Tell-All Q&A Session With Yours Truly


Before the weekend, I did a live Q&A with AskMen, the world’s largest online male publication…

And along with Keven Underago, filmmaker, businessman, and successful boyfriend to the BEAUTIFUL Marie Menounos, we covered EVERYTHING from the dating world, to the sex world… and all the complicated funny business in between 😉

This is the longest time I spent answering men’s most pressing questions… and I’m glad I did… because these guys did NOT hold back!

What was really great about doing this was that you got to hear a guy’s point of view on how he landed gorgeous, beautiful women… just by hanging out more with his FRIENDS.

Anyway I’m not gonna hold you up any longer… so without further adieu here’s a replay of this awesome tell-all event:

Ok I know that was pretty long…and if you didn’t get through the whole thing NO WORRIES!

This could serve as an AWESOME reference guide whenever you need to go back and get any of your questions answered…because that’s exactly what it’s meant to do:

Shed light on just about every burning question, situation, and scenario you could come across with women.

And if you want more step-by-step guidance on becoming the ultimate man that EVERY woman wants…

I’ve got you in that department too 😉

Click here for easy-to-use guidebooks on approaching women and getting them interested in more than just talking to you:

Because we weren’t able to go into HEAVY detail on how to subconsciously press any woman’s hot buttons in conversation…I wanna make sure you know the entire fool-proof method to do so.

There are ways to talk to women that get them INSTANTLY turned off and wanting to run away…and then there are ways to talk to women that get them so turned on they wanna run away WITH YOU.

I’ve got it all laid out for you so if you’re not too pooped from watching this tell-all, make sure you check out this video here:

Between this video and the Q&A, you’ll be a magnet for women everywhere you go!


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  • BillK

    You talk about a Tinder as if it’s magic, but I must have said “yes” to over 100 women and looked at over 300 photos without a single yes back to talk to anyone.

    Of course that’s no different than online dating where in years I think I’ve received replies to heartfelt inquiries (NOT “UR HAWT!”) four times out of about 250 sent.

    I’m sure Marni would do well as she’s attractive, but if you’re not already having your email box flooded on say PoF, Tinder won’t work for you, either.

  • skw

    Bill, Of course it won’t but this is a space where the truth rarely makes a visit. It does when I come around.