[VIDEO] Are You In The Friend Zone?

A lot of guys think being in the “Friend Zone” is the WORST place to be…but take it from me…

Guys who can at least be friends with a girl are WAY more attractive than guys who only hang out with a bunch of other guys all day.

A guy who can be friends with a girl means he’s trustworthy, he knows how to listen, and he’s respectful…

Now, if you ARE a friend to a girl…and you’re into her…the only thing left to do is take things up just ONE MORE level ;-)

Watch this video to find out how you can use the Friend Zone to your advantage to get out and get any girl friend you want.

I like Richard’s approach to the Friend Zone because he talks about how to use EXACTLY where and who you are now to your advantage…without having to jump through hoops or learn manipulating tricks to get the girl you want (cuz you KNOW I can’t stand all that stuff!).

Now getting out of the Friend Zone is just one step to getting any girl you absolutely want…and once you’re able to get out of the Friend Zone…you’re gonna need to be the guy that can sweep her off her feet, get her obsessed and turned on, and really WOW her in the sack…

Bottom line…you’re gonna need a lot more than just knowing how to avoid girly gossip sessions.

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Luckily, Richard has fine-tuned and created his own ways for instilling and amplifying intense attraction in any woman you come across…and it’s some really AWESOME, to-the-point stuff that I just had to share with you.

He calls the entire system Stealth Attraction…and I consider it the diamond in the rough of all the PUA and dating advice that’s out there and taught by men.

As a woman, I think he’s spot on in giving you actionable tips to driving women wild and getting them to approaching and seducing YOU.
I could go on about the stuff Richard gives away, but see for yourself here and let me know what you think ;-)

Watch This Video To Attract, Date, and Seduce Any Woman You Want Everywhere You Go

And I hope you have lots of fun now that you know EXACTLY how to get out (and stay out of!) the Friend Zone!

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  • Rich

    The actions he describes are all good. Question is, if a guy is doing these things is it because he’s busy, confident, comfortable with himself and his sexuality, doesn’t take himself too seriously, communicates what he wants and has good boundaries, or is he just reading it off a card?

    These guys are in London, practically on my doorstep, but I’m not a fan. I’m sure they’re great people, but they seem to try to give guys the symptoms rather than the disease. Fair play I guess, after all, long term self improvement isn’t so easy to sell as quick fixes.

    • Ding Chavez

      Curing the symptoms will make a LOT of guys happy. If symptoms you mean moving from dateless to getting laid on a regular basis.

      When women start playing fair then that concept might make more sense.

      • Rich

        Curious. What do you think women are doing that’s unfair?

        • skw

          not questioning a system that advantages them. ie women sit back and wait, guys do all the initial work.

        • skw

          They’re not leaning in. like they say they want to.

        • yureon

          Passively waiting for men to approach (even oblivious ones) and then punishing them or blaming them for not making the first move like they are SUPPOSED to do. EXPECTING men to be doing a certain something and DEMANDING they be x amount of things or it’s the highway.

        • Ding Chavez


          Sorry, I didn’t see your question earlier.

          What’s unfair? Saying one thing and meaning another (ex. “I want a nice guy” then when one shows up, ignoring him).

          Being flaky.
          Making up and playing all sorts of games and giving tests.
          Then laying all the blame for them not having dates on the guys.

          Wanting us to make all the moves when they never clearly define where they want to go or what they will accept.

          I could go on, but that seems like plenty to clean up right there.

    • skw

      ” or is he just reading it off a card?”

      for the first time, you and I are in complete agreement. telling guys to do this in order to attract women is not the same as actually being that.

  • Jason

    Marni, I thought you weren’t into pick-up artistry…

  • John M

    yep in this situation, but I am not upset about it because I found out by taking action/being direct and asking, disappointed maybe but yeah really good advice here.
    I know I need work on myself as well so this is great advice but I need show I am some one worth investing in , and I do think high of myself but know I still have some issues I need sort out.
    And yeah friendship not a bad thing .
    Thanks for this article Marni

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