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What To Say When You Approach A Girl

I totally forgot to tell you my pick up stories from Mexico! They were really good. So one of them is a huge success for a guy and the other was a massive failure. Which should I tell first? Let’s … keep reading

Advanced Training: How To Attract Women

At this point, you may not have a problem approaching women, getting a GREAT conversation going… and getting more numbers and dates than the average guy 😉 And if that’s the case… NEWSFLASH: You are NO LONGER a beginner in dating! … keep reading

If You Want Her…Just ASK!

“Ask and you shall receive!” I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase once or twice in your life… But I’m wondering how often you actually see if it works. A lot of times… when guys fail to get her number… or … keep reading

The DIY Wing Girl (or Guy)

I’m well aware that a lot of you guys don’t pick-up girls solo… I mean let’s be honest, if you were that guy all by yourself at a bar or nightclub… AND trying to meet women… you’d be “that creepy … keep reading

VIDEO: When Should I Approach Women and How Should I Approach Women????

One of the biggest questions that I get asked on a weekly basis is “Marni, WHEN should I approach women???” Seems that many men are confused as to the “right” time to approach so that they can guarantee a successful … keep reading

Marni Recommends: Top Resources For 2014

I want you to be as ready for 2014 as possible which is why I have put together a list of my top resources YOU NEED to get, to start 2014 off right! You probably see a lot of information … keep reading

Why Women Ask Men Questions & How To Answer Correctly

Why do women ask sooooo many damn questions?!!? – What do you do for a living? – What’s your family like? – Are you a good boy or a bad boy? – What do you think of X? – Why … keep reading

How to Hit on a Woman Without Hitting on a Woman

Most men think that they need something super clever, witty, or charming to say to a woman in order to make a good impression… So they think… and think… AND THINK… eventually come up short… And don’t say anything AT … keep reading

Lead Women To You Without Being Pushy or a Pushover

I had a client write me over the weekend to share his big “AHA!” moment about understanding women… In his email, he wrote: “The biggest piece of the puzzle that you provided was giving me the realization that women actually … keep reading

How To Approach A Woman – Why you should man up and say ‘HI’!

By: My awesome new wing girl, Allysa A lot of guys think that women don’t wanna be bothered when they’re out and about… and then those guys tell themselves that there’s no point in talking to women. Well, I’m here … keep reading