How To Approach A Woman At A Party

Hope you had a great holiday weekend (if it was a holiday weekend for you).

I just got back from freezing my butt off in Mammoth.  I was there for a beautiful wedding, which is a GREAT place to meet women BTW.

I got an awesome email this morning that I wanted to share with you. I know it will resonate with you and hopefully motivate you so you can get what you want with women.

Don’s Email

So I became single again but I wanted to share with you how you helped me yesterday asking a complete stranger out.

I was at my apartment pool party when I saw a woman come in who looked down like a friend of mine. So I let her get settled in with her kids and then I made my way to her and told her “so get this, I am friends with your doppelganger, and I pulled up the photo on facebook” and I said her name is Kelley and I totally thought you were her.   She giggled and said “you think, well my name is P”  and I introduced myself.  Then I said it was nice to meet you, and I walked away.  I almost could hear you say “you got her attention, now don’t overstay your welcome”

So I waited a while until I was about to leave and as I walked past I said. “Nice to meet you p”  and she started a conversation asking where I was going.   We started chatting and I noticed her playing wither her hair… She told me about being a single mom.. boom, she is telling me she is single.  Then I could her you say, “this is your window, make a move, she is interested”  so I asked her if she ever got time away from the kids and she said oh yeah I can get time away easily (another clue if she was not interested she would have said no) So I said “well we should go get dinner sometime if you want to exchange numbers.  She grabbed her phone asked for my number and sent me a text right then.. Boom!

Let me just say, I could hear you coaching me the whole time.  It was funny, she knew exactly what I was doing and where I was going with every question. She knew I wanted to ask her out and she made sure to give me subtle hints to let me know if she’s interested, however I don’t know if I would have picked up on it had I not had you as my wing girl.  If I missed that opportunity trying to be a nice guy, I would have totally lost man points with her.

Thank you so much for all you do.



This email made me smile. I love that DON went for it. He was playful, engaged but not too engaged and he didn’t hide his intentions out of fear of what she would think. He put it out there and she jumped on board.

Now it’s your turn!!!!!

Please, please, please do not let another amazing opportunity pass you by with women you are attracted to. It would kill me if you did. Especially after reading/listening/watching all of my stuff.

Follow Don’s lead and just go for it. And if you need guidance on the how, when and what to say and do then go check out any of my programs.  They will help you fill in these blanks and be as successful as Don.

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  • John Anders

    Not to be mean, but it isn’t that difficult to get interest from a single mom. I mean 90% of the guys would be turned off the minute they found this out, not wanting to inherit that “baggage” (self included). What’s difficult is getting interest and attention from a hot young SWF that’s getting constant in-person attention, free things handed to her, and texts all day long. Most things that works for a single mom won’t for the other.

    • roberthagedorn

      I hear what you’re saying loud and clear. But the guy in the email made all the right moves. Single moms are still women, and they’re not going to be attracted to a frightened beta who kisses their butt, unless they are SUPER desperate for just about anything that comes along.

      • John Anders

        Some women are harder to get than others, obviously. Certainly being a single mom lowers her desirability to most men. Regardless of whether that’s a deal breaker for you, if 90% of the men lose interest, chances are you showing interest will be a bigger deal to her, than to that 23 year old hottie with no kids and the tighter body that has guys fawning all over her day and night.

    • Zo

      You have a point. I was thinking the same thing to an extent. But what I’ve noticed in my life and in many of my buddy’s lives is that the young hottie is not that difficult when you do this. Forget about her. Start living your life.

      Make yourself awesome – simple really – just have goals consistent with your purpose and be passionate about them. Start succeeding at being a better you everyday. Soon you will feel like you don’t need any particular girl. They’ll (hotties) pick this vibe up in a heart beat. Don’t be one of the desperate guys.

      • Jaded satyr

        I would suggest that men try to avoid single moms. Below is a list of a single mom’s priorities:
        1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10: kids.
        11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20: herself.
        21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29: family and friends.
        30: you. You will always be at least 3rd banana with a single mom. You will probably be eventually marginalized to the roles of walking ATM, handyman, and sperm donor if she wants more kids. And God forbid if the kids don’t like you. Single moms are a bad investment. Buyer beware.

  • Capt. Thor

    Single moms can be very nice and have a lot to offer in a relationship. Also, depending on their prior relationship (and how it ended ) bring a level of experience and realism into dating. They are usually ( not always) more comfortable with themselves and know what’s important in a relationship. The only possible issue is balancing a social life with raising kid(s) can be quite challenging. Hope this helps!

    • Mark T

      Good luck.