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How To Be Mysterious With Women and Avoid Being A Douchebag

I got an email recently that perturbed me. It perturbed me because it gave me flashbacks to the many times when I experienced what this guy was asking about BUT from the other end. I wanted to share it with … keep reading

Flirting Lessons From Lesbians

So I’m pretty obsessed with the new show Orange Is The New Black… And NATURALLY I was able to find an AMAZING example of how to flirt with women & get their attention 🙂 Watch this video now to find … keep reading

Marni Recommends: Top Resources For 2014

I want you to be as ready for 2014 as possible which is why I have put together a list of my top resources YOU NEED to get, to start 2014 off right! You probably see a lot of information … keep reading

Episode 31: Science of Attraction – What Women REALLY Want

So it finally happened!!! I got David Buss, the author of my new favorite book “The Evolution of Desire” to be a guest on our show. You know that book that I keep promising to do a whole episode on? … keep reading

How Good Are You With Women? Simple Checklist To Discover Your GAME LEVEL

Want to know how good you are with women? I had a member of The Wing Girl Method write into me the other day and ask “Marni, Do you have a big checklist to see our level of where we’re … keep reading

How To Date Women In Their 20’s: My Younger Sister Nicki Tells All

I’m putting an end to a horrible rumor right now!!! The rumor that states that it is creepy to date younger women. First – It’s not at all. In fact, many women I know date men who are considerably older … keep reading

What Turns A Woman On

Believe it or not women are turned on by VERY very different things than men. For example, I get turned on by intellect, wit and when a man makes me feel really feminine by taking the lead. I invited a … keep reading

How To Attract The New Breed of Females

The New Breed of Females is coming and it’s coming fast!!! It should be no shock to you that women are getting stronger, more empowered.  Some may even say women are becoming more masculine! About a month ago, I stumbled … keep reading

10 Rules for Dating Successful Women

Why You Are Not Attracting Women

I just got done coaching a guy I know and I have something AMAZING to share with you. He was frustrated and fed up, the way I know a lot of guys are with women. But this guy hit a … keep reading

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