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How To Guarantee You Get A Second Date With Women

Wanna know how to guarantee you get a second date with women?? Then click play and watch the video below. In it, I reveal what my friends boyfriend would say to her at the end of every date, that made … keep reading

Understanding Women: Why Women Ask Men Questions and How To Answer Them Correctly

Why do women ask sooooo many damn questions?!!? – What do you do for a living? – What’s your family like? – Are you a good boy or a bad boy? – What do you think of X? – Why … keep reading

[VIDEO] What Are The Rules For Texting And Sexting

What Are The Rules For Texting And Sexting? The women of The Ask Women Podcast tell you in this video: Download this week’s episode of The Ask Women Podcast here: Or you can download it on iTunes. Ask Women … keep reading

[VIDEO] How To Flirt & Banter With Women

**Video example below! So the other night out at a lounge, my friends Mike, Eric, and I were sitting down in a moderately busy lounge when we noticed a tall, lean, Angelina Jolie look-alike stroll into the bar. And within … keep reading

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ask Women Podcast Starts Next Week

I have some really big news!!! Big news that I may have mentioned to you before but now it’s actually happening. I am finally doing a Podcast and I am so excited about it. Me and 3 other amazing, intelligent … keep reading

[VIDEO] Tips For Foreplay With Women and How to Build Sexual Tension

Want to learn how to create tension that excites women so that they are eager and ready to sleep with you?  Then watch the video below. It honestly tells you exactly what women want sexually & how to build sexual … keep reading

[VIDEO] How To Kiss A Woman

I’ve made you another video no How To Kiss A Woman.  This video is a little different because I have mixed a few different media formats. Ha.  You will see once you watch the video. In this 10 minute video/audio/whatever … keep reading

How To Make Women Do Anything You Want

I’m about to gift you a freakin’ amazing tool, but I want to be sure you use it for good and not for evil. If you can make me that promise, then watch the video below. IF you don’t think … keep reading

How To Smile At Women And Make Them Want You

Just a quick one for you to use this weekend while you are out.  Watch the video to learn how to smile at women and make them want you! If you want to learn more about how simple tweaks to … keep reading

What To Do When A Woman Tests You At A Bar

A couple of weeks ago I sent you a video clip from my new guilty pleasure, Dawson’s Creek, showing you how to pass a woman’s “tests” if you are in a relationship. This week, I had a goal to find … keep reading

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