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[VIDEO] Bad Boys vs. Nice Guys: How You REALLY Measure Up

So the other day I found this AWESOME scientific study where they tested to see how attracted women were to 3 types of guys: 1. A guy with dating skills 2. A regular guy just being himself 3. And…a jerk … keep reading

[VIDEO] How To Make Her Fantasize About YOU


You’ve heard me talk over and over again about how women need to FEEL YOU through conversations… And the other day I randomly thought of a conversation I had with a guy who was TOTALLY not my type (physically at … keep reading

Lead Women To You Without Being Pushy or a Pushover


I had a client write me over the weekend to share his big “AHA!” moment about understanding women… In his email, he wrote: “The biggest piece of the puzzle that you provided was giving me the realization that women actually … keep reading

How To Completely Mess Up (And Bounce Back!) With a Woman

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The other day I got an email from a client of mine…and I was just so moved by his story that I HAD to share it with you (don’t worry I got permission from him first haha). It’s a little … keep reading

How To Approach A Woman – Why you should man up and say ‘HI’!


By: My awesome new wing girl, Allysa A lot of guys think that women don’t wanna be bothered when they’re out and about…and then those guys tell themselves that there’s no point in talking to women. Well I’m here to … keep reading

Are You Setting Off Her Gaydar?


So the other day I came across an AskMen article the really “hit the nail on the head” in terms of how women see men these days… may kill me for literally cutting and pasting their article but I thought it was a … keep reading

[VIDEO] The Mistakes WOMEN Make With Men

Last week I had the pleasure of being a guest on “The Social” (think Canadian version of The View haha). Because I’ve spent YEARS coaching MEN on getting women…I’m now giving back to my fellow females by helping them get … keep reading

Flirting Lessons From Lesbians

So I’m pretty obsessed with the new show Orange Is The New Black… And NATURALLY I was able to find an AMAZING example of how to flirt with women & get their attention Watch this video now to find out … keep reading

How To Ask A Woman On A Second Date: Ask Marni

Not sure if you know this or not but I am now the official dating expert for I’m going to be doing weekly Videos for them called Ask Marni where men send me in question and I answer them … keep reading

[VIDEO] What Women REALLY Want (As Crazy As It Is!)

I’ll be the first to admit that us women…may not always make sense haha… Especially when it comes to what we want from men. Sure we may rant and rave about how Julie is obsessed with her boyfriend and constantly … keep reading