Maintaining Conversations With Women

Maintaining Conversations With Women may seem like a daunting task right now, but it doesn’t have to be.

It can actually be quite an easy thing to do but you first you must do some work.

I get questions like: 1. What do I say? 2. What do women like to talk about? 3. What will make a woman want to talk to me longer?

The answers I give to the above questions are: 1. Say anything but be confident in what you are saying. 2. Women like to talk about themselves and the more you can show that you GET a woman the more responsive she will be. Try to guide the conversation, not dominate it. 3. Women will want to talk to you longer if they like your energy. A nervous train wreck does not have attractive energy. Be confident, practice at home and excuse yourself if you are no longer interested in the conversation.



I bet you didn’t know that.

Listen to the audio below where I Provide 1 Tactic  you can use to better your conversation skills so you will have no trouble maintaining conversations with women in the future!


5 Tips For Maintaining Conversations With Women

1. Ask questions and LISTEN – Women enjoy talking about themselves and they enjoying revealing information.

2. Do not reveal too much right away.  Women Reveal, Men Conceal. There is no need to reveal to much about yourself right away.  If you want to become friends with a woman, reveal. If you want to create attraction with a woman Guide The Conversation Don’t Dominate It.

3. Sign up for improvisation classes.  These classes will make you take risks, confront fears but most importantly teach you how to pull conversation out of thin air.  Best thing I ever did was sign up for an improv class!

4. Let women know you hear and understand what they are telling you.

5. Keep it short and sweet!  The more you drag on the further a woman will bond with you on a friendship level.  Save the longer versions of stories for later! When initially interacting, let her have center stage. You will get your chance later.

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  • Paul

    Good content, discussion, and tips. The audio is a bit muffled though and hard to hear. I had the volume all the way up on my laptop. It was kind of like being at the bar and trying to hear over background music! But seriously, you have some good tips going here; just need to improve a few minor things.

  • Brad

    I agree. This volume is a problem but the content is very good. I hope it helps me with my approaches.

  • charles

    Ask a woman the following question: If you had three wishes, what would they be? The last woman I talked to wouldn’t shut up after that question! Have your own three answers ready so you can ping-pong back and forth. Have the mindset that you will riff off whatever answer she has and keep asking till all three wishes are discussed. That one question alone, if all three wishes are discussed, will generate a 20-30 minute conversation all by itself.

  • charles

    Very good insight about the friend zone. Thank you. I use it because, like most men, I struggle with what to say after, “Hi. You’re cute. Will you be my gf?” After 30 seconds of small talk, I playfully ask that question. I have my three answers ready and I have three stories that riff off of my prepared answers. So I can easily engage most women for a good 20 minutes with her doing much or most of the talking. Hopefully, I’m doing kino, building comfort etc. the entire time. If the conversation stalls, I can ask another open-ended question such as, “What do you think women really want?” Whew! They’ll talk their heads off on that one! Or “What would it take for you to truly feel happy?” Another ten minute conversation on that one. Will these questions put me in the friend zone? Your point is well taken. They can but only if I do no kino and/or sit two feet away from her. But if I’m close enough to touch her arm and do it, that’s what seems to keep me out of the friend zone. So three open-ended questions like that can keep me going in coversation anywhere from 20 minutes to close to an hour.

  • Tad

    here’s an actual chat transcript of a fun game i love to play with women when i’m flirting. there are a few things i love about it that make it fun.

    first – it presumes that you’re both into each other and are trying to win the other over

    second – it let’s them know that you understand what’s up. you get women’s frustrations with men.

    third – it gives them a no pressure space to flirt back with you.


    * * *

    wait wait wait
    before we jump into that – i need to know what you’re bringing to a relationship . . .
    lemme tell you what i bring first . . .
    1) NEEDINESS – you’ll enjoy hearing me say, “but hooooney . . .” in this super whiny voice all the time. i get super clingy and always need to know where you are. and need your constant reassurance that i’m good enough
    wow you sound like a perfect nightmare already
    2) INDECISIVE – be ready to hear, “I don’t know . . . what do YOU want to do? . . .” all the fuckin time. choosing a movie? up to you? which restaurant do we go to? no opinions from this corner
    3) JEALOUS AND CONTROLLING – when i’m not spineless and whiny – i’m a douchebag. i’ll hack your email accounts, check your cell phone. and get ready for this precious catchphrase to become your constant companion . . . “who the fuck was that guy?!”
    4) LAZY AND DIRECTIONLESS – me + tv +internet + sofa = my life.
    i know i know
    all that in ONE man. hard to refuse . . .
    so, what are you bringing?
    Okay lets see here…
    this better be good babe
    i have high hopes for you
    NEEDINESS – i must always be the center of attention no matter where we are or who we are with. I will always have to best opinion and win every argument.
    love. it.
    HIGH MAINTENANCE – I’m a girl I expect to pay for nothing. Fancy restaurants expensive wine, weekly manicures, hair styling, you name it, it’s all on your tab. After all you want the best looking girl around don’t you?
    i do!
    it’s like you KNOW me
    BOSSINESS – i say you do simple as that
    jesus. marry me already
    and last but not least…
    (heart fluttering)
    NO DIRECTION i’m a party animal me + friends + alcohol + illicit drugs = one good time… there is no such thing as “hanging out and watching a movie” as long as your with me
    baby . . . i love you
    this sounds like an incredible trainwreck.
    hey i have to jet – what’s your cell? mine is 780.888.8888
    well it can’t get any better than that, after all watching a train wreck is irresistable
    it is
    perfect. i’m going to text you like 60 times per day
    oh god i can’t wait!!!
    it’s like . . . this was destined by the gods
    i love creepy stalker friends, they make me feel special
    it’s what i have to give . . .
    ok babe. i have to run. but we’ll figure something out soon. have a great day.
    you too. talk to you soon

  • JIM

    If you had 3 wishes…well, I know that you’ll use one to be my girlfriend, but what about the other two?

  • Greg

    Your advice, 1, 2, 3 seems exactly like what Paul Janka says. He likes to get a girl to talk about herself, and just guide the conversation. The more she talks about herself, the more interested she gets in the budding “relationship” with you, because she probably feels invested more. Not a lot of guys have the time to listen.

  • http://www.magarshak.com Greg

    Also I’ll share what I do…

    In my opinion CONVERSATION with many women is not enough to get them ATTRACTED to you. (Unless you clearly have a lot going for you, such as height/looks/muscles/money/power/fame/status.)

    My biggest enemy when trying to meet a girl off a cold approach, is that she isn’t interested in talking to me. If she is staying there and giving me ANY kind of energy, then that’s energy between us that can turn into something. But if she is passive and not saying much … angling to walk away … I often feel it’s not because she’s uninteresting, but because she still views me as a random guy and is not attracted enough to put effort into making something happen. So it’s MY responsibility to infuse energy into the conversation.

    Normally I would do that with teasing. I’d have to write a whole post on teasing women, but I really believe that TEASING WOMEN is the #1 most consistent thing that makes them chase you over another guy. Women love to go with what feels right, and when a man teases them, it just sends all the right signals. I’d say beautiful women love to be teased. Of course, you can’t go overboard with anything … so you must balance the teasing with actual CONVERSATION.

    Okay so what do I talk about in actual conversation?

    When I talk about things with a particular group of people and it really hits, i.e. they are interested in that topic … I write it down on my cellphone. I have a list of these things so when I’m stuck, I have a topic I can talk about.

    In general I divide topics into three categories:
    1) things that happened to me / about me
    2) things that we both share
    3) things that are important to her / about her

    If she is talking too much, talk about 1), to change up the flow of the conversation. If she is talking too little, mention 1) and talk about 3). If you

    To get the attention of a person, or a group, who aren’t particularly interested yet, you can start with things like the following, which cause people automatically to get involved:
    “you know what’s interesting?”
    “guess what”
    “you’ll never believe (who/what)…”
    “I have to ask…”

    Finally, I think flirty conversations sometimes start as a struggle between who’s the director and who’s the candidate in the audition. So if a girl starts implying like she’s the one who can choose you or leave you, imply it right back.

  • http://magarshak.com Greg

    A new pick up line I thought of today:

    “Guess what. I’ve been looking to meet the most beautiful girl in the bar. Can you help me find her?” :)

    I wanted to try it out but so much stuff was going on, didn’t get a chance yet. What do you, the wing girls think? The words sound charming and flirty, but the meaning is – you’re not the girl 😛

    Then she can even help me meet some other girls … but ultimately I’ll go … wow, you’ve stuck by my side the whole time! I’ve met a lot of women tonight with you but I started to see the one I was could be really interested in … was with me the whole time. What’s your name sweetheart? etc :)

    I know, I know… some say I was born with it. It’s just inspiration.

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  • Marni

    This will definitely get a conversation started but it can also get you into the friend zone if you are not careful. This question may release the “monster” within women if you are not able to control it.