[VIDEO] How To Make Her Fantasize About YOU


You’ve heard me talk over and over again about how women need to FEEL YOU through conversations…

And the other day I randomly thought of a conversation I had with a guy who was TOTALLY not my type (physically at least)…but all I kept thinking throughout was how BADLY I wanted him.

It was a few years back and I was being set up on a blind date (back before you could actually really Facebook or Google anyone).

I was about 23 or 24 at the time and I was meeting this guy at a coffee shop…

Mind you I really had NO idea what he looked like…all my friend told me was that he was tall, had a GREAT smile, and was absolutely HYSTERICAL…

OK fine I’ll take it.

So anyway, I got to the coffee shop and took my seat down in the far corner, that way I could see EVERY GUY who walked in.

That’s when HE (my date) showed up…

He was about 10 years older than me (which I’d never done before), was beyond balding with maybe 3 strands of hair left on his shiny head, and he had a mini beer belly protruding from beneath his tight white t-shirt.

At first I thought, “HOW COULD MY FRIEND DO THIS TO ME?!”…but as soon as he walked over he said, “Marni right?!” and gave me the BIGGEST, happiest hug I’d ever received.

So then I thought, “OK great maybe he and I can just be FRIENDS!” I was new to LA so a new friend wouldn’t hurt…

We both sat down and started talking and, my friend was right, he was HILARIOUS!

But then something strange started happening…

Soon enough I couldn’t take my eyes off him…I was laughing and giggling and BLUSHING (what the hell, how?)…and before I knew it…we’d been at the coffee shop for THREE HOURS…

And I didn’t want our date to end!

I caught myself twirling my hair, wondering what my friends would think about him, if my PARENTS would like him, if we could grab dinner later, if he’d kiss me by the end of the night, what kind of kisser he would be…


Now what’s interesting about this interaction is that, to this day, I could not even TELL YOU what our conversation was about…because all I remember are the FEELINGS I had when we talked…

I don’t know if he did OSA…I don’t know if he did LCA (which you know are my tried and trusted methods for connecting with women)…but I do know that he got me wanting him so badly that I really did everything in my power to make him MINE (and I eventually did haha).

So this was about 10 years ago and because I don’t remember what he even SAID I can’t explain it…

BUT, what made me think of this story…was that I recently met somebody who can tell you EXACTLY how to create that kind of chemistry through conversation…

The kind where it doesn’t matter if you’re bald, fat, her type or not, or if you have the right tips and techniques.

Now…I’m not easily impressed at this point in my career, but this video is incredibly eye-opening and extremely accurate in explaining what happened to me that day at the coffee shop.

And you’ll discover how to create arouse the same chemistry and attraction in a woman… to become the guy she fantasizes about…

Watch this video and learn how to make her fantasize about YOU

I’ll admit…it IS one of those videos that’s a bit lengthy and what not…but honestly you know I only share the good stuff with you. ;-)

So do what you want by the end of the video…whatever you choose is on you…

But if you’ve ever wished you were the kind of guy that women chase after…

…The kind of guy who women can’t stop thinking about…

…The kind of guy she can’t keep her hands off…

Then I highly recommend you go ahead and watch this video right now, don’t miss this!


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  • Rich

    And would you have had those wonderful experiences with that man if you had been able to look him up on Facebook beforehand? What if this guy had contacted you through an online dating site? You’re quite honest when you suggest perhaps not. That’s okay; it’s not atypical.

    For myself I wouldn’t say my looks are bad as such, but like the guy you describe I strongly suspect that I don’t have the looks or the lifestyle of a man that women expect they will feel attracted to. I lost count of the “I really enjoyed reading your profile, you sound like a great guy, but I’m not attracted to you. Good luck! Bye!” messages I was getting when I did online dating. It’s why I don’t do it any more.

    Since I made the effort to improve my social skills just talking to women in person produces a totally different result. Something wonderful about women, offline at least, is that they can be very open to being surprised.

    • Eddie

      Maybe you’re just way better at presenting yourself in person than you are online?

      • skw

        in Online, looks matters a lot more. I’ve done experiments where I’ve taken my online profile, and and swapped out pictures with better looking guys, I get 10 times the amount of looks/winks/even intro emails complimenting how funny and witty I am. Of course, with the same exact words and my real pic, I cease to be funny and witty. Only in the logic of a woman can that make any sense.

        • Eddie

          See my note to Richard above, if you’re so ugly that you’re turning women away, let’s improve your style.

          You’ve mentioned not having money. Totally Cool. Mon-Wed-Fri, Wind Sprints (Ideally up a hill). Tu/Th, Jump rope. It helped make Walter Payton into the greatest running back of all time, it’ll make you a far better looking man.

          Low Carbs, High Protein, High Fat. Eat from noon-8 only. No breakfast. You’ll be ripped in 8-12 weeks. By fasting 16 hours, you deplete the glycogen, allowing for better insulin sensitivity, which means your metabolism will handle whatever carbs come in better, aka, LESS FAT storing, more muscle. (Look up Intermittent Fasting)

          • skw

            I can’t run, I have a back problem. I box though. I’ll try your other tips.

          • kevinS

            you should never fast, and always eat breakfast

      • Rich

        Perhaps. Though I did work with Adam Gilad (who is awesome btw) to get my profile polished and as good as possible. If he couldn’t get it to work I doubt anyone can.

        As I see it online I am just one more average looking guy, regardless of what I write or what angle a camera is pointed at me. Offline I’m different because I’m a guy who holds their eye contact smiles and says “hi”. For everything that PUAs say about women being approached constantly, the reality I’ve found from knowing lots of attractive women is that being approached confidently and directly by a man who is sober is actually very rare event in their lives! It makes you stand out!

        • Eddie

          Here’s my question,

          Can you honestly say that you do what you can to look your best? Seriously?

          Do you dress well? Are your clothes tailored? Do you train regularly? what’s your diet look like (Crank up Protein + Fats, Sprint, Jump Rope, LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS, Barbells, squats, deads, bench, chins) You will look in better in no time.

          One of the benchwarmers on my high school football team was part of a team of 3-4 guys who finished 23rd at the 2011 Crossfit Games. 45 teams make the finals, and they had to get through tough regionals and sectionals since it’s really popular down in Miami. He went from a scrawny stereotypical Michael Cera type to a yoked freak.

          This is my issue with every guy who says “I’m not good looking”. We control that more than we realize. You can look awesome if you want. You may never have Brad Pitt’s face, but anyone can get yoked. Look up Jason Ferruggia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets, it’ll work.

          You’re welcome.

        • Eddie

          Here’s my question,

          Can you honestly say that you do what you can to look your best? Seriously?

          Do you dress well? Are your clothes tailored? Do you train regularly? what’s your diet look like (Crank up Protein + Fats, Sprint, Jump Rope, LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS, Barbells, squats, deads, bench, chins) You will look in better in no time.

          One of the benchwarmers on my high school football team was part of a team of 3-4 guys who finished 23rd at the 2011 Crossfit Games. 45 teams make the finals, and they had to get through tough regionals and sectionals since it’s really popular down in Miami. He went from a scrawny stereotypical Michael Cera type to a yoked freak.

          This is my issue with every guy who says “I’m not good looking”. We control that more than we realize. You can look awesome if you want. You may never have Brad Pitt’s face, but anyone can get yoked. Look up Jason Ferruggia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets, it’ll work.

          You’re welcome.

          • Rich

            I can, because I’ve done a heck of a lot of work on this. I’ve lost a lot of weight in the last year and I’m now slim. I dress very well. Not interested in gyms or pumping iron at all, but I do ballroom dancing four nights a week, which is one heck of a workout. I have muscles too, just from doing some minimal exercises every day.

            I like how I look. I’m just saying my best guess about why online dating doesn’t work for me at all is that my looks don’t meet women’s expectations. That is easily circumvented by getting offline.

          • Eddie

            1. Good for you, I was overly aggressive. I train a lot, so I get asked about this from many friends. I unfortunately get judgmental about it. Bad habit.

            2. In the end, it’s just weird for me as well, because, I’ve never worried about how I looked, I mean, I grew up wearing giant glasses, I was a huge dork, but I’ve never been insecure about how I look. It’s just super foreign to me.

          • Rich

            I agree that being in shape definitely makes a difference to a point, I’ve experienced this. Beyond that though I think the main benefit is doing something that gives you purpose and makes you feel masculine. The gym is obviously a big source of that for you. :)

          • Rich

            I’ve noticed that in the last few months since I made the effort to do some upper body exercises every day and seen the results in my body shape my female friends have been a lot more… gropey than they used to be.

          • skw


            you’re 100% right on this, we can control a whole lot, this doesn’t mean that a glass ceiling doesn’t exist. It clearly does, and it’s heavily defined by looks and previous experience. The point is, none of what you say negates anything of what we say.

          • Eddie

            If looks are so important, why not get in ridiculous shape? You can Google a solid workout plan in 5 minutes, same with a book on how to dress yourself. Make yourself good looking enough that girls will “forgive” the lack of experience.

            Get the experience that way, and now you’re set. Why won’t you do that?

  • Ming

    Seriously the video spends more time on self-promotion than details.

    • skw

      and in other news. water is wet.

  • skw

    Funny how you go on and on about looks not mattering yet you in the picture, she’s fantasizing about a handsome george clooney look alike. hypocrite.

    • Eddie

      You talk about looks so much, I am really overly curious about this. What do you look like?

      • skw

        Not like the guy pictured in the graphic.

        • Eddie

          I asked what you look like, not what you don’t look like.

          What’s your ethnicity?
          What’s your hair color?
          Are you tall or short?
          Are you jacked? (think NFL Linebacker)
          Are you ripped?
          Skinny-Fat? Scrawny? Beer Belly?

          • skw

            whats your email I’ll answer those privately if you really are interested.

          • Rich

            You seem to like telling us a great length just how bad your situation is. If you will keep doing that how about you put your money where your mouth is and actually give us a few particulars. It’s not like we’re asking for your address and bank details.

          • skw

            What good is that going to do? I could describe a situation, you’ll likely interpret it to suit whatever conclusions you have already made. Maybe you’ll acknowledge the reality of the situation but just say I should be delusional (like Parkey) or maybe you’ll just have 0 integrity and make contradictory statements (a la MD)

            I gave a detailed description of what my situation is, in a previous post. How the lack of looks during a *critical period* was the determining factor in my attitude today.

            My point is, most of what Marni (and her ilk) says boils down to : believe in yourself, no matter what the outside world tells you.

            Which, if was doable, well people like her wouldn’t need to exist now would they?

            Maybe Marni is to be lauded, I mean she sells enough of a dream to make people want to buy in. She’s certainly not the only one.

          • Rich

            Everyone’s delusional. Successful people just choose the right delusion.

          • skw

            What does that mean? Choose a delusion that’s true? Hey news flash – then it’s no longer a delusion.

            I’m envisioning you writing me a check for your life savings now. That’s my delusion. My guess is, it’s not going to come true is it.

          • Rich

            Your contention will be that it’s far worse for you than everybody else. If you look in ANY self-help book you will find that EVERYBODY thinks that their situation is worse than everybody else’s. You are not special skw.

            Either come to terms with how ordinary your situation is; fixable too – others have managed to do it.

            Or shut up.

          • skw

            it’s far worse than most. not everybody, but most.

            I could go into particulars, but again what good would that do? I’ve even had people say to me at these inner-game seminars and such that “I don’t know what its like to be you” Why would people say this to me if my situation as you put it is “ordinary”

            I’m still waiting for that check. because as you say all I need to do is choose the right delusion. oh what that you say, how do you define “right delusion” as one that has viability of actually being true? guess what. it’s not a delusion then.

          • Rich

            “Poor me!” I get it, I get it.

          • skw

            Still waiting for that check.

          • Eddie

            No, but I think the truth is that by believing what you believe, you feel special. Literally, you’ve been told you’re not “ordinary” at these seminars.

            You may be miserable, but you get to fuel a sense of self-importance through it. Even if advice given to you was 100% foolproof in your eyes, you’d just be scared to let your doubts go. Maybe if you got rid of the pain, would everyone find you ordinary? Would you stop being special?

            The human drive to feel significant is important for all, in your case, you’d rather be miserable because it makes you feel special instead of being happy and ordinary.

            your failure does not result from what happened to you, it’s from how you chose to define yourself in the wake of that moment.

          • MD

            I don’t know what it’s like to be you. You don’t know what it’s like to be me. I’ve been in a car accident that’s made it hard for me to move about these past few months whilst my muscles and nerves rest and repair themselves. I’ve been in hospital, had frequent doctors appointments, I have to take a load of meds and I’ve been in a lot of pain. But no, go on…keep on with the “my situation is worst than most…” stuff.

            There are people with worst stuff going on than me. I use their strength as inspiration. They get on with their lives and make the best of things.

          • MD

            You didn’t have some “looks” at high school so now your dating life is doomed?

            Because every guy who gets women was obviously popular with girls at high school?

            Your logic is faulty. Your situation is basically you haven’t dealt with anger you have about some issues in your past. That has nothing to do with women or who you are now.

  • KevinS

    I wasted 30 minutes of my life to listen to a bunch of marketing bullshit. All she had to say was “Have a personality”

    • skw

      Finally people are starting to see Marni for what she is, a lot of hype, not a lot of substance

      • KevinS

        You can’t say she’s a lot of hype cause you don’t have her course, you’re judging a book by its cover, the reason why I said it’s a bunch of bullshit is because it’s just a promo for what she already teaches but just coming from someone else, just a plug to help out her friend to get sales.

        • skw

          First of all “dont judge a book by its cover” is the stupidest thing ever uttered. We always judge a book by it’s cover, and rightfully so, a cover is supposed to represent what’s inside the book.

          That’s why publishers spend 1000s of dollars on developing the perfect covers.

          That’s why Marni and her PR team spend loads of money designing a site, blog, and images of a woman with hot lips and “ask women”

          It’s so that we judge her products highly.

          I just see through the hype and ferret out the actual substance, and when I question that substance i’m met with vitriol.

          • KevinS

            There is more to the book than the cover. You can’t look at the cover and say “I know how the story ends by simply looking at the cover” Publishers don’t pay that much for a cover, they just chose which cover gives the reader a tease as to what is inside, same thing with movie posters. Do you look at a movie poster and say “This move is going to suck, i’m not watching it”?

            You’re a very judgmental person. Which is why you can’t get laid

          • skw

            Duh, of course there is you idiot. there’s the entire book, but if the cover/teaser/trailer doesn’t excite the person and attract them to watch the movie/read the book guess what, they don’t! what a crazy idea!

            Movie posters are exactly the same, do you know how much studios spend on them? a sh*t ton, trailers? even more. on the order of $500,000.

            as for covers, well I dont know what you consider “that much” how bout 8,500 bucks?


            That might seem like a lot of money to some people, but considering that an author’s advance for a big non-fiction book can be $500k, $8500 is reasonable and proportional.

            Plain and simple, you’re a blithering fool if you don’t acknowledge the importance and high attention given to what a cover/trailer/teaser means to a piece of work that it represents. It’s more or less crucial

          • Rich

            I went to see the movie Ender’s Game this evening. Ender’s Game is one of my all-time favourite books. I bought my copy about 13 years ago when I was over in the US on holiday. The cover isn’t much to look at. Thing is, I was in a second hand book shop and I had no idea which book to get. Luckily for me the shop owner came over and in answer to my question said “Hey, have you read THIS? It’s AMAZING!”

            Like Marni got her plain covered date. On a recommendation.

            Just saying.

          • skw

            here’s the cover of the book now.


            Yea. i think I rest my case.

            The point of covers is that they give you your FIRST IMPRESSION. If you have a recommendation, before seeing the cover then guess what.. the cover ISN”T YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION. the thoughts you have based on the recommender IS!

            Listen, I hate to say this, but I’m smarter than most people out there (including you, clearly) And I don’t mean this as an insult. I mean , I just am. It’s just a fact. I clearly understand everything you’re saying, and you seem to not understand anything i’m saying.

            Why do women spend countless hours on makeup, clothes, working out, looking hot, etc. et.. it’s to give guys a good FIRST IMPRESSION. I don’t know anything about a woman, I already know that I want to stick my wang in her.

            Because yes, women and men “judge books based on their cover” absent anything else, what else can you judge on?

            Anyway, back to the original point, Marnis “cover” of what her products and programs promise is clearly not backed up with evidence and substance. How do I know this? I’ve asked her simple basic questions and haven’t gotten any answers. only frantic interjections and finally a dismissal that “I just dont want it”

          • Rich

            It amuses me somewhat that you think going around saying “I think I’m smarter than you” is smart behaviour.

          • skw

            No. it’s factual behavior, and I only say it because it’s something you haven’t grasped.

          • MD

            How is the belief you have that you’re smarter than other people a “fact”?

            What is your evidence to support such a notion? Where is the substance of your argument?

            Your beliefs about other people being idiots and your ego are not forms of evidence that can be submitted in support of such an argument. But since you’re demanding Marni give substance and evidence, I for one would like to see the substance and clearly defined evidence that you being smarter than most people is a clearly defined fact.

            Prove it to me. And remember, we’re talking about “facts” here. Not beliefs or opinions. Show me the authority that has dubbed you smarter than most people.

          • MD

            Men and women judge based on image, yes. But that’s not the only thing they judge on. Or do we need to go over the studies about what influences and persuades people into make the choices they make?

            And to assume that Marni’s programmes are not backed up by evidence and substance simply because he hasn’t given you answers you approve of us is neither logical or smart. Just saying.

          • MD

            If the poster is amazing but the movie is terrible, which matters more?

            If you spend all your money on a flashy poster but the movie it’s advertising is awful, are you going to make enough to cover costs/make a profit.

            Calling other people idiots is rude.

          • MD

            Image is a powerful force in media and in life. But to be blinded by an image or to think that any image somehow sums up a person would be folly. Hence the warning about judging a book by its cover.

  • Ding Chavez

    I guess this proves that women are really flakey and don’t actually have a type. Most Men have a very specific type of woman that “gets the juices flowing”.

    I guess the best advice anyone can give a woman looking for a relationship is to pull down the “bitch shields” stop playing games, putting out tests and give the guys that come up to you a chance.

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