How To Pass A Woman’s Tests When In A Relationship

Just got the best email ever!! Read below:

Hi Marni,

I just wanted to thank you for saving my relationship. It’s this girl that I have these immense feelings for, but I somehow managed to fuck up our relationship, so she broke off with me. There was this part of me that was acting as an idiot, but there was also this part of me that just couldn’t pass the ‘tests’ that girls always do on us guys (I always miserably failed on these in the past relationships as well).

So, I fixed the part of me not being an idiot anymore, but I still couldn’t pass the ‘tests’. This is where this video of yours made a big difference:

It’s so enlightening, showing how you can and should stand up for yourself and your feelings without being rude/idiot/jerk and pass the ball back to the girl.
Test passed.

Long story short: we are now back together, even happier in love than before.

Thanks a bunch!

Emails like this MAKE MY DAY!!!


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  • Raiden

    I can agree on principle. But sometimes women realize that they’re just not ready for that and they run away. As my ex did. Each time she panicked and freaked out about our relationship, I stood as the calm in the storm, and talked her down. Even when she accepted a date from someone else and called me crying and told me to yell at her. I refused to stoop to that level. I told her I wasn’t mad, I wasn’t going to fight with her, that I loved her, and that I wanted her but that i didn’t need her. I told her I’m a king and my life is heading up into the stars and she can rise with me, or get off and find her own way down.

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t her type of loser. Her usual guys were questioning their sexual identity, self-mutilating losers, or anti-woman misogynist… I was the first steady and balanced guy she was with and it freaked her out and she ran to a guy that had no confidence, had no career, lacked a masculine identity… pretty much she ran to someone that she could support and dominate, rather than someone who wanted to be her equal and treat her like a queen.

    Not all women are the same.

    • Yureon

      This is pretty much how all women are…

      The DEMAND they have a man like you, and have money looks and Social status and someone that is their source of strength when they feel vulnerable and when they have it provided for them that is what they do…

      Fucking moronic cunts.