Female Decoder: What Does It Mean When A Woman Says NOTHING

I know, I know, women are tough to understand. Trust me, I am one of them and I have a hard time understanding myself sometimes.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

My job is to help you avoid making mistakes with women to make life easier for you.ย  I have been putting out mini quizzes on Facebook to see what things men may need my assistance with.ย  Check the one I put out today focused on: What does it mean when a woman says NOTHING?

When a woman says “nothing,” what she is really saying is something is wrong and:

1. I don’t know what it is.

2. I do know what it is, but I want you to pull it out of me because I’m nervous to say it out loud.

3. You should know considering YOU did this to me.

Who knew that NOTHING could have so much oomf behind it!ย  Above, I gave my all in one solution to help you when you run into the dreaded “NOTHING”.

NOTE: When a woman does this, she is not trying to be bitchy, manipulative, or intentionally hurt you. It’s actually not even about you. It’s about her. If you can realize that and stay grounded or unaffected, you will win with her every time!

Solution: Best thing to do in this situation is approach her, touch her softly and tell her you care about her and you’re not going anywhere until you’re sure everything is OK. – GOLD!

But what if she still does not tell you what’s wrong and remains standoffish?

Solution #2: If she is still being stubborn and childish you confidently say to her “I care about you and I’m here to help, but I don’t want to be your punching bag. I’ll be in the other room and when you are ready to come talk to me calmly, I’ll be there for you.”

I love when my husband does this. In the moment, it totally upsets me but it gives me the leadership and support I need in that moment to snap out of my funk. The most important thing that you want to express to a woman during that time is that you still care for her and she will never mess that up. That is what we are most afraid of.ย  You disliking us or messing up perfection.

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  • Parkey

    I miss this. Being the strong, caring, empathic and desired boyfriend is what I can do; that’s the skill set I have. For all this, as long as I still suck at the first 5 minutes of a relationship I can never get to giving years of deep intimacy. It feels like a tremendous waste and it hurts.

    • Jim Daniels

      Then stop improving this area of your life and focus your attention on what you lack and where you need to grow. recognize your soul has learned this part of life and it needs other parts. you are good at giving pleasure but are you good at applying pain to correct bitch behavior? Do you have your own life in order and control your space in the world? Recognize lack of patience means lack of ability to suffer means lack of ability to carry weight which is a necessary trait if you want to build anything like a ziggurat or a megalith or castle or pyramid

  • Kevin

    I’ve known this one for a long time, going back to my teen years I’ve known this, I was at work once and say this cute waitress and she had this sad face on. I said “what’s the matter? She looked at me as her head spun 350 mph and said very fast “Nothing”… I said “Yes there is”. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Look women drive men crazy with all kinds of questions when they think something is wrong with us, they do it because that is what they want and it’s to show you they care.

  • Ron C

    I totally agree with Kevin. The opposite of love is apathy, NOT hatred or silence!

  • Munish Sethi

    topic’s are very great
    thanks Marni

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Glad you like them Munish!

  • Alan

    2 Instant solutions ANY man can use to combat the “nothing”
    Is this a hidden reference to the movie “The Never Ending Story”
    Sorry, it was there, and begging to be asked.
    Have a great day

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Hey Alan

      That made me laugh- I liked that movie!

  • last

    when a woman say the word “nothing” it mean anything except nothing (hahaha)

    • Marni Wing Girl

      So true- usually she has something that she wants to express but doesn’t feel comfortable enough to be open about that yet ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bharat

    I feel exactly the way our Wing Girl said.We guys believe in straight from the heart,practical and no-nonsense talk.5 minutes and we have practically spilled everything on the table.Women,on the other hand,like to be reassured and cared.Point is to hold your calm and go in the other room!

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Being grounded and controlling your emotions to an extent is definitely attractive in a guy AND I couldn’t agree more with this:

      โ€Go for the gold,even if it means you lose the silver!โ€

      Go after what you want in life, no excuses

      Marni ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thaddeus

    Why not say what you mean and be done with it?Sometimes it’s just too hard playing detective on reading between lines when what’s said and what’s really meant.

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Hey Thaddeus

      I totally agree that a man should be direct and open about what he wants, as long as it’s not offensive! Sometimes just stating your aims can also really help to allow a woman to open up: ‘I’m not sure I believe the ‘nothing’ so I’m just going to stick around until you feel comfortable to chat to me: I do want to support you’.

      Marni ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Lil Man

    i did this to my friend and she kept saying nothing after i tried all of the steps what do i do??

    • Marni Wing Girl

      Walk away! Her bad mood in that instance isn’t your problem- you’ve shown a willingness to listen & that’s all you can do

      Marni ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ardiana the adventurer

    This kind of depends… in what way does she say it. Is she smiling, significantly frustrated like clawing her hair, or looking elsewehre in a dreamy way. There are some occasions I could pry into but some feel that I just shouldn’t interfere. I’ve always had women yapping on and on too much about stuff at me anyways so I never have to pry anything out of them…
    In what stage of a relationship does “nothing” come up? Rapport? Seduction? After sex?

    • Marni Wing Girl

      I agree if you don’t really want to know you shouldn’t try to take it further.
      This would only emotionally complicate everything.
      Marni ๐Ÿ™‚

  • i simply say ok and go on about my business. women say they want somebody mature who doesn’t play games. well guess what i’m not playing your games. grow the fuck up and speak it or seal it. I aint got time to play mind reader Obama is raising the national minimum wage. there is more important shit going on around me then some chick about her feelings.

    • Greg

      that’s why you’re single huh? lol

  • kiefer knightly

    Sometimes it means she wants to be fucked, right? I’m serious now this aint no spam. It was like that once with my ex

  • Greg

    She also says, “We are a dumbass man and have no clue.”,,, I beg to differ on that one,,, but refuse to tell Her.

  • johnny

    help guys. so i have this friend. we know each other for 14 yrs. but we dont talk that much but we are friends. 2 yrs ago we had something but it was LDR. and then i made the stupidest thing ever. which i left her and didnt even say a word for a girl which was my girlfriend. but i regret everything ive done . maybe its bcos of my immaturity. so a week ago, she went home in our country and all our friends gathered for a reunion. i told her i.like her and i want her back in my life and i promised ill wait for her. then she stopped talking and replying to my texts and msgs. i think i may have rush things. maybe its bcos shes leaving us again tomorrow!! urgh.. thats why i had to tell.it to her personally. but i think i got dumped. i think she didnt wanna talk to me to not hurt me. but its so immature. i wish she just told me she doesnt like me. what should i do? i always keep thinking bout what she thinks of me. maybe im not her type…maybe she doesnt want me to hurt her again
    ..maybe she has someone else. anything could be possible. should i still chat her to find out the truth? cause im hoping she likes me but she is unsure.. help ๐Ÿ™

    • johnny

      btw.. i askedd her 2 days ago. why isnt she talking to me and she said “nothing. sorry” .. thats why i ran into this ppage jajaja

  • Wells P.Marti

    Please interpret ” I like you, but not THAT WAY

  • Wells P.Marti

    When a girl states that she “is not responsible for the way you feel about her” I see that as an absurd and illogical assertion. What say the rest of you ?

    • Wells P.Marti

      What, no takers on this one ? ๐Ÿ™

      • John Smith

        Context please.
        She sounds like she’s not interested.
        It’s perfectly logical if, for example, she said that to a guy that pulled the Nice Guy card on her or that anyway demonstrated to feel entitled to reciprocation.

  • John Smith

    Another reason is nobody smiles smiles 24/7. Including men.
    Resting b****face is a thing.
    You know how men hate it when their woman keeps nagging them about there being something wrong just ’cause they look cross when everything is fine?
    Women don’t like being nagged either.
    Very few women pull the bs you mentioned.

  • Ivan

    Some thing