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How To Take Action and Get Physical With A Woman

How To Take Action and Get Physical With A Woman Sexpert, Wing Girl and Suicide Girls firey redhead Darrah de jour, sits down with me to discuss Sex, Sensuality and how to take action and get physical with a woman!  … keep reading

Marni on MTV Canada – 3 Tips For Approaching Women

Marni talks to MTV and explains to them what women really want from men! No PUA garbage. Marni teaches men how to be real men, human and awesome! keep reading

Dating Expert Marni Kinrys on MSN and Bing

Not sure if I told you but MSN and Bing have asked me to be their Dating Expert! About a month ago I filmed 10, 2 minute video with tips on love, dating and confidence in relationships! Here is one … keep reading

How To Talk To Women About Trying New Things In The Bedroom

“You want to put your what? In my where?!?” Talking about sex with a woman even if you’re in a long term relationship can be an uncomfortable situation. Especially, if you want to discuss trying something new. Many men that … keep reading

What Women Want – An Insider Tells All

So before a month ago, I had never in my life ever met a real matchmaker. I get mistaken for one at times, but I’ve never met one. I always pictured them to be older women who just liked to … keep reading

Should You Trim Your Pubic Hair? – My latest Video

Should you trim your pubic hair? Hell yes!! Check out my latest video to see why.  NOTE: I also give direction on how to do it. For more tips on Personal Grooming, Style and Enhancing your image so women … keep reading

Secret To Dating Younger Women

Want to know a secret about Younger Women? Younger women LOVE dating older men. In fact, most of them prefer it. I myself happen to be one of these women 😉 Yesterday, I sat down with my amazing friend Adam … keep reading

3 Steps To Make A Girl Laugh Within Seconds of Meeting Her

You already know how important it is to make a girl laugh if you want her to be interested… But has anyone ever taught you exactly HOW to be funny? Believe it or not, being funny is a skill, and … keep reading

How To Approach Women & Get Them Talking

What is the best way to approach a woman and get her talking? Read this article to learn EXACTLY what to do, what to say and how to act… keep reading

How To Talk To Women

The most common questions I receive from men all over the world are about How To Talk To Women. This made me think about why this question is so common! Why are men so confused on how to talk to women? … keep reading

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