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The Wing Girl Method Best Dating Coach Rap

OMG! OMG!  I am the happiest girl in the world. I never thought this day would come. The day when two amazing men would write me a wrap!!!!!  This video was an entry for a contest that I had with … keep reading

How To Handle When A Woman Tests You: Shit Tests

Wanna know how to handle when a woman tests you? Watch this video cause it will show you and tell you exactly what to do. The first 3 minutes is me talking and then I provide a visual example of … keep reading

How To Handle A Man Eater (Female Tests)

“You couldn’t handle me.” I bet most of you guys reading this blog will have, at one stage or another, had a girl turn around and throw that one at you. It’s tough to handle as it’s the woman “testing” … keep reading

Save Your Relationship – How To Win Her Back & Make Her Love You Again

It’s so strange. Lately, I am getting tons of emails from guys who are in relationships and asking how to win her back & make her love you again.  Reignite the spark, so to speak. As someone who has been … keep reading

Double Agent & Spy??

A spy? Double agent? These are the new terms associated with me, but in a good way. Last Saturday I spoke at my first event for WOMEN.  300 Women!  It was amazing.  You can see the full wrap up here.  … keep reading

Sign’s She’s Into You 2

Do you know how to tell if a woman is into you? I’m about to tell you. Who said TV was bad for you? As a totally open, reality show freak, I get the privilege of watching enhanced human behavior … keep reading

How To Read A Woman’s Body Language

Women are tricky characters BECAUSE they communicate both with their words and their BODY.  Check out this video clip that I took from ABC’s Last Man Standing starring Tim Alan on How Women Communicate.  It will show you something very … keep reading

How To Talk To Women When They Are Acting Crazy – The Dean Blundell Show

In Toronto and was asked to appear on The Dean Blundell Show, 102.1 The EDGE.  I was warned before hand that even though they are a top rated show, the guys are very raunchy.  Either my threshold for Raunchiness is … keep reading

What is Chemistry & How Do You Create Chemistry With Women?

Just read a great article on the dating site How About We, on defining that “Chemistry” people want to feel when they meet some.  Very interesting.  Whole article is pasted below Just What The Heck is Chemistry? (Hint: It’s Not … keep reading

How To Break Up With A Woman

My latest video from MSN is about how to break up with someone, without being a dick. Trust me, I know understand how much easier and comfortable it is to avoid a situation and hope for it to go away. … keep reading

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