Are You Coming On Too Strong? How To Avoid Being Over Eager

I wanted to share an email I got from someone recently. I’m sharing it because I know that the situation this guy is in may be something you could encounter in the future or may be dealing with right now. … keep reading

How To Flirt With Women: The Right Way To Flirt & Tease

Just a quickie! So you know how I sent you that video the other day on how to pass tests with women? Click Here to watch it. Well, one of my clients who I will call E, wrote me right … keep reading

How To Handle When A Woman Tests You: Shit Tests

Wanna know how to handle when a woman tests you? Watch this video cause it will show you and tell you exactly what to do. The first 3 minutes is me talking and then I provide a visual example of … keep reading

What Makes You Win With Women

Just got an email from a past client, that made me so smile. So I wanted to share it because I think it will resonate for you. Email: Hi Marni. Last week I went to this bar in midtown. When … keep reading

Is Dating Easier For Women Than It Is For Men? Survey

Did you watch Jeff Probst yesterday? I was on it!! To be honest, it was a surreal experience watching myself on that show but it was awesome.  It was so great to see that I am achieving my dream! It … keep reading

Places To Meet Women

Think there’s no women in your town, your state, your country? You’re single because there just aren’t any women. Period. Right? I don’t think so: one of the most common hurdles guys tell me they face to meeting women is … keep reading

3 Tips For Halloween Hook Ups & Cuffing Season

The candy bowls are out, the girls are wearing mini dresses and you’re about to party all weekend dressed as Charlie Sheen. Halloween is here, and it’s probably the last big, sexy party before ‘cuffing season‘ truly kicks off. So … keep reading

Dating Expert Marni Kinrys on The Jeff Probst Show

As you know, I’ve been doing a lot of TV segments lately. Apparently I’m an expert or something 😉 Next week I’m gonna be on the new NBC show The Jeff Probst Show and I’ll be doing something I’ve never … keep reading

The Difference Between Friend and Lover

I have a exercise for you. This one was inspired by a guy that wrote into me asking about the friend zone and how to get out of it. I told him that the only one who is responsible for … keep reading

Simple Exercise You Can Do To Make Women Want You

I have a simple exercise for you to try that will catch every woman’s eye and make her want to get to know you. Read on to get the exercise… Why is it that every time I am at the … keep reading

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