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The Approach Blueprint: The code phrase — which I'll teach you in a minute — is a combination of words, tonality and body language that unconsciously make women attracted to you.

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From: Marni, Your Wing Girl

5:18pm, Los Angeles, CA

Dear Wingman,

it's the worst feeling in the world....

You see a beautiful girl you want to meet and you can’t think of anything to say.

She walks by…

Your heart jumps…

You try to think of an excuse to talk to her…

Then just like that … she’s gone forever.

You KICK YOURSELF for not talking to her when you had the chance.

And she constantly pops into your mind over the next few days.

"God that girl was hot," you think.

"But what was I supposed to say to her!?!"

These are questions I hear from guys all the time...

  • How can you approach a complete stranger and have it come off as natural?
  • How do you start a conversation with a cute girl without being a creeper?

If you’d had these thoughts too, trust me, you’re not alone.

It's completely normal to hesitate when you see a girl you want to meet.

After all, we’re taught from childhood not to talk to strangers.

And you certainly don’t want her to reject you while everyone is watching!

So you do what most guys do…

You play the part of the “respectful gentleman.” And you watch her walk out of your life forever.

It’s so. Damn. Frustrating.


You might relate to this common frustration most men share.

So I want to play a little game with you...

I want you to imagine having a “code phrase” to start attraction-building conversations naturally.

In this fantasy you wouldn’t “offend her” with your approach…

You wouldn’t come off as a creeper like other guys...

It would be as if you already knew her and talking to her were 100% acceptable.

If you had that, you’d see a sexy girl and there would be no hesitation, right?

You’d walk over ... say the code phrase … and the conversation would just flow.

She wouldn’t say: “Why are you talking to me?” Or, “Get out of here weirdo!”


With the right strategy the conversation would happen naturally.

She’d be smiling and looking up at you with her pretty eyes.

“God,” you’d think ... “This girl is SO BEAUTIFUL.”

Eventually, she’d start feeling attracted to you.

She’d bite her lip and flip her hair … sliding her hand down your arm as she laughed.

Your hearts would race together as the attraction builds.

There would be chemistry shooting between you like lightning.

And nothing would exist for you two except this conversation.

10 minutes would go by in an instant.

And going on a date together would be her idea.

She’d say, “Soooo, are you going to ask for my phone number, or…?”

She’d put her number into your phone and you’d say something funny like:

“Please don’t call me more than 50 times in a row. My cell phone overheats and I have enough burns on my leg as it is.”

She’d laugh and say goodbye … turning around one last time to give you a sexy little smile.

You know that amazing feeling…

A successful conversation with a hot girl is enough to put you on cloud nine.

So if you’re sick and tired of missing opportunities to meet beautiful girls because of a lack of things to say…

If you’re fed up with cheesy “pick up lines” and “canned openers” that simply don’t work…

And if you’re searching for the single most effective strategy to engage beautiful women in FLIRTY CONVERSATIONS...

Then this important message is specifically for YOU.

Because you’re about to learn everything you need to know to experience what I outlined above.

You’ll know exactly what to do...

You’ll know exactly what to say...

And you’ll give yourself the opportunity to meet attractive girls you’ve missed out on so many times before.


I’d like to introduce you to my friend Gigi.

She’s my official “Approach Coach” for the Wing Girl Method.

Gigi used to be a cocktail waitress (so she got hit on a lot) before being discovered and is now a full-fledged model.

We did the math, and Gigi has probably been approached over 32,000 times. (And no, we’re not exaggerating that number!)

If anyone knows how to smoothly engage women in conversation, IT’S GIGI!

And she has a message for you that I STRONGLY suggest you read.

What she has to teach could very well change your life forever.

Until next time, this is your Wing Girl Marni signing off...

Here's How To Approach


(How to smoothly engage women in conversation!)

Hi guys!

As Marni mentioned, my name is Gigi.

I work as a cocktail waitress in LA. And I freelance as a runway & print model.

I consider myself lucky to meet a wide variety of people in my work.

But the best part is, I’ve experienced just about every approach under the sun.

Every technique has been used on me (I’m talking EVERY TECHNIQUE).

And I can tell you from experience, 99% of guys do the wrong thing!

I’ve seen so many approaches .... have heard so many different lines … and there’s only a tiny percentage of men who’ve stood out to me.

When a guy would get my attraction, I’d usually be more interested in HOW he got my attraction than him. ;)

Naturally, after being approached so many times, a very obvious method began to reveal itself to me.

I noticed 5 distinct similarities in EVERY successful approach.

But more importantly than that…

Every attractive guy said some combination of what l later coined: “The Code Phrase.

Now, I know what you’re thinking...

“Yeah right, Gigi. There’s no such thing as a ‘magic phrase’ to get women attracted to you.”

Well, that’s right. But it’s also wrong.

The code phrase — which I’ll teach you in a minute — is a combination of words, tonality and body language that unconsciously make women attracted to you.

Let me say that again...


And it doesn’t just work on me.

My hottest girlfriends confirm it works on them, too.

And to date, it’s worked on thousands of girls across the globe.

The Code Phrase MAKES



For 10 years I studied men and their approaches like a mad scientist.

I LOVE watching how these interactions play out.

And about 95% of the time I can predict if a man is going to score

or go down in flames just by watching his approach.

Most times I feel really bad when a man gets rejected.

I feel bad because they never taught you guys the rules!

No one pulled you aside in 9th grade and said: “OK, this is how you talk to girls.”


Instead they just threw you out there and said: “He’ll figure it out.”

Well, I hate that society does that to men.

And my genuine purpose — MY “WHY” — is to help guys like you understand how to approach women CORRECTLY.

So I started out like Marni.

I’d play the wing girl for my guy friends and coach them into successful conversation with gorgeous women.

Not to toot my own horn, but I was EXTREMELY good at this.

So good in fact, I would charge $800 for 5 hours of coaching. (And I STILL had more work than I could deal with!)

Before long, I was known as “Gigi the Approach Coach.”

I built a solid reputation for teaching guys how to talk to girls in a way that was fun ... natural ... and most importantly, would sidestep the majority of factors that cause rejection.

I tweaked and improved my system until it worked for literally any man I taught it to.

Here’s what one of my students says
about my method...

-Rober O, 26, Los Angeles, Ca

"There is no one who knows more about approaching girls than Gigi. Yes, she’s attractive. But trust me, she’s not some dumb blonde. She’s extremely intelligent, and she knows what works. Her method is head and shoulders above anything else I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen them all. Now I talk to girls all the time. It’s just part of who I am. And there’s no such things as ‘rejection’ when you use this method. As my cousin says, it’s like the black ops of meeting women lol."

How to Approach

The code phrase — which I'll teach you in a minute

This program breaks down my step-by-step method for approaching women … disarming them … and engaging them in conversation.

It reveals my fiercely guarded “code phrase.”

And it contains every secret ever revealed to me by guys who approached me and had the “right stuff” to date me.

It’s the result of watching tens of thousands of hours of approaches. And developing a systematic METHOD to give you the absolute highest chances of success possible.

So here’s my unbreakable promise to you…

When you get “The Blueprint for the Approach” today, you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to get into fun, meaningful conversations with ANY GIRL YOU CHOOSE.

You won’t have to fear rejection…

You won’t “inconvenience her” with your conversation...

The exchange will unfold so naturally she won’t even know you approached her.

You’ll never be able to get this kind of training from a male dating coach.

Because there’s no product on the market that even comes close to this kind of insider knowledge.

That means when you have these secrets in your back pocket, you’ll get more numbers from beautiful women than you ever have before.

And you’ll no longer have to settle for girls who are “just good enough.”

When you get this program, you will have your choice of women from this day forward.

It’s my guarantee!

Here Are Some of The Secrets
You’ll Discover When You Get Your Copy Today of

“The Blueprint for The Approach”

Want Some Brilliant Ways to “Hack Your Brain” for Rock Solid Confidence While Meeting Women? Well, THIS PROGRAM is Your Mindset Bootcamp!

  • My set of 6 “GOYB” exercises that slowly build “approach momentum.” So that by the time you’re speaking to a girl it took ZERO PAIN OR NERVOUSNESS to get you there.
  • The “Owning Your Animal” method to unshakable confidence. This tactic was taught to me by a wildly successful brand coach who helps top-tier musicians create an attractive image that millions of people go crazy for. (The only other place to find this method is in THIS PROGRAM).
  • The 2 critical mindset shifts you must make when it comes to the approach. And why mastering these 2 shifts will open sets almost entirely on their own.
  • 3 fun exercises that get you into an “approach mentality,” laying the groundwork for approaches that fire off without force or struggle.
  • A massively effective homework assignment you can do from the comfort of your own home that will start stacking the cards in your favor before you even go out.
  • The simple phrase that will destroy any excuse like: “I might be bothering her” or “I have no reason to approach,” and how to use it to finally talk to the most beautiful women in your city.
  • The “reframe matrix.” And how getting yourself in this positive feedback loop will make women attracted to you before they even hear your voice.
  • How to skyrockets your odds of a positive reaction with my never before seen “1 and 10 rule” of meeting women.
  • The “I want” tactic. And why putting yourself in the chooser mentality will raise your testosterone … steady your will … and start conversations like a seasoned veteran.
  • How to instantaneously reframe & develop the single most important characteristic a man can have. And why this stupidly-simple technique will immediately compound your success with meeting women.
  • The brilliant way to hack your mind taught to me by a master hypnotist so you experience ZERO fear or hesitation when you see a goddess you MUST MEET.
I’ll Also Show You How to Never Run Out of Things to Say Again, Including...
  • 4 intriguing questions you can ask a girl to spark life into a dying conversation. And why these questions will give you 5 ... 10 ... sometimes even 30 minutes of ‘stuff to talk about’ all on their own.
  • The biggest conversation killers of all time. And how 90% of men make this mistake over and over again — dooming themselves to conversation flatline.
  • How to build attractive conversations with the concept of “5 W’s and an H.” Use this golden combination and you’ll always have material to fall back on.
  • The “look at me fool” technique taught to me by a master negotiator trusted with million dollar deals. And how deploying this technique on a woman — at the precise right time — will make her putty in your hands.
  • How to turn the “owning your animal” technique into a conversation that will stir up all the right emotions in her while transferring all those good feelings onto YOU.
  • The tactic of “conversation threads.” And how to deliberately mimic good conversations that naturally go in a dozen different directions.
  • The 5 things to NEVER talk about with women ... and the 5 things to ALWAYS talk about with women. This concept alone will catapult your success in the first conversation. In fact, many of my students say this concept alone is worth the price of the entire program.
  • How to generate emotions in women with deliberate storytelling that leads to instant attraction & lasting intrigue.
Here’s How You’ll Get Her Attracted to You So You Can Land Her Phone Number!
  • 3 steps to quickly generate the HOT VIBE women go crazy for. When you get this never-before-seen “vibe strategy” down, women will respond to you like you’ve always wanted! Or, even better, women will approach YOU.
  • You’ll get your hands on my full body language protocol and learn the 10 essential steps to perfect body language. This is the next step in the evolution of body language science. Not only do I guarantee you haven’t learned these principals before, but they’ll absolutely explode your attractiveness to women.
  • The “Groove Method” taught to me by an average looking guy who I fell head over heels in love with. And how this devious little trick makes you the sexiest guy in the club.
  • My field-tested method to dial in your vocal tone to the perfect pitch that consistently gets attraction from women. 80% of communication is in tone. And when you dial up the right frequency, women will be 80% more attracted to you!
  • How to use “The Smirk Method” to crack the door open on a girl you want to meet. And how to leverage her response into a natural conversation where she’s trying to win YOU over.
  • My “Juvenile Dysfunction Method.” And 5 exercises that will immediately give you a ‘sexy fun vibe’ that women can’t resist. (These exercises literally took me 8 years to figure out).
  • How to stir the 4 critical emotions a woman must experience before she can start having feelings for you. And why welling up these emotions in the right order will make her think about sex before she even learns your name.

I wish I had time to tell you about all the amazing benefits of this program.

But if I did that, we’d be here all day.

So for now, all I’ll say is this…

This ISN’T another program that teaches you to “endure rejections until you get used to them.”

This ISN’T another program written by a male pick-up artist who only has a few hundred approaches under his belt.

And this certainly ISN’T another program that tries to mold you into a pick-up clone — teaching lines girls have heard so many times they’ll SLAP you if you use them.


...It’s the only program written by a woman who knows exactly what it takes to generate the kinds of emotions women MUST experience to see you again.

...And it’s the only program that reveals my “code phrase” that’s responsible for tens of thousands of phone numbers … thousands of one night stands … and hundreds of lasting relationships.

This is the only program on the market

written by a 27-year-old model

who has been approached more than 32,000 times.

Just Look What Others Are Saying About
“The Blueprint to the Approach!”

Ali, 27

"I had no clue about how to approach to woman. Now when I flirt women respond to me and flirt back. It's pretty amazing."

David, 36

"I always thought that flirting was saying something sexual to women. And I just couldn't bring myself to do that to women. I felt like I was assaulting them or something. With the examples in the program of what to say and the instructions on how and when to escalate, I can now spark attraction in women without ever having to say anything sexual at all. It's pretty amazing how women react to this and it's so much easier then what I was doing before."

Wang, 22

"I can approach to anyone!!!! Thank you Marni and Wing Girl Team. This is amazing."

Andrew, 29

"You gave me the "tools" to be able to walk up to a girl on a deserted street late at night, talk to her without freaking her out and to instil in her the confidence to go for a drink straight away. "

Pete, 38

" Your program is excellent. I’ve tried a few other (guy) programs, but this one is by far the best.

You’ve made it easy to follow, easy to digest, and I think easy to adapt to my personality. This program has helped me to fill in some big gaps in my approach to meeting women. Also, I think I can apply some of this for online dating."

So I have to ask…

What price would you pay to be able to meet and attract any woman you want?

Hundreds? Thousands?

The truth is, guys are paying thousands of dollars — sometimes even tens of thousands — in their attempts to meet women.

Nice cars … expensive clothes … tickets to events … overpriced dates with girls who hardly make the cut…

And hiring me as your Approach Coach would easily cost you $800 a day.

Needless to say, learning how to meet women effectively can turn into a VERY expensive endeavor indeed!

But you don't have to go into debt to learn all my dirty little secrets.

Because Marni and I would like to make you a limited time promotional offer.

Specialized programs of this nature usually sell for $150.

But you're not going to pay $150 for "Blueprint to the Approach."

As a matter of fact, you won’t even pay $100 for this eagerly awaited program.

If you act now, you can take advantage of our introductory offer and get "Blueprint to the Approach" for only $34.99.

Yup, you read that right!

Only $34.99!

But you'll have to pull the trigger NOW.

This is a brand new product hot off the press. So we’re testing price points.

We’re starting low, then soon we’ll take it up to the $150 we know it’s worth.

So the next time you come to this page it will likely be more expensive — potentially three times as expensive.

That means when you buy now, you’ll save a whopping 67% off the regular retail price!

Just click the button below to get your copy now.

ALl for only


Get Access Now!

But Wait, We’re Also Throwing in Some Amazing Bonuses!!!

Now, we know what you’re thinking…

“This program looks great! But I want to know what MARNI has to teach about approaching women and the first conversation!”

We’re glad you brought that up!

Because Marni is graciously throwing in some of her most popular goodies when it comes to the approach!

First, you’ll get Marni’s “Approach Video Anthology.”

In these videos you’ll learn all the tricks ... techniques ... and conversation tactics Marni has created during her long reign as the Wing Girl.

Included in this package, are:

This video package usually sells for $97.

But it’s YOURS FREE when you invest in “The Blueprint to the Approach” today.

Next, you’ll get to eavesdrop on a breakthrough 1-on-1 coaching call with Marni and a client.

In this call, Marni coaches a confident guy who — like many other guys — struggled with the approach and his fear of rejection.

She reveals her step-by-step protocol to approaching women.

And by the end of the call, her client is thrilled to have everything he needs to FINALLY start talking to girls.

Retail value: $27


Next, you’ll get Marni’s “Approaching Cheat Sheet.”

Marni made you this cheat sheet so you can quickly reference the critical steps required for a successful approach.

When your mind goes blank (which always happens, right?), just look at the cheat sheet on your phone and review the formula.

That way it will be fresh on your mind immediately before you go meet your future sex partner. ;)

Marni will also give you her “Approaching Resume.”

Many people spend hours building up their resumes for work.

But how often do they do it for their personal lives?

The Approaching Resume is your secret tool to remember how much you have to offer women … and you can reference it anytime you need a shot of confidence when you see a cute girl.

Retail price for the “Approaching Cheat Sheet” and “Approaching Resume”: $17


Lastly - And Perhaps Most Importantly - You'll Get A Lifetime Access To Our Members Only Support Group."

Have a burning question you’ve always wanted to ask Marni?

How about a sticking point you just can’t seem to overcome?

Just ask Marni and a group of other kick ass men like you directly and they’ll answer anything and everything you ask!

Students who are part of this groupi agree — there is no faster way to punch through walls and make rapid progress with women.

Marni usually sells access to this group for $197/month

But when you act now, it’s YOURS FREE!

And of Course, You’ll Also Get Our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Marni and I are so confident you’re going to love this program that we’re giving you our no BS, 60 day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Then we don’t want your money.

We’ll gladly dig into our own pockets and buy the program back from you.

You can even keep the bonuses!

THAT’S how confident we are this breakthrough method will completely revolutionize your progress with women.

And what’s to lose?

You have TWO MONTHS to check it out.

If you don’t love it, just send a quick email and get your money back.

Easy peasy.

Can you think of any reason not to get “The Blueprint for the Approach” today?

Then don’t wait one second longer!

Click the “Instant Access” button below and give yourself the gift of meeting and attracting beautiful women whenever you want!

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So Let’s Review What You Get by Ordering Now…

The Blueprint to the Approach” that will give you my legendary “code phrase” as well as a treasure chest of proven strategies to guarantee you come out the winner in every interaction.

Retail price $150

Marni’s “Approach Video Anthology” including SEVEN videos that reveal her best strategies to successfully approach the hottest of the hot.

Retail price $97

1-on-1 coaching call with Marni and a client. This 25-minute audio clip is full of “ah-ha” moments and emotional breakthroughs that demonstrate why Marni has built the reputation she has as the go-to “Wing Girl.”

Retail price $27

Marni’s “Approaching Cheat Sheet & Approaching Resume.” These two assets will be like the hammer in your approaching toolbox. They’ll give you a fistful of MOTIVATION that you can swing at any woman you must meet!

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Lifetime Access To Marni's Members Only Support Group

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Wishing you the very best of success,

Gigi & Marni

P.S. Remember, this is the only program on the market written by a model who has been approached over 32,000 times. She knows what works … knows what doesn’t … and her system is all about stacking the odds HEAVILY in your favor. Combine that with her fiercely guarded “code phrase,” and you’ll have a power 99% of men will never even know exists!

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