[Challenge] How To Attract Women and Be An Alpha Male

I thought this video clip would be a great motivation for you this week.  The clip is from my new Netflix bedtime show, ABC’s Greek and the clip is a quick explanation as to why attracting women should be easy for you, it’s just your head that’s stopping you.

This video is going to show you how to attract women and be an alpha male!

I want to repeat this awesome quote from the video for you that Cappie says:

“Attracting Women is hard wired into your DNA. WHY? So you can boink and make babies.”.

Biologically the skills are in you, you just need to allow them to come out and the only thing stopping these natural skills is YOU, your head, your anxiety and your beliefs.

So this week, I want you to take your first step in eliminating all these things that are holding you back. I have a challenge for you.


Approach and talk to that girl you’ve been thinking about for weeks/months/days/years, whatever.  Just approach that woman or women you have been talking yourself out of approaching. Do it, be okay if it fails and grow!

The only way to naturally bring these skills out is to unleash them through practice and practice starts now!!

If you want assistance with learning these skills and really honing them then check out my step by step system How To Become A Man Women Want.

The system teaches you exactly how to approach (mindset and what to do), how to talk to women (what to say and how to say it) plus sooooooooo much more.

Click here to find out more.

Be that man I know you can be!!

Let me know how this week goes ;-)


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  • Prometheus

    I think my DNA is defective.

    • Ryan

      It might seem that way to you because if you fail once you stop trying. Remember it’s a numbers thing. The more you do it the better you get at it. Just go to a place where no one knows who you are if you scared of embarrassment, then practice. In the end of the evening you might be surprised who you meet and to solve the lack of confidence issue say this to yourself whilst you contemplating on approaching a woman. “I am in a new place, no one knows who I am and the chances of them seeing me again is next to nothing”. Dude I tried this twice and you just get better at it

  • John

    Thanks for the awesome post Marni. Surely helped start my day with a boost! Cant miss out on the challenge you posed. See you on the other side.:)
    I agree with genetic coding, but I believe that once true love is found and a man desires now to stick to just one girl, the genetic coding is no longer affective as a dedicated man chooses to deny his instinctive desires. That doesnt mean flirting and seducing come to end. It goes on with the same woman but on a different level.
    I appreciate your work.

  • http://quietattraction.wordpress.com/ Rich

    It really is that simple. :)

  • skw

    “Do it, be okay if it fails and grow!”

    Why don’t women do it, be okay and fail? Why does this pressure unfairly fall on the guy, over and over?

    You can’t say “you get better at it” because that assumes all women want the same thing when a guy approaches them, but we’re told over and over again that women are different, that failing with one doesn’t mean you’ll fail with all of them.

    The mindset of “oh this is just one failure” comes from having a bunch of successes to back it up. Without those successes, guess what, all you have is failure.

    • some dude

      Just keep your standards high. After a rejection don’t internalize it as you having lower value. Always go for the women you find the most attractive. Never settle.

      • skw

        what do you mean by “internalize”? if you mean don’t recognize the reality of the situation, well then that’s ignoring reality and truth.

        Read about the “stockdale paradox” and how he says to confront brutal reality. AS IS.

        • http://quietattraction.wordpress.com/ Rich

          Stockdale is still about relentless optimism, and recognising the opportunities your situation offers you. You could learn a lot from Stockdale.

          • skw

            SO could you. Especially when he says, “the people who died in the camps were those who had hope in the first place”

            He’s not about relentless optimism if it means compromising the BRUTAL REALITY of the situation.

          • skw

            Here’s a quote from stockdale:

            “During his time in captivity, Stockdale explains how the prison mates with the most optimism were the ones who DID NOT survive:

            “They were the ones who said, ‘We’re going to be out by Christmas.’ And Christmas would come, and Christmas would go. Then they’d say, ‘We’re going to be out by Easter.’ And Easter would come, and Easter would go. And then Thanksgiving, and then it would be Christmas again. And they died of a broken heart.””

            Optimism that’s not rooted in any factual, verifiable EVIDENCE is useless. There’s no difference between a pessimist that says, “it’s never gonna work out so I wont try” and an optimist that says, “it’s all gonna work out so I won’t think about reality now” Both are delusional, the latter though can make a lot of money if they convince other people they know all the answers (and of course if they’re unscrupulous and cruel enough to profit over someone else’s suffering). Hey! speaking of Marni…

          • MD

            Optimism isn’t about denying reality. Again, you have a choice about how you react to things. You choose to stew and get irrationally angry about your experiences with women. You choose to get angry at Marni instead of approaching women and taking control of your life. All choices you make. It’s how you react to life. Other people react to life differently. Doesn’t mean they deny any reality. Just that being overly pessimistic is unlikely to help.

            Optimism does not have to be rooted in any verifiable evidence. In fact, studies have shown that our beliefs and attitudes influence the outcomes of life experiences and situations if those outcomes depend upon human behaviour. In short: what we think and believe has influence over what happens to us. To be mindful of our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs is not an exercise in denying reality. It is the very definition of a rational human being.

    • Bill

      No, I’m a virgin, I’ve never had a girlfriend. I got laughed at by a girl I talked to today. You know what? It’s not that big of a deal, I went through my biggest fear, and came out just a-ok. It’s just one failure really, failure’s a good thing, it’s teaching me how to be a better guy.

      So yah, all I have is failure, and that’s good, it’s teaching, it’s building me into a great man. Some may even say I just made this failure into a success. I’m happy with that.

      • skw

        If it’s “not that big a deal” you never wanted a girlfriend in the first place. And how old are you

        • MD

          Bill chose to react to a girl laughing at him as “no big deal”.

          You choose to stew over a lot of things from your past and troll here.

          Bill has a different mindset to you. He made different choices. Doesn’t mean he “never wanted a girlfriend in the first place”. Just means he made different choices and learned to handle life in different ways.

      • http://quietattraction.wordpress.com/ Rich

        Kudos to you sir. You did the most difficult thing, and by doing so you’re step closer to the thing you desire. It’s the first step to discovering the amazing difference having the courage to just ask for what you want has on your life. :)

      • Ding Chavez

        Failure doesn’t teach you how to be a “better” guy. Failure is a bad thing and always has been and always will be. The girl could be deficient. It’s not always you that is the problem.

        That said, unless you are handsome or rich, women very much enjoy handing out defeat to you.

        Hopefully, at some point you will come out victorious. It’s good to see this woman doesn’t have you down on yourself.

        Keep fighting and try your best.

        • MD

          Failure is how you learn things. Without failure, it’s very difficult to learn anything.

          The girl could be deficient? What does that mean? She’s an individual human being as much as a guy is.

          Why would women enjoy handing out “defeat” to you? It doesn’t make sense when they’re often looking for relationships/dates/sex etc too. How do you know any women enjoy handing out “defeat” to you?

          Dating isn’t a fight against women. If you think it is then that’s going to stop you having success with women. How do you expect to get anywhere if you see women as some kind of enemy you have to conquer? It doesn’t make logical sense. Women have, for the most part (you get the odd gamer player in both genders) have any interest in making things difficult for you.

          They may not want to do what you want them to do and it’s important not to get angry or cross or over-react to that. But there’s no conspiracy stopping you from getting dates.

          • skw

            “Why would women enjoy handing out “defeat” to you?”

            They don’t enjoy it or “not enjoy” it , they don’t care, they’re indifferent to how you react. They want who/what they want.

            They just are too ashamed to state it because it sounds “immature” to say they want guys that are good looking and have money.

            So they come up with all stupid rationalizations and such that are easily arguable by a simple application of logic. And some are unscrupulous enough to make an entire business of it and go take money from men that have already been shat on by so many people and take advantage of their pain and suffering.

          • MD

            “They don’t enjoy it or “not enjoy” it , they don’t care, they’re indifferent to how you react. They want who/what they want.”

            Why would they be automatically indifferent to how you react? You seem to think of women as uncaring and invulnerable people not capable of empathizing or caring about others.

            “They just are too ashamed to state it because it sounds “immature” to say they want guys that are good looking and have money.”

            Illogical mind reading based on your own personal beliefs. Not all women want guys that are “good looking” or “with money”.

            “So they come up with all stupid rationalizations and such that are easily arguable by a simple application of logic. And some are unscrupulous enough to make an entire business of it and go take money from men that have already been shat on by so many people and take advantage of their pain and suffering.”
            You sound bitter and resentful towards women. No wonder you struggle with dating. You’re all about your pain but make no effort to connect with women as individual human beings with their own fears, worries and pain. That’s not a logical course of action if you want to get dates/relationships.

            Women are not making stupid rationalizations. They like many different things and are people just like men are. They are not the enemy and most of them have no interest in hurting you. They have their own lives to lead and choices to make. Connect with them as people and you’ll have an easier time of dating.

        • skw

          Ding you’re right, in most things “failure” is just part of the learning process. Failure is only “failure” if there’s expectation. And as one gets older, thats exactly it, we are expected to act and be a certain way, but can’t because we don’t have the things that give us confidence (looks, money, experience, etc…)

          • MD

            you sound very confident in saying that. Which is odd when you apparently dont have looks, money etc.Things dont automatically give you confidence. Not having looks is an excuse you use. Is everyone who gets dates good looking?

          • MD

            hmmm…part of the process. Exactly what I said…

  • skw

    Here’s a simple question for all you geniuses out there.

    If everyone’s out there trying to be alpha. who is left to follow the alphas?

    • Ding Chavez

      This is a good question.

      If everyone is standing around beating their chests, who is going to do the real work of running the world? Further, at some point, if you’re not really Alpha, you’re going to resent the woman for putting you in such an awkward position.

      • http://quietattraction.wordpress.com/ Rich

        If you’re beating your chest you’re trying to prove something, so by definition you are not alpha. People who are alpha don’t need to prove anything.

        To answer the question, the world is made up of crowds of people who think they all need to struggle and fight for their slice of the pie. It’s a common misconception that the way to be a high value person is to take, claim or secure as big a slice as you can and guard it jealously.

        High value people don’t actually work that way. The way to be high value is to just make more pies. Alpha people actually create value and give more than they take.

        • Ding Chavez


          Thanks for responding.
          I guess you and I know radically different Alpha Men. The Alpha’s I know have plenty of women and provide no real value to anything. They take and take and take.

          The “Beta’s” I know give far more than even the most generous Alpha.

          • http://quietattraction.wordpress.com/ Rich

            Well there’s giving, and then there’s trying to trade for something. Betas actually do the latter. The people you are thinking of as Alpha may be giving something you aren’t aware of, and it may not be that much, but at least they aren’t trying to trade.

            That or they may not be as Alpha as they seem. Some people will take advantage of other people who have weak boundaries, but there’s only so far they can go with that. Also, anything that someone has taken they will, by definition, be afraid of losing.

          • Ding Chavez


            Both you and Parkey (I think) have been pushing this concept of not really giving, but trying to “trade”.
            This concept never made sense to me.

            I have been the Nice Guy back in the day. I wasn’t “pretending.” but I sure got tired of giving and never getting any consideration in return. If a friend helps you move, wouldn’t it be nice if he returned the favour? If a person never reciprocates support, that doesn’t seem right to me. My friend helps me move, I return the favour. It’s NOT trading, it’s the way things work.

            What invisible giving are these Alphas giving? I watch a lot of these guys take, but what do YOU think they are giving?

          • http://quietattraction.wordpress.com/ Rich

            What are they taking? Are they taking or are they merely more comfortable asking for what they want?

            Taking, trading and giving is a concept taught by John Morgan at The Magnetic Man. It’s extremely powerful and it had a massive impact on all aspects of my life.

            When was the last time you saw a woman who looked stunning in the dress she was wearing and said to her “Hey! You look stunning in that dress!” just because it was true for you?

            Women love to be complimented, to have their sexual attractiveness appreciated, and to be desired. They also love to be engaged emotionally, flirted with and teased in a friendly way. Costs nothing, but worth a fortune! Alpha men give these gifts to women genuinely, without hesitation, and without looking for anything in return, not even approval.

            Acting out of expecting something in return blocks people from having the freedom and space to choose to give back.

          • skw

            Give me an example of an alpha person. I guarantee its someone who has a #$@#load of stuff.

          • http://quietattraction.wordpress.com/ Rich

            That’s like saying give me an example of a candle and I’ll guarantee there’s a #$@#load of moths around it.

            The mistake most people make is thinking that if you trap a bunch of moths you’ll get a candle.

            Wealth is something you are, that you become, not something you have. The stuff, be it money, friends or women is just the symptoms of that.

          • skw

            Wrong again.

            I’ve heard the candle/moth analogy. candles are lit FOR A PURPOSE (not to attract moths -sure I’ll give you that) Yet- they are still LIT FOR A PURPOSE. If I’m approaching a woman, that’s not lighting a candle, it’s like shining a flashlight at a specific moth and saying, hey moth, come check out my light.

            And moth’s have the luxury having multiple lights shining at them at once, and saying, “wow look at all these lights, I can choose the brightest one” That’s the correct analogy.

            Given your reasoning, can one conclude then if someone doesn’t have friends/women/money then they are not in “wealth” (in the way you define it?)

          • MD

            Moths have the luxury of having multiple lights shining at them at once? And saying “wow, look at all these lights?”

            I suggest you read a book on moths.

            And actually talk to women and finally realize they are real, individual people who don’t conform to the ideas you have about them in your head.

          • skw

            You are a blithering idiot. Moths have the luxury of saying to themselves “Gosh, even though we’re part of the insecta class, we’re about 1000x more intelligent and logical than MD” that’s what they have.

          • MD

            I say again: you need to read a book on moths.

            You can pick one up at your local library.

          • http://quietattraction.wordpress.com/ Rich

            An interesting thing about moths is that they are navigating by flying at a particular angle to the light source, like the moon or stars. That means that for every moth that spirals in toward an artificial light source like a candle there’s one that turns away – and of course you don’t see those.

            It’s the same with women – no matter how attractive you are there will always be a significant proportion who turn away. That’s why concentrating all your light on one, trying to control it, is a pointless waste of time. Just make your candle brighter so more moths can see it.

            Hint: hurling abuse at people is perhaps one of the best ways to do the opposite of that.

          • MD

            It’s not really the same with women.

            Granted, there will be some who will be uninterested regardless of what you do.

            But we always have influence. It is possible to make someone who was not attracted to you attracted to you. Concentrating your light on one and trying to control things in that context is, you’re right, a bad idea. Abundance is a good idea and cultivating such an attitude and positive mindset assists with that.

          • skw

            You need to take a walk off a short plank. You can stop by the local library on the way if you like.

          • MD

            Is that an emotional outburst of anger from a logical, rational thinker?

          • Ding Chavez

            C’mon skw

            Don’t ruin all your good and rational posts by insulting other posters.

            You’re making a lot of good points and no one is effectively countering them.

            We have a good conversation going.

            Let’s work together to defeat these women !

          • MD

            Why would you want to “defeat these women”? Women are not the enemy. They are individual human beings. Not there to do what you want and they don’t owe you anything either. They are people. Like you are. See things like that and dating becomes a lot easier.

          • skw

            Ding, MD is a disgrace to anyone with those initials. Matt Damon, Matt Dillon, and Minnie Driver should all pool their money and get this guy evicted from the club.

            All my points are exactly that.. ON POINT. and no one is effectively countering them you are right, everyone but MD is making their best effort and for that i extend my hand in gratitude.

          • MD

            I’m in a club with Matt Damon, Matt Dillon and Minnie Driver?

            This is news to me.

          • skw

            yes, as people who have the initials MD, although you are the only one who’s an utter disgrace to them, yes, I say this even after seeing Elysium.

          • MD

            I’m in a club with Hollywood stars and everyone who has the initials MD and I’m the only one who’s an utter disgrace to them?

            Doesn’t sound logical.

          • skw

            Yes it doesn’t but that’s the power of you, your idiocy, and your inability to make a logical statement.

          • MD

            you made the statement.

          • MD

            The power of my idiocy, myself and my inability to make a logical statement means I’m somehow in a club with Hollywood stars?

            I think you need to lay off whatever you’re smoking.

          • MD

            Speaking of being “on point”… women are individual human beings who don’t owe you anything and not characters dreamed up in your head.

            They don’t sit back and judge you. They get on with their lives. If you add value to their life/they like you/you meet them at their model of the world (in other words: do something other than troll) then you stand a chance of connecting with and maybe even attracting her.

            Looks are not the only thing that attract women and the fact that some women at high school did not like you/do what you wanted them do in no way impacts on your dating opportunities now in the present unless you let it by stewing over negative events in your past.

            If you need me, I’ll be sipping drinks with Matt Damon in the club I’m apparently a part o.

          • MD

            why can’t a candle be lit to attract a moth?

            Surely, if candles are lit for a purpose than one such purpose of lighting a candle could be to attract moths?

            Women are not invulnerable creatures living in bubbles who automatically have loads of options and just sit back judging guys. Get out of your head and talk to real life women.

          • skw

            You are indeed correct, that having “wealth” or a “positive mindset” is attractive and women will be attracted to that. What you’re mistaken in is your implication that such a state can be just spontaneously “had” by repeating to yourself “ok just have wealth, just be positive, bla bla bla”

            No.these are all just mental hijinks and anyone who pushes that you can do this is just a crook. plain and simple.

            Ever seen this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlZvY_LXJco

            What you need – and this is indisputable, is some hard, external evidence, preferable in the form of a girl like marni stroking your hard wang. When that’s achieved, then you can honestly believe you have “wealth” and it will do all the wonderful things you say it well. The positivity has to be ROOTED IN SOMETHING, that’s the point that you crooks, hoaxsters and charlatans miss.

          • MD

            So, unless you have Marni stroking your hard “wang”, you can’t have a positive mindset or feel like you’re wealthy? You can’t see what you have in your life and be thankful for it and call it wealth? You can’t change your thoughts or develop mindfulness of your thoughts to the extent where you change your mindset to a more helpful mindset? The positivity doesn’t have to be rooted in anything. You do have a choice how you react and deal with things. Now, that doesn’t mean denying reality. If you’ve just lost your house and your wife then putting on a fake smile is going to do nothing. But wallowing in self pity for years is also going to do nothing.

            I’m guessing you have a lot to be thankful for. You have access to the internet for one thing. And most likely access to food and water. You can be positive about those things and change your mindset to the point where you notice more of the positives in your life.

          • skw

            You have a lot to be thankful for as well, you have a fully functional brain. Oops, Err.. scratch that.

            Positivity, Negativity, anything has to be rooted in something. Otherwise give me all of your money right now. What? that will hurt your situation? well thats just you using logic and not being positive.

          • MD

            So you have stuff to be thankful for then?

            Mindset changes are perfectly possible regardless of evidence. You get to choose how you react to stuff and how you deal with it. You use the excuse that not having some looks means you have things harder than other people. That’s not a verifiable fact. That’s a mindset/belief you have. Other people look at life differently whether they’ve had bad things happen to them or not.

            If it were simply a matter of a logical analysis of the evidence available then you have a lot of to be thankful for and would be more positive and the truth that not everyone who gets women is Mr Good Looking would make you not obsess about looks. Instead, you stick to your beliefs regardless of evidence and logical analysis of that evidence. That’s you choosing to keep hold of a mindset not rooted in evidence.

          • Ding Chavez


            “The mistake most people make is thinking that if you trap a bunch of moths you’ll get a candle.”

            Huh? That’s not what he’s saying at all.

            It might be a nice argument for philosophy class, but it doesn’t fly with women.

            I have an abundance of CD’s, DVDs and albums. Trust me, no woman (at least one i would find attractive) would count that as being wealthy.

            You guys are getting a little lost in all the “moth” talk

          • MD

            Surely to have bough the CDs, DVDs and albums in the first place you needed money which is a form of wealth.

            You’re saying that no woman you find attractive would count you having money to purchase things as being “wealthy”?

          • Ding Chavez

            These Alpha jerks always have a lot.

        • skw

          The only problem with that.

          -There is only one pie, unless someone knows of another society out there that is completely independent from the one we live in.

    • MD

      Not everybody out there is trying to be alpha. You don’t need to be alpha to get women or dates. I’m not exactly an alpha male. It does, however, sometimes help to have qualities such as confidence, charisma, courage, bravery, strength etc. Not so you end up in a competition with other men but so you have what you need to go after what you want and deal with when you get rejected.

      • skw

        then why the #$@#@( is the post titled , “how to attract women and be an alpha male” Isn’t she implying then in order to attract women, one must become alpha?

        • MD

          There are certain qualities associated with being an “alpha male” which may well help a man attract a woman. And Marni has her view on this. Logically, you don’t have to be an alpha male to attract a woman. But it may help to embody certain alpha male qualities.

  • evensteven

    You can’t tell someone to “man up” anymore than you can tell a nervous person to “calm down” and expect it to work. The only way to “man up” is to actually be the person you want to be. That means lots of work on your part to get there. Remember, you’re doing it because you want to race cars, or play guitar or piano, or learn salsa, or run 5K’s and not because you think some woman would like you if you did. Realize that you can make choices in that department that many women are not going to respect or care about, which is where I suspect many of the guys reading attraction blogs are right now. Think video games, hunting and fishing or being an internet troll. If you are enamoured by endeavors considered outside the mainstream, you are limiting your pool of potential interest. Oh yeah, learning to do those things the mainstream finds attractive, costs time and money, so you better have some. Cry about it if you like, but the real world isn’t changing because you don’t think it’s fair. It’s easier to be confident if you own your life.
    A numbers game: I don’t want to be about pick up. I would like to feel loved and appreciated by someone I want it from, not a woman who can pass the “breath on a mirror” test. Need to talk to a lot of women to find the few who fit the bill. The overwhelming majority of the time, I don’t fit her bill or she doesn’t fit mine. The workable match is the hard part. Welcome to the real world.

    • http://datingmaverick.net/ Mark Green

      Great comment! The ol’ just “man up” comment is such BS. Similar to how so many dating articles recommend guys just “Be Confident” because women love a confident man. It doesn’t work that way. Confidence is something that develops over time as you make choices that repeatedly push you outside of your comfort zone. The same goes for attracting women…the guys you see who seem like naturals rarely are, they’ve simply practiced more than you. Anything anyone else can do, you can do too, you just have to truly want it and then repeatedly take action, make mistakes, and learn from those mistakes and try again.

  • yureon

    To attract women…
    If you have a sense of humor and “confidence” that’s nice too, BUT only if you have the aforementioned attributes. Don’t think for a second women will pass up someone with those just because you “act” confident and try to make her laugh, it won’t go very far when she demands you start paying for dates and take her shopping and wants to make her girlfriends jealous.

    I have tried so hard to do that, but you know what it is like? It’s like being 130 pounds soaking wet and walking around Venice Beach Cali like you are the biggest strongest dude there, people will just laugh or be like WTF is he doing? If I could have those things I could buy any woman’s attention and I am not talking about escorts. Look money is going to be a big part of any relationship, “if you can’t afford to date don’t” I read that on a forum from a woman who was really attractive. Another said they despise cheap people so that goes hand in hand.

    Being nice kind loving, responsible doesn’t mean anything…if you don’t have the “real” qualities to accompany them. I literally see people write things like why can’t I attract women, put up photos for judgment and women have a field day with him. Must be nice to just sit back and judge, meanwhile if you told one of those witches they put on too much make up they would call you a hater and link you to instagram photos of thousands of likes, and they say men are insecure. Well we have that right, women don’t.

    It’s like first and third world. Women issues are first world, like complaining that Louis vuitton ran outta bags or didn’t have their size shoe…and men’s are like third world, can’t get dates, a relationship, or have success in finding someone to build a future with. The only way is to somehow cause a radical shift, men need to stop being clingy and put these women on ice.

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