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Flirting Lessons From Lesbians

So I’m pretty obsessed with the new show Orange Is The New Black… And NATURALLY I was able to find an AMAZING example of how to flirt with women & get their attention Watch this video now to find out … keep reading

3 Steps to Approaching A Group of Girls

I was at a restaurant type of lounge last night with a few of my girlfriends having dinner… And as usual I couldn’t help but watch some of the interactions going on between the men and women at this bar. … keep reading

Great Opener To Say To Women

Just kidding! YOU didn’t call me fat but some guy said that to me today while I was out on a walk and it totally caught my attention. So here’s what happened. I was out for a walk and decided … keep reading

2 Important Dating Tips From “The Bachelorette”

So I was catching up on The Bachelorette the other night… (I know, my name is Marni and I watch cheesy shows ha) And the truth is…I always gain something interesting out of this series! The episode I was watching … keep reading

How To Get More Responses From Online Dating

When it comes to online dating, a lot of my clients say: “It’s a numbers game, Marni, and I don’t have time to send HUNDREDS of messages all day just to get 2 responses.” And I get it… For men, online … keep reading

You’re A Risk She’s Willing To Take!

If you ever wondered if a woman was genuinely interested in you or just being POLITE… Or even why women give you their phone numbers…only to NEVER respond or call back… I have a HILARIOUS explanation for you The truth … keep reading

Turn Your Stress Into Success With Women

The video below is a woman at a ted talk explaining how she has totally changed her view on stress because research showed that stress isn’t as bad for us as we thought. It’s just bad if you view it … keep reading

[VIDEO] How To Stop Looking Creepy and BOMBING With Hot Girls

So as you may know…I have a new SMOKIN HOT latina Wing Girl named Karla… She’s brand new to LA and there’s a common theme to meeting men out here: Every guy keeps COMPLETELY bombing with her! Most of them … keep reading

[AUDIO] Why You’re In The Friend Zone

  The other day I wrote about how my new Wing Girl, Karla, got this text from a guy that would help him avoid getting into the Friend Zone… And how his text actually worked in getting her interested in … keep reading

Do You Wanna Be More Than “Just Friends”?

Women can be freaking tough to read… Do they want to be friends? Do they want to be MORE???? This is one of the most annoying and frustrating things you have to face with women and I totally get it. … keep reading