How Women Define “A Man With Charisma” and Why It’s So Attractive

“The reason we’re successful, darling? My overall charisma, of course.” – Freddie Mercury, Queen.

There’s nothing quite so universally attractive as a man with charisma.

A man who can walk into a room and command attention by his sheer presence alone.

As women we feel an automatic pull to men who exhibit this incredibly attractive trait.

And we can instantly recognize it when we see it.

However, it’s often hard to describe exactly what charisma looks like.

So rather than try to explain it to you, I thought I’d simply show you.

A couple of weeks ago I was lounging back at home watching one of my favorite TV shows, America’s Got Talent.

And there was one performer in particular who really stole the show.

Notice, he’s not good looking. He’s not fit. He’s not successful. Yet, he owns the stage and wins over both the audience and guest very easily.

Check out the clip below:

This is a man who oozes charisma from every pore of his being.

From the moment he opens his mouth and introduces himself it’s clear that he owns that stage.

He has complete confidence in who he is and what he’s there to do, and nothing or nobody would be able to persuade him otherwise.

This is a man who knows himself to the very core. His self-belief is unshakable.

And this kind of attitude, this aura, is infectious. It’s obvious that the judges are drawn to him right away.

Yet this isn’t the only thing that makes him so charismatic.

There’s plenty of people who have a similar level of confidence but come across as obnoxious or conceited.

Being charismatic isn’t just about having a high opinion of yourself. It’s also about making other people feel good about themselves too.

Notice the way he flirts with the two female judges. It’s done in good humor with strong eye contact and a smile. He’s having fun while at the same time making them feel special.

And with the male judges he’s sincere, respectful and charming. They can’t help but be won over by the sheer weight of his charisma, as is the entire studio audience.

Now, was he the most talented singer on the entire show? Probably not.

Yet that didn’t stop Heidi Klum from giving him the ‘golden buzzer’ award to send him straight through to the final rounds.

Why would she do this if he wasn’t the best singer?

Because she wasn’t acting on logic.

She was acting on EMOTION!!

Charismatic people make others FEEL something.

And here she is, one of the most beautiful women in the world, swept up in the emotion he made her feel. She’s being influenced into action because she’s drawn to his charismatic energy.

If I could only ever get one thing through to you about women, it’s that we thrive on feeling emotions.

This is why you could be the greatest guy in the world on paper, but if you don’t make us feel something for you, nothing is ever gonna happen.

Your personality is the single greatest asset you have at your disposal to attract and date the women of your dreams.

If you’ve convinced yourself you need to be a male supermodel to date beautiful women, take another look at that contestant owning the stage.

He’s hardly going to be gracing the cover of the next GQ magazine. And he looks like he spends more time inside a pizza box than his local gym.

But does he seem like he’d struggle to attract women? It’s highly doubtful.

Would myself and a few of my Wing Girls date him or even sleep with him???  Apparently 5 out of 7 said YES.

That kind of confidence and charisma is intoxicating for women. We can’t get enough of it.

And that’s good news for you, because this is a learnable skill. I’ve helped countless men transform themselves from shy wallflowers who women ignore, into charismatic badasses that women flock to.

Are you ready to make that transformation?

Do you want to finally unleash the charismatic man you’ve kept locked away inside for so long?

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  • Stefán Atli Jakobsson

    His performance was actually really good, and his voice as well. And I am saying this as a musician that has a big opinion on vocals. However in the introduction I wasn´t really convinced with him being charismatic, He acted to pretentious to me. After the performance I he acted more authentic and I understand what you are talking about. And yes, Marni you are right, this is guy probably does not have problems to get a date. I have seen dozens of guys like him with pretty girls.

  • Zo

    Stefan Atli Jakobson, I agree, he seemed a bit pretentious at the beginning. One thing I have come to notice about women though is that they seem to be able to pick out who you really are even when the external signals suggest something different. So, I highly suspect Marni and co could pick up the authentic charisma you saw at the end through his seeming pretentiousness right at the beginning. In fact, in my opinion, they can pick it up even if you don’t talk or sing or…as long as it’s really in you (what you think about yourself).

  • Mike

    Confidence? Check.
    Playful banter? Check.
    Establishing meaning/emotional connection? Check.
    Backing up the bluster with action? Checkmate.

  • roberthagedorn

    “If I could only ever get one thing through to you about women, it’s that we thrive on feeling emotions.”

    I get it, Marni. So here’s my question. Do women thrive on feeling ALL emotions? This includes rage, sadness, disgust, and fear. Men thrive on emotions too, but not all emotions. Most of us view some emotions as negative and try to avoid them altogether, control them, or rise above them. The only feeling women do not appear to enjoy is boredom–they can’t handle it. If the man wants to keep the woman in his life, and avoid the friend zone, he must constantly be on his toes to make life exciting for the woman, so there’s never a dull moment. Am I right? Maybe you and Kristen can discuss this in one of your podcasts. I listen to them all.

  • Sami Turk

    Hey Marni, thanks again for constantly providing great value through your products and newsletters as they’ve been playing a major role in shifting my paradigm.. You make an excellent point, however this guy has a cool talent which allows him to exhibit this kind of behavior.. How can this apply to the average Joe who has nothing unique or extremely valuable to bring to the table? Specially since this type of attitude can’t be faked.. I might have a lot of positive attributes but so do a few other million men. That will make us acceptable but not desirable, except for women who are willing to settle for mediocrity.. Anyway, I’m still halfway through your product, but kind of curious about your thoughts on the matter

  • Clayton

    How do you get that confidence Holy Damm. The guy picked up Heidi Klum. I thought he was a pretty awesome singer too

  • Clayton

    How do you get that confidence Holy Damm. The guy picked up Heidi Klum. I thought he was a pretty awesome singer too

  • Craig

    A bit arrogant and pretentious I think. Young guy trying to emulate Sinatra and the Rat Pack. I like to sing like this as well – it’s not just a singing style, it’s a whole stage performer style to entertain the audience with a bit of cheekiness. It’s also a bit one-note and old-fashioned, as Simon said, “an old soul”. Good luck to him.

    • Swagrid

      Don’t be a hater.

  • Ian

    You’re right Marni – and you’re also wrong. Charisma is an alpha trait. It was the males with charisma and confidence who could – frequently – help ensure the survival of females 100,000 years ago or more. They were the ones who could fight off (and/or catch) wild animals. They were the ones who could fight off or negotiate with hostile tribesmen. They were the ones who could go ahead and build strong shelters and take risks. But we don’t live in 98,000 BC anymore – we live in 2016, and in most western countries unless you live in a really bad neighbourhood and have really poor policing, there aren’t too many wild animals or hostile tribesmen to deal with. We even (if you can afford them) have builders who can build houses. The attraction to highly confident males is why a significant number of females end up with males who are unreliable (as these males can not only be confident to their partners but can also be too confident and attractive to other females) and may potentially be the ones who might be domestically violent. It’s sad that – particularly in the US – too many females aren’t attracted to much quieter ‘average’ and shy males who are generally much more likely to ensure a considerate, long term reliable relationship for both parties.

    • Jaded satyr

      You present a very rational argument, and I agree. The problem is women are not rational. They operate on emotions, which pours water on rationality.

  • Tim

    I’d disagree that he’s not particularly good looking. Yes he’s a big huskie, but he seems to be that great big loveable teddy bear type guy that a lot of women seem to love. Heavy or no, I don’t think he’s not handsome in the face, although not being a woman, I guess I might not be the best judge. Definitely the personality was infectious.