Example of How To Flirt (Part 2)

Because soooooo many guys loved the blog I put up last week with lessons on how to flirt and banter that included a video of what it looks like to be a master flirt…. I decided I’d send you another video example.

Last weeks video (which you can see here:  http://www.winggirlmethod.com/banter-flirt-video-example-included/) was a great example of solid banter skills.  A style of flirting that is very sexy to women.

I’ll call this style the kind of cheesy, old school, direct style of flirting.

I’m calling it this because if some guy talked to me this way I’d for sure find it incredibly cheesy but also very intriguing.  A.K.A I’d be intrigued by it and I’d probably say yes to whatever he was suggesting…A.K.A It would make me thump…. you’ll get what that means once you watch the video.

The video was actually sent to me by one of my clients.  it’s a clip from Things To Do In Denver when You’re Dead.  I’d never heard of the movie but I thought the clip was another great example of different styles of flirting.

Anyway…. enough of my blabbering.

See what I mean by old school and cheesy???  But it works.

And what works about it is that Andy Garcia’s character is always clear and direct about his intent.

He doesn’t shy away or back down when she doesn’t respond favorably. In fact, he seems to love that she is questioning his tactics and not taking him too seriously. Even mocking him. But he still holds his own and goes for it.

What he’s doing is ballsy.  And women like ballsy.  There is always something sexy about a man who goes for it and doesn’t get crushed by a little rejection.

As I said in my last blog post, you can learn to flirt like this. To hold your own and make women thump uncontrollably 😉

If you want my help in learning what style of flirting is best for you then check out The F Formula: Your Wing Girl-Guided Blueprint For Effortless Flirting, Attraction & Escalation With Any Woman. Read more about it by clicking here 😉

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  • John

    First off, this worked because THE SCRIPT SAID IT WOULD.
    Secondly, this type of approach works if you are rich, and look like Andy Garcia. No below average guy, like me, would ever be able to pull this off.

  • Rob Farrell

    That lady is a 1% of females out there.
    90% of guys are looking for 5% of the women.
    The rest of the men settle for the average or below average.

  • Demetri Masters

    Well good video old school is best school even in confines of a show I think it’ll work on 50% of women iid try it if I could get out of my own way