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[Podcast Ep.184] How To Recover From A Bad 1st Impression

Can you recover from making a bad first impression with women? Find out in today’s podcast.     The funny thing about women is that one day we can see you a certain way – e.g. friend, nice guy, NON … keep reading

[Podcast Ep:182] Dating & Relationship Destroyers

Enjoy our latest podcast about Dating & Relationship Destroyers P.S. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to iTunes and give The Ask Women Podcast a 5 star rating.

[Podcast Ep:181] How To Get Out & Start Dating (Skills, Tools and Techniques)

In the this latest podcast we talk about how to go out and start dating and best skills, tools and techniques Enjoy Want to become a man women want? Check out my free video P.S. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to … keep reading

[Podcast EP:180] How To Get Her To Like You For You

In this latest podcast we talk about how to get women to like you for who you actually are. Listen below: Or go check out this weeks episode of Ask Women on Podcastpage Here: ==> Dont forget to check out … keep reading

Ask Women Podcast Episode 111: Misconceptions Women Have About Men That Are Ruining Your Dating Life

I’ve heard this statement time and time again: “Women have it sooooo much easier. They just have to walk into a room and pick the guy they want.” But is that really true?? Is it REALLY easier for women to … keep reading

How To Easily Talk To Women

Talking to women can be tough.  Hell, talking to anyone can be tough. Creating conversation out of thin air, coming up with something interesting to say, being funny… It’s a lot of freaking pressure right??!!! Not anymore. Because my awesome … keep reading

What To Say When She Says I Have A Boyfriend

Watching glee last night and there was a PERFECT example of what to say when she says I have a boyfriend. This guy gives a great example of how to respond with confidence and comfort while clearly stating his intentions. … keep reading

[MP3] How to get over her

**MP3 is at located at the bottom of this blog for download So I’m about to tell you something really revealing about me. Ready?? I used to be a crazy woman.  Seriously. I wasn’t always as level headed and as … keep reading

Rules For Communicating With Women

FREE MP3 Below Do you know how to communicate with women?  Remember, communication does not just mean talking to women. Communication is the full picture of the way you express yourself and who you are to a woman. Communication can … keep reading

What Women DON’T Want and What They Crave From Men

What Women DON’T Want and What They Crave From Men – Watch this video on my blog and it will tell you exactly what women want! keep reading

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