the ice… But what happens AFTER the opening line? I’ll tell you what I USUALLY see happen: You finally work up … keep reading

NEVER Talk To Women Like This Or They Will Clock You

I was watching an episode of Friday Night Lights last night (yes I know it’s no longer on but I’m netflixing and loving it). In the episode, this awesome guy was given horrible advice on how to talk to girls. … keep reading