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How To Show Confident Body Language When Approaching A Woman Part 2

Last week I sent out an article on how to show confident body language with women.  Tons of guys wrote in saying they loved the article and were thankful that I put it up there. Didn’t realize this topic was … keep reading

Dating Expert Marni Kinrys on MSN and Bing

Not sure if I told you but MSN and Bing have asked me to be their Dating Expert! About a month ago I filmed 10, 2 minute video with tips on love, dating and confidence in relationships! Here is one … keep reading

How To Bring Up Sticky Topics: Kids, Divorce…

You may worry that a woman may discount you because you have bad skin, a job that causes you to work nights, or because you’re a single father. This isn’t true! Luckily for you guys, women rarely write a guy … keep reading

5 Ways to Attract Women

5 Ways to Attract Women! Here is the second installment of amazing videos I did for The series is called 5 Ways To Attract Women. Check out the full video series below: Tip #1 – Approach ALL The Time … keep reading

Get Out Of Interview Mode – Start Connecting To Women

SECRET: The reason you get shoved in the Friend Zone or categorized as “Mr. Nice” is because you don’t know how to get out of interview mode! How To Get Out Of Interview Mode Check out this email that I … keep reading

Why Women NEED To Feel You

Women absolutely crave men to come up to them and make them feel something. I’ll explain… Recently there was a great comment thread started on my Facebook page that started with this comment “Pssst, wanna know a secret? Girls want … keep reading

How To Get A Woman To Calm Down and Be Happy

I have a great video example of how to talk to woman when she is feeling insecure and acting mean towards you. Here’s what to say to get her to calm down, be happy and see you as her hero! … keep reading

3 Steps To Make A Girl Laugh Within Seconds of Meeting Her

You already know how important it is to make a girl laugh if you want her to be interested… But has anyone ever taught you exactly HOW to be funny? Believe it or not, being funny is a skill, and … keep reading

Toronto Bootcamp Aug 12 to 14

Amazing Breakthrough In “Interactive” Training Allows You To Cram 12 Months of the Most Advanced, Yet Natural Dating Skills INTO JUST ONE WEEKEND. In just one weekend you can – Finally realize that “approach anxiety” is nothing but a myth … keep reading

How To Talk To Women Part 2: The Right Questions To Ask

This article and video are going to tell you everything you need to know about How To Talk To Women! Plus, I have a special surprise for you at the bottom of this page.  Promise not to skip ahead 😉 … keep reading

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