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Podcast [Ep. 201] How To Avoid The Friend Zone

Today we cover everybody’s favorite topic… How To Avoid The Friend Zone.   Pick Up Artist Brad P joins us to discuss tactics for avoiding the friend zone and how to get out of it when you find yourself stuck … keep reading

Podcast [Ep. 200] Do Women Want Casual Sex?

Holy Sh&t!!!! 200 episodes of The Ask Women Podcast. That is awesome. To celebrate this huge milestone we dove deep into a topic that we know you want to better understand…. women and sex!     Comedian and hot girl … keep reading

Podcast [Ep. 199] Should You Be Dating?

This weeks episode was an interesting one as we dove into the topic of when it may be smart to take a break from dating. We also talked about how to know when to avoid someone else. Sometimes it’s just … keep reading

Podcast [Ep. 198] How To Be Charming

How the hell do you charm a woman?? There is so much information mixed information out there. Which is why on this weeks episode we dive into what it means to be charming AND how to do it!     … keep reading

Podcast [Ep. 197] Female Expectations and What Women Want

Today’s show was VERY interesting and I want you to really listen to it because this episode is a great example of real conversations women have about what they expect from men.     Kristen and her guest, host of … keep reading

Podcast [Ep. 196] How To Define A Relationship That Works For You

Relationships are no longer as cut and dry as they once were. Some people want to be monogamous. Some people want to be open and have multiple partners. Some people want to date people of the same sex. Some people … keep reading

Podcast [Ep. 195] Tips On Selecting Mates, Dates and “F” Buddies

To be honest, we didn’t know what to label this podcast because our guest covered SOOOOOO many different topics. But the biggest theme throughout the show was exploring differences and how to decide your type and what is best for … keep reading

Podcast [Ep. 194] How To Get Over Someone & Move On

Getting over someone is one of the hardest things to do. That is, until you get under someone else ;-0   On this weeks episode we talk about things you can do to get over someone. Whether you were dating … keep reading

Podcast [Ep. 193] How To Rock 1st Impressions With Women

Sometimes, you only get 1 shot to make a good impression. Which is why knowing how to rock that first impression is so important!!!   That’s why this weeks episode is all about the things to avoid when you first … keep reading

Podcast [Ep. 192] How To Woo A Woman On and Offline

Not even sure if I’m spelling Woo correctly. Hope I am!   This weeks episode is all about Wooing and how to be devilishly charming. (Even if you are a woman listening to this show, there is a LOT for … keep reading

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