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How To Master Online Dating


The Master Online Dating program is now available and I’m freakin proud of it! Click here to get your copy now: This program is jam packed with all the information you asked for.  Thanks again for all that amazing … keep reading

What To Do If She Has A Boyfriend

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I know many of you fall for women that you think you don’t stand a chance with… And it finally dawned on me that that reason may be because of ANOTHER MAN. Duh THAT’S why! ;-P One of my group … keep reading

What To Say AFTER Your Opening Line


Approaching a gorgeous woman can be hard enough…and for most men it takes a LOT OF WORK to break the ice… But what happens AFTER the opening line? I’ll tell you what I USUALLY see happen: You finally work up … keep reading

Advanced Training: How To Attract Women

At this point, you may not have a problem approaching women, getting a GREAT conversation going…and getting more numbers and dates than the average guy And if that’s the case… NEWSFLASH: You are NO LONGER a beginner in dating! In … keep reading

How To NEVER Run Out Of Things To Say


One of the biggest sticking points guys have is running out of things to say. In fact some guys know so terribly-too-well how awkward this feels that they avoid approaching a woman for fear of it happening. The worst thing … keep reading

If You Want Her…Just ASK!


“Ask and you shall receive!” I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase once or twice in your life… But I’m wondering how often you actually see if it works. A lot of times…when guys fail to get her number…or get her … keep reading

The DIY Wing Girl (or Guy)


I’m well aware that a lot of you guys don’t pick-up girls solo… I mean let’s be honest, if you were that guy all by yourself at a bar or nightclub…AND trying to meet women…you’d be “that creepy guy” that … keep reading

How To Guarantee You Get A Second Date With Women

Wanna know how to guarantee you get a second date with women?? Then click play and watch the video below. In it, I reveal what my friends boyfriend would say to her at the end of every date, that made … keep reading

Marni Recommends: Top Resources For 2014


I want you to be as ready for 2014 as possible which is why I have put together a list of my top resources YOU NEED to get, to start 2014 off right! You probably see a lot of information … keep reading

The Friend Zone: Get Out and Stay Out

So a couple nights ago…I went out with friends for my birthday dinner…and I had an encounter with a very great friend of mine that made me think of you guys My long-time friend Russ stopped by…and after one too many gin & … keep reading