A Training Program For How to Build Connection & Trust With Women

Creating connection and trust with women is essential for going beyond attraction.

But most men never do it! It’s the biggest reason for missing second dates … not getting sex … and losing women in relationships. This program shows the step by step methods to communicate with women in a way that transcends attraction and enters into deep level connection.

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Banter, flirting, teasing…. they are all essential for building attraction. But if they are not coupled with connecting, it can lead to deflation, boredom, and lack of desire.
Most men who don’t get second dates are failing to truly connect with women. Women think they are oblivious … shallow … and just want them for sex.
As a couple spends more time together the need for connection and trust increase exponentially. A woman needs to feel connected to her man. Otherwise she will slowly begin to resent him.
A woman imagines the “Sexy Hero” as a man who validates her feelings. Validation is the jet fuel that skyrockets attraction in the hearts of women.
Much of what women say when they are in an emotional state is just a reflection of their feelings at that time. Most of what they say is not completely true. The ability to navigate a woman’s maze of emotions is the key element to keeping her highly attracted and invested.
Connecting with a woman doesn’t mean solving her problems — and this is what most guys get wrong. It’s about LISTENING. Being a good listener is rated as one of the sexiest traits a man can have.

What’s Included in Beyond Attraction

  • Beyond Attraction explains how women think … why they behave the way they do … and how they want to connect with the men they’re dating.
  • It outlines examples including real life conversations … mock misunderstandings … and the real meaning behind the typical things women do.
  • It also provides concrete STRATEGIES to connect with women through every phase of the relationship — from the first conversation all the way until marriage. And how to keep her attracted and invested by being a strong rock for her.
  • Not only is this program for men who have trouble keeping a woman’s interest, but it teaches men how to connect with female family members … work colleagues … friends … and ANY MEMBER of the opposite sex.

Features Inside Beyond Attraction

The A.T.T.U.N.E. Method

Originally created by Dr. John Gottman, the ATTUNE method is based on empirical research that outlines every step required to connect to women and create trust.

The Glue That Holds ALL Relationships Together

Why emotionally connecting past the attraction phase is essential to keep a woman both romantically interested and perpetually sexually turned on.

How to Give Women Instant "GaGa Juice"

This potent strategy skyrockets her attraction in seconds. HINT: It’s all about revealing secrets in THIS WAY.

How to 'Hone and Own'

How to correctly share with women and how to calibrate vulnerability to give her a massive rush of attraction without coming off as weak ... feminine ... or needy.

The Magic of Open Ended Questions

This is the way to make women feel truly listened to and understood. Because when they feel understood, they also feel like having sex!

The 80/20 - 70/30 Rule

How to get the perfect calibration of attraction vs. connection. And how to manage that ratio as you progress through dating and relationships with women.

How to Get a Superpower With Women

This program shares a criminally effective strategy to make women feel safe, secure, and pair bonded to you (this is legitimately like having a superpower with women).

How to Connect Emotionally With ALL Women

This includes your mom, sister, work colleagues, friends, and anyone else of the opposite sex.

The “Movie Screen” Technique For Better Communication

A brilliant method to properly focus on what’s important to women in communication. It’s not about talking about different things. It’s about talking about the same things in a different way.

How to Mix Feelings With Facts

A brilliant method to properly focus on what’s important to women in communication. It’s not about talking about different things. It’s about talking about the same things in a different way.

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Here’s What Other Guys Are Saying About Beyond Attraction:

I cannot recommend this book enough.

This is a practical manual for any man who wants to have a relationship with a woman.

Be advised, this is NOT a book for boys, it is a book for MEN.

The authors deniliate a deceptively simple guide for men who are seeking to have fulfilling and rich relationships with the women they desire.

The book strives to empower men to find their better selves, and to get in touch with their emotions so that they can be a better, stronger man for the woman that they desire.

I found the book to be profound, yet simple and approachable. And I can testify that reading it both empowered me and challenged me.

I had to look at myself and what I wanted and what I was doing to get what I wanted, and I learned that what I thought what I was doing was not in line with my goals.

Gentlemen, this is not a book that's going to kiss your ass, it's a book that asks you to look inside yourself and find out who you are and what you want.

It's a guidebook, that you have to be willing to set aside your ego, and listen to what the authors are saying.

Listen to women. They're telling you everything you need to know, they're willing to meet you halfway, you just have to be man enough to meet them there.

This is one of the most profound books I've ever read, and it's really simple actually, and the brilliance is in its simplicity.

Find the strength to be emotionally open, don't be afraid to be vulnerable, check your ego and your macho nonsense at the door, and find your own way, with the guidance of this book, to be emotionally available to the relationship that you always dreamed of.

Jeff Fowler

Beyond Attraction Also Includes 2 Free Bonuses:

Instant Action Bonus #1:

How to Emotionally Connect to Women & Build Trust

This is an audio program where the creators of Beyond Attraction — Marni Kinrys and Terah Harrison — outline how to leverage the emotions women experience to make them highly attracted to you.

This bonus also includes the written transcript for real time access of important points.

Instant Action Bonus #2

The 10 Things ALL Men Need to Do to Keep a Woman

Featuring “The 10 Golden Rules” for keeping a woman invested, this manuscript outlines what divorced men wish they knew before they suffered the demise of their relationship.

As one student put it: “These are the 10 things every man should know before getting into a committed relationship. Had divorced men known these things before they got married, they may not have lost their wives.”


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Who is this program for?

    A: Beyond Attraction was created for men who want to learn how to develop DEEP LEVEL attraction in women and hold onto it for as long as they want to. It’s also for men who frequently can’t get second dates … get broken up with in relationships … are deprived of sex from their partners … or who have been left by their wives.

  • Q: How important is connection and trust REALLY?

    A: Extremely important. In fact, I’d say it’s critical. One of the biggest reasons men can’t hold a woman’s interest is because they fail to build that all important connection. This is the secret most men will never know about getting REALLY good with women.

  • Q: What is your return policy??

    A: If you’re not happy with the program just let us know within 30 days and we’ll send you a full refund.

  • Q: How do I access the content once I purchase the course?

    A: As soon as your purchase is complete you’ll be redirected to our download page where you can get your programs.

  • Q: Do you have any proof that this stuff works?

    A: DEFINITELY! Please have a look at the testimonials we included in the section above.

  • Q: When can I get started?

    A: You can get started right now. Just click the “Instant Access” button below and within seconds you’ll have the missing element most men will never understand about women.


Only $24.99

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Are You Ready to Build Connection & Trust With Women ?

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