#1 Secret To Approaching Women

Want to know the #1 Secret to approaching women AND getting a woman to respond to you positively?? (meaning they want you and feel attraction towards you) The secret is: MINDSET!!! I know it’s not what you were expecting at … keep reading

36 Questions To Ask Women That Make Her Want You

I just got sent this interesting article called “How to fall in love with anyone: Ask 36 questions and stare into their eyes for four minutes”. Apparently the New York Times recently published a story about a study that discovered … keep reading

How To Easily Talk To Women

Talking to women can be tough.  Hell, talking to anyone can be tough. Creating conversation out of thin air, coming up with something interesting to say, being funny… It’s a lot of freaking pressure right??!!! Not anymore. Because my awesome … keep reading

How Nerds Can Get Girls

Did you know that being nerdy is now the in thing??  Well, it’s true.  Maybe it’s because of that show The Big Bang Theory, but women are now totally turned on and attracted to nerdy men. I thought this article … keep reading

Why Women Love Jerks – Or Do They?

A new friend and wing girl of mine, Duana C. Welch, Ph.D. is going to explain the scientific reason behind why women love jerks! Read her article below and I would love to hear what you think! Why Women Love … keep reading

How To Avoid Being Clingy With Women: The Cling Distractor

“He just liked me too much” is exactly what my Wing Girl Karla told me after I asked her “he sounds great, why aren’t you into him?” Words like Karla’s must frustrate you to no end. And I’m sure you’re … keep reading

10 Bad Boy Traits That Get Girls

Serial killers make GREAT boyfriends. What?! Now before you say, “Marni, are you CRAZY?!”, hear me out. Because in just a moment I’ll explain what that controversial statement is all about… But first I need to confirm that you haven’t … keep reading

Which one do you like? (Pictures of Marni The Wing Girl)

I need your help! I did a photo shoot the other day and I need your help picking the best picture of me for my website.  I’m also going to use these pictures for media stuff as well, but I … keep reading

Questions To Ask On Dates

Just got off the phone with one of my private coaching clients who is getting prepped for a speed dating event tonight.  I typically practice conversation and leadership skills with guys to help them be prepped before they go on … keep reading

Does Penis Size Matter To Women?

Ahhh!! The age-old debate of whether or not penis size matters to women.  I’ve tackled this topic many times and have always come to the conclusion that NO penis size does not matter. The thing is that many men still … keep reading

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