How To Flirt With And Date Girls At Work

If you’ve ever had a job, chances are at some point you’ve had a crush on one of your colleagues.

It’s only natural. The more time you spend with someone, the more there’s a chance you’ll develop feelings for them.

And considering how much time we spend in the workplace, it’s no surprise then that more than a third of people have dated a coworker.

So the question then becomes, what should you do when you’re into a girl you work with? Do you ask her out? Wait for her to give you signals she’s interested? Ignore your feelings in the name of professionalism?

It can feel like a tricky road to navigate. After all, it seems for every story of the happy couple who met at work, there’s a horror story involving sexual harassment claims.

But if you follow a few simple rules, flirting at work is not only safe… it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

And that flirting may lead to dating, which may lead to… well, you can use your imagination here 😉

To help you avoid any flirting and dating landmines at work, I’ve put together this video on the simple rules you should always follow.

I know there are some guys out there who’ll see this and immediately disagree with it.

“Marni, I can’t flirt with girls at work, let alone date them. It’s sexual harassment and I’ll lose my job.”

If you had that reaction, you need to watch the video again. Pay close attention to the part where I stress that you need to avoid flirting that is overly sexual.

When you’re joking around and being playful and fun with people, that ISN’T sexual harassment.

The other point I make in the video is that you should stop immediately if it’s clear your flirting isn’t welcome. When women make allegations of sexual harassment, 99% of the time it’s because the guy is persistent even though she’s made it clear she’s not interested.

One of the other main reasons you may feel some resistance to flirting at work is if your flirting skills aren’t up to scratch. Truth be told, most men could use a little help in this area.

That’s why I set out to create the last resource you’ll ever need to get your flirting game on point. It’s called the F-Formula and it’ll show you in clear detail how we want you to flirt with us, whether it’s at work or anywhere else.

Once you know the secrets to flirting effectively, you’ll feel comfortable being your natural, attractive self with women wherever you are. You can check out all the details at the link below:


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  • John Young

    Why is it just assumed that anyone who has a job, and works for a living, works in an office. Roughly 40% of the U.S. workforce consists of blue collar jobs. This includes all of the warehousers, contractors, plumbers, truck drivers, electricians, police officers, firefighters, locomotive engineers, mechanics, bus drivers… The list goes on and on.
    I fit into one of these categories, and find it really offensive when it’s implied that because I don’t work in an “office”.. I don’t count. (And no, I’m not jealous of people who work in an office. I’ve been offered a management position before.. I turned it down.. Because it would be a pay cut.)

    • John Smith

      You can easily fix that. It’s thanks to the fact your value is tied to work and money that it actually goes up over time.
      Women don’t have this luxury. Offensive, much?

  • John Young

    And one other thing.. Look at the ads for every single speed dating company, or matchmaking service (like “it’s just lunch”, for example), or many new dating apps.. And they all say, “single professionals.. Single professionals”.
    I even called a very popular speed dating company (the only one that has events in my area), and when I asked them what they meant by single professionals, and told them what I do for a living, I was told that I am not welcome at their events, and that I should just “stick to my own kind.”
    I guess people have decided that roughly 140 million working people who don’t have “professional careers” are undateable.

    • Alex

      depends on the definition of a “professional.” I drive truck for a living. This is my profession therefore I am a professional. Could they do what I am doing?

      • John Young

        Yes, it is our profession, however, the widely adopted definition of a “single professional” is a single person who’s career requires at least a four year, professional degree from a university.
        We are not who they are talking about.

  • John Smith

    Do not flirt with women at work, EVER.
    Beats me how anyone supposedly logical could be so stupid.
    Disaster waiting to happen.