How To Ask A Woman Out On A Date – The Correct Way

Just a quickie cause it’s Friday.  Wanted to show you this video clip from possibly the WORST movie ever made… BUT it’s a solid scene that gives examples of how to ask a woman out on a date.

I agree with it and LOVE it.

Watch and let me know what you think.

Tell me what you think in the comments section below.

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  • david g

    The underlying lesson in how he says the line is that “i dont care if you do or dont…”….making like the challenge to qualify herself.

  • TheJurg71

    LOL funny clip, marni, thank you. When I saw the title of the clip, I was wondering how he was going to pull it off. I like this approach… something I can calmly use.

  • roberthagedorn

    I can’t believe Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie would even come close to acting like this if they actually met in real life. The scene would have been better if Jolie was interacting with a beta and “helping out a brother.” But this would never happen in real life either. So we have to focus on what is said, and not how it’s said in the scene. And Depp’s character does eventually use the correct words after much prodding from Jolie’s character.

  • BillK

    Wait, so given past advice this would be being a doormat, as at least Depp’s inflection makes it read like:

    “I’m having dinner, if you’d care to join me.”

    Or in other words, given that statement, if she didn’t join him, he wouldn’t have dinner. 🙂

    I would have expected the sentence to be “I’m having dinner; if you’d care to join me, I’ll be in the dining car.”

    • Andrea G Oppedisano

      Your sentence was spot on!

  • blackmaleya41

    “I am having dinner would you care to join me?” was still a question. It did show a bit of confidence but should have ended with “join me”, and a smile.

  • Mike

    It is funny how nervous he was before she revealed to him that she wanted to be asked out. Apparently his character wasn’t getting her hints so she became a dating coach…lol He sounded more certain when he said, “I’m having dinner, if you’d care to join me.” To me it’s still a question but as we know it’s more about how you say it then what you say, he could have said, “I’m having dinner, your welcome to join me.”

    • TMan

      Quote : “To me it’s still a question but as we know it’s more about how you say it” Ditto… Its called an assumptive close … It’s worded as a question, but HOW he’s saying it is the big communication. And no, ..saying ‘if you’d care to join me, I’ll be in the dinning car’…. that’s more likely to get a response of “Well, have fun with yourself while eating alone’.

      I believe it was a tremendous clip Marni, and thank Angelina for us.

  • Eric

    “Women hate questions.” I see, so, the correct proposal is: “I’ll be living the rest of my life. If you’d care to joint me….”

  • temich1985 .

    from experience most women don’t really respond to a subtle “if you would care to join me”, its like they never even heard an invitation.
    but once she is warmed up you can just ask anything directly though

  • Shaun Seljestad

    Really is this what women want?
    I will practice this method

  • lnnn

    I lost the whole issue with the phallic train shot that followed

  • lnnn

    After a 2nd thought, I find it contradicting one of your earlier lessons. There’s the one with the guy whose email you’re trying to tailor so he can ask her properly for coffee when they just pass each other without talking in the workplace. With that example you stress strongly how he should express what he likes (I’d like to change that, I’d like to meet you for the coffee). The “I’m having dinner works here, but the “if you’d care to join me” seems to contradict that. I like the below addition of “I’ll be in the dining car” that Bill added.

  • Tj

    from both Marniny and Jolie????????,am definately taking this Advise,shit,and i love questions so much,,

  • Tj

    i just tried it out just now within a minute of watching this video and it worked,i have this girl ive always wanted to take to dinner and everytime i ask her if she would like to go an excuse keeps popping up,,and now i was like “see you and that amazing smile at dinner”,and she replied me the time and a smiley

  • Hawley Griffin

    Thanks for posting this Marni. It’s actually “cringe worthy” to watch because I’ve been in this situation, and screwed it up. If only those women had a script that required them to coach me and give me a 2nd and 3rd chance to get it right. In the real world, once you screw it up, any attraction she potentially had is done and she’s just moving on. It’s a big advantage to get to see mistakes, then correct behavior.

    • Reed Schrichte

      You’re right, women are pass/fail, and if you fail you never really know why.

  • Chris

    I think it was just a few lines of dialogue that was meant to emphasize Angelina Jolie’s character

    This is just a Hollywood movie, written by 4 middle aged men. Those words she’s speaking? Not hers. If the people who actually created this dialogue were in this clip, it would be an instant turn off, not a love lesson

  • jacob

    truth indeed ,you can’t ask to lead when you’re a leader ,simple !

    • Reed Schrichte

      I think you nailed the core issue!

  • Pete Roszell

    Got it Marni, at least your message stays consistent 🙂 Just takes a lot of repetition for dudes to change. btw, Anglie Jolie’s character drove that conversation, it’s a lot harder in the real world. But, point taken, you’re right.

  • Reed Schrichte

    Is a better line, “I am having dinner and I would be happy to have you join me”?
    Sorry this is in the form of a question. Just lets go and eat.