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If you are sick and tired of being confused about how women act, then you’ve come to the right place, because after using ANY of our materials,  you’re going to know more about women than 90% of men on the planet Earth.

Each product was custom made based on feedback and requests from over 10,000 men and the participation of over 300 women.

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What’s Inside A Woman’s Mind?: Secrets Women Don’t Want Men To Know

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Freud died at age 83 still asking 1 question “What Do Women Want”. Wouldn’t it be great if you were the 1 man on earth finally able to answer that question? Well now you can, with my help. I am about to give you the missing key that every man wants. The key to what’s inside a woman’s mind. Over 30 attractive, intelligent, amazing women get honest and reveal what they REALLY think, want and desire.

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus and you understand fluent Venusian, you could rule the world of women. Get the upper hand over your male competition by becoming a Master in understanding women.

Includes: 7 hours of audio and video footage of real women answering the questions you have always wanted answers to.  Why they flake? Why they test? What they want? What turns them on? and tons more…

what women want from men, attract women, how to attract women

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Become A Man Women Want: Secrets of Attracting and Getting A Girl

Not sure how to attract women? Can’t figure out what to say to them, where to find them or how to be around them? Discover Your Point of Attraction With Women with our complete step-by-step system, Become A Man Women Want.  Get the steps and tools you need to Approach, Attract, Date, Seduce and Be With the Women You Want.

Includes: 8 Hours of bonus material, guide to creating attractive conversations, interviews with top dating/pick up experts, mp3’s of one-on-one coaching sessions, cheat sheet for approaching/attracting and dating, personal attraction portfolio, steps to extreme confidence with women and much more.  Start becoming a man women want right now!!!

what women want from men, attract women, how to attract women

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One Night Stands: When, Why & How Women Want Them

one night stand, when women want a one night stand

Do women want sex as much as men do? Damn straight we do! Sex does not always have to be emotional. Sometimes it can be fun.  But how do you know when a woman is open to a one night stand? How do you make her want one?  Find out how, when and why women want one night stands.

Includes: 20 minute conversation with Amy about her one night stand experience, a conversation with Dr. Karney from the relationship Institute, a written confession from a woman about her one night stand. what women want from men, attract women, how to attract women

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How To Talk To Women: Master The Art of Conversation

You’ll discover exactly how to create real, genuine connections with women without having to use artificial-feeling “canned patter” or memorized routines. You’ll discover exactly how to get the attention of the women you want so you can seduce the women YOU choose, rather than the “leftovers.” I’ll show you exactly how to never again be “stuck,” without knowing what to say, when you are talking to a woman. This program shows you proven techniques and exactly how and when to use them — helping you every step of the way, guiding and coaching you to become successful with women as quickly as possible.

what women want from men, attract women, how to attract women