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Examples of How To Compliment A Woman The RIGHT WAY

Not sure if you have seen any of the blog posts from my new Wing Girl Alex, BUT they have been getting a lot of attention, and other guys are loving them. Alex is 25, super cute, single and very … keep reading

What Always Makes Women Swipe Left On Tinder

Do you use Tinder or any of those other dating apps? Then you have to read the below post written by my cute new 24-year-old Wing Girl Alex. Alex reveals how she uses Tinder AND the mistakes guys make on … keep reading

O.S.A: The Idiot-Proof Method for Approaching Women [Part 3/3]

Hope you’ve been enjoying this mini-series on the O.S.A Method. If you’ve missed any of my blogs the last few days, then you should definitely go back and read ’em. Check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here: They’re … keep reading

O.S.A: The Idiot-Proof Method for Approaching Women [Part 2/3]

Yesterday I introduced you to The Wing Girl Method’s “indirectly direct” method for approaching women, the O.S.A. Method. If you missed the blog post then you can see Part 1 here: ==> Or here’s a quick recap: The O.S.A Method … keep reading

O.S.A: The Idiot-Proof Method for Approaching Women [Part 1/3]

WOW… my last few newsletters about being direct with women and clearly asking for what you want were like a roller-coaster of feedback. (If you missed them I’ll be posting them on my blog shortly) Some of you were confused, … keep reading

What Does Being A Nice Guy Actually Mean?

What Does Being a Nice Guy Actually Mean? Are you the nice guy? Do you constantly let her have her way? Do you go out of your way to please her? Does every relationship you have end with the F-Word … keep reading

#1 Place To Meet Women: The Grocery Store

Want to know the #1 Place to meet women that, I guarantee, most men are tapping into?? It’s the grocery store!!!!  I swear. My new Wing Girl, Alex, explains why.  Read on…. The Untapped Dating Potential of a Grocery Store … keep reading

How To Turn Around Rejection With Women

I just got an awesome email from one my clients with an example of what to say to a woman, when she has rejected you online. You definitely want to try this on the next woman who rejects you (hopefully … keep reading

#1 Secret To Approaching Women

Want to know the #1 Secret to approaching women AND getting a woman to respond to you positively?? (meaning they want you and feel attraction towards you) The secret is: MINDSET!!! I know it’s not what you were expecting at … keep reading

10 Bad Boy Traits That Get Girls

Serial killers make GREAT boyfriends. What?! Now before you say, “Marni, are you CRAZY?!”, hear me out. Because in just a moment I’ll explain what that controversial statement is all about… But first I need to confirm that you haven’t … keep reading

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