SHOCKING Wing Girl Method Story


I’ve been getting some emails from guys who have used what I teach in How To Become a Man Women Want to get more women than they EVER have before…

This might be the craziest story I’ve heard so far… check this out…

“I have put the program into affect now and WOW… Just knowing the difference now on how women think has not only boosted my confidence!. I am getting even married women chatting me up in line ups. In the grocery store…

Actually the other day I had 3 women hovering around me in the grocery store. I could tell they were all checking me out as I caught them one by one … glancing at me while I was grocery shopping…. I don’t mean just glancing Marni ;)…

They were staring and I could feel that they were sensing my confidence.

Then it happened yesterday. I had an absolutely amazing woman approach me!!! She even invited me over to her place today. Made me lunch and made it very, very clear she wants me. A woman I never thought I would ever be with after 5 years of being single from a 20-year marriage.

I cannot thank you enough for everything you have taught ME!!. You are amazing and I do tell all my single friends about this program.

Thanks again – Robert”

That email made my day!

Stories like that are the whole reason I created How To Become a Man Women Want…

When a guy has charisma and confidence, sex and dating is better for everyone… and it’s NOT that hard to get.

You really just need to know how to get the kind of confidence that women pick up on and chase after…

It’s kind of like tying a necktie – the first time you do it it seems tough… but after a couple tries it becomes 2nd nature.

For me and EVERY guy I’ve talked to who has mastered his dating life, I’ve been told the same.

You just need to learn the techniques… practice a couple times… then it becomes automatic and second nature… and a life without women becomes a thing of the PAST.

You start enjoying approaches and conversations without even thinking about them… and you eventually stir up emotions in women that get them desperate to have you without even trying.

The sad thing is most guys never learn it… and end up going their whole lives without REALLY knowing how it feels to get women chasing after them everywhere they go.

But that doesn’t have to be the case for you…

My How To Become a Man Women Want program shows you everything there is to know about getting women, keeping women… and having every woman look at you like you’re the Rock Star she’ll do anything to have…

…and best of all I teach it to you in step-by-step ways that’ll get you more women in your life as soon as that night.

I know How To Become a Man Women Want is gonna change your sex and dating life… like it already has for the other guys who have gotten it.

So click here and give it a try for yourself:

I PROMISE YOU you’ll be glad you did 😉


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  • skw

    What does the guy look like?

    • eddie

      Let me guess, his Mercedes was parked right out front. Nice try, though!

  • BillK

    Sorry, I don’t buy it unless he’s a knockout guy who previously just had a mopey attitude.

    If you’re a reasonably decent looking guy, you’re not normally going to be checked out, but if you’re a 9 or 10, attitude makes all the difference.

    I’m not saying attitude isn’t important for an average or better than average looking guy, just that in my experience it’s only the 9s and 10s that get obviously “checked out” in an ordinary environment like a grocery store.