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Episode 23: #1 Thing That Turns Women On…

Is….. PURPOSE. I’ll tell you all about why it’s the #1 thing that turns people on, especially women in this week’s podcast. Go download the latest episode of the AskWomen Podcast here: ==> This week we had the amazing Dr. … keep reading

Episode 22: How To Pick The Right Woman For You

Episode #22 of The Ask Women Podcast is live and ready for download! Go download the latest episode of the AskWomen Podcast here: ==> I cannot believe we have already done 22 episodes.  Nuts right??  We had a meeting at … keep reading

Voodoo Trick That Works On Women

OMG, my husband just voodoo’d me into be excited for him to go for a boys night!!!  I basically pushed him out the door and told him to. I understand that men need/want their space and that they want/need time … keep reading

How To Ask A Woman On A Second Date: Ask Marni

Not sure if you know this or not but I am now the official dating expert for I’m going to be doing weekly Videos for them, called Ask Marni, where men send me in question and I answer them … keep reading

Understanding Women

My mother sent me a forward the other day called Understanding Women. When I opened it up it was a joke that I’d heard before but find hilarious every time I read it. Just wanted to share it: A man … keep reading

When To Ask A Woman Out & How To Avoid Being Cock Blocked

Did you know that I used to have extremely low confidence and would second guess EVERY action I made? NO? Well, I did. Not only did I have low confidence, social anxiety and a huge fear of speaking my mind. … keep reading

How Good Are You With Women? Simple Checklist To Discover Your GAME LEVEL

Want to know how good you are with women? I had a member of The Wing Girl Method write into me the other day and ask “Marni, Do you have a big checklist to see our level of where we’re … keep reading

Is Your Place A Turn-On or Turn-Off To Women?

Is your place a turn-on or turn-off to women? You never get a second chance to make a first impression with your place.  Don’t leave it to chance! The Insiders Guide to Your Bachelor Pad: 9 Things Women Really Want … keep reading

How To Date Women In Their 20’s: My Younger Sister Nicki Tells All

I’m putting an end to a horrible rumor right now!!! The rumor that states that it is creepy to date younger women. First – It’s not at all. In fact, many women I know date men who are considerably older … keep reading

When Should You Approach A Woman? Marni’s Mailbag

Hey! I’ve been getting floods of emails from guys who’ve been asking GREAT questions that I think you’d love to hear for yourself. And it seems I get the most over the weekend come Monday lol… Sooooo…. I decided to … keep reading

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