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Message From Marni

Hi! I’m Marni, owner of The Wing Girl Method and creator of The F Formula. As a content creator myself I know how important it is to make sure that you are sending your list/customers quality content and a great customer experience.

At the Wing Girl Method, we pride ourselves on our customer support and the quality of all of our programs. Customer happiness is our #1 priority.

I want to assure you that we will treat whoever you send our way with care and will not tarnish your relationship with them.

Please watch my welcome video where I explain this in full detail as well as give a full run down on the product you will be promoting :)

What Is the F Formula?

The F Formula is a flirting system for men that is put into a plug-and-play FORMULA any guy can follow to become an exceptional flirter.

Tested on over a 1000 women and used by over 52,000 and has a 98% success rate.

This step-by-step formula is all-inclusive…meaning any guy can use it to go from "hello" to the bedroom, a relationship, or wherever you want to take it—using just Three Phases of interaction.

Who Buys the F Formula?

This offer converts like crazy for single men 25 - 55.

Top Countries: US, CA, AU, UK, Mexico

BUT also converts for married men, men in relationships looking to connect better or improve their relationship with their significant other.

We have tested this offer through over $1.5 Million Dollars in ad spend for both cold and warm traffic and have found these characteristics also define top convertors for the F Formula:


fitness, running, diet food, financial advisement, balding, self development, self care ( skin care, hair care etc ), Dating interests, askmen, men's health, podcast listeners.


social skills, confidence, dating, attract women, using dating apps / sites.

3 Reasons You Should Promote The Flirt Formula

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** If you’d like to see the actual product please let our team know and we will get you access.

Reason 1

It’s the only Flirting program on the market designed by women for men. Tested on over 1000 women and has received a 98% success rate from customers. Great customer satisfaction and low refund rate.

Reason 2

We offer 75% commission on the main offer ($47 + $30 bump) and 50% on the 4 backend offers (potential for a total of $157.25/sale). Current conversion for main offer + bump: 2.98% to cold traffic.
Current conversion rate for upsells: 1st upsell: 72.27%, 2nd upsell: 20.74%, 3rd Upsell: 12.18%, 4th: 17.9%.
Again refund rates are super low. Good, responsive customer service and high end fulfillment see to it that orders are sent out fast.

Reason 3

We make our affiliates a LOT of money
Potential for each sale is $157.25 with an average earning per click just a little over $1 and we are constantly testing so that we can improve that!


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  3. Affiliates must not use terms such as “scam” and “fraud” in their review articles, social media posts or pages about the F Formula & the wing girl method
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  6. Affiliates are not authorized to collect payments or sell any F formula from other websites as a "reseller".
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