Episode 30: Ask Women Podcast – #1 Thing That Can Ruin Your Life With Women

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OMG I can’t believe we’re already at 30 episodes! That is nuts. It literally feels like we just starting doing this a couple of months ago.

The show keeps getting better and better and people are loving it. AND I am loving doing it!! So thank you for listening

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So what is the #1 thing that can ruin your dating life??

Believe it or not, it’s your health.

Kristen, Mo and I had a big discussion about why healthier men get more women, are better with women and have better sex lives with women.

I can tell you from my own experience that when my husband got a little…. ummmm… heavier ;-) It kind of slowed down our sex life.

Not because I wasn’t attracted to him, but because he had less energy, his bones hurt and he was more depressed. Not a turn on for either of us.

BUT when he decided to get healthy and get into a healthy lifestyle things thing TOTALLY changed!!!

Plus his overall confidence changed and had a huge impact on his life with me and his work life.

We had awesome health specialist Rich Roll on the show to help us out with this conversation.

He gave great insight into how you can quickly turn your health around to improve your dating life.

PLUS we answered tons of questions from analyze this.

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Let me know what you think of this episode :-)

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  • http://quietattraction.wordpress.com/ Rich

    It is absolutely true that getting in shape makes a world of difference. Especially in the last couple of months since I started doing upper body exercises the women in my life have become very touchy-gropey, in a way I’ve never experience before in my life.

    I think the mistake is trying to change too much too quickly and not being able to sustain the effort. Little and often is the key. All I’ve really done is reduce my meal portion sizes and done a few push-ups etc before and after bed every day.