Why Women Only SEEM Confusing—& What To Do About It—To Become Rejection-Proof & Make Her Yours

The Chicktionary: Your Action Guide To The Hidden Meaning Behind Everything Women Say & Do

The Chicktionary

The Chick-Tionary is a complete manual that beams a powerful light onto the most puzzling, perplexing & BAFFLING female behaviors… turning them all into confident clarity for you, and illuminating the simple steps to making her YOURS (for one night or for years to come).

What if you were one of the few men who knew exactly how to respond when a woman says things like:

"I'm not ready to date right now"

…or "Hey," (then she just leaves)…

…or "I have a boyfriend" (after flirting with you).

You'll find out what all those things really mean about you and what to do next… plus 85 more of the most confusing female phrases & actions SOLVED when you click on the button below and grab your copy right now!

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The Chicktionary: The Tell-All, Step-By-Step Action Manual For All The Weird, Confusing Things Women Say and Do

Here's something about female attraction girls won't tell you (but secretly wish you knew):

When a girl says something contradictory or confusing… and you react by reading her like a book and responding exactly how she was hoping you would… her interest in you will skyrocket.

But girls know finding a guy who can do this right is RARE. Like finding a four-leaf clover in the Sahara Desert.

That's why, on top of getting a comprehensive resource for decoding EVERYTHING women say and do, I've also laid out the right ways to RESPOND to her whenever you encounter a girl's crazy, confusing behavior…

—so while other guys are left scratching their heads at how odd she's acting, she'll see you "get" her like no one else. And that's exactly what makes girls want to be with YOU over other guys (whether it's just for a night—or for years into the future).

You'll be able to download your copy of The Chicktionary right to your computer. That means you can start decoding every misunderstood musing of the female language in time to go out and use it TONIGHT.


Why You Need To Decode Women (& Why They'll Never Give It To You Straight)

You see, what most guys don't understand is women don't feel like they're "allowed" to tell you this stuff DIRECTLY.

If they're disinterested, girls are afraid to hurt your ego by blowing you off… and if they ARE interested, they don't wanna seem too eager and easy. The truth is, girls HIDE most of their real feelings and intentions—including what they want you to do to them ;).

I can't tell you how many times my girlfriends say things like, "Yeah I'm just gonna ignore him to make him want me more" or "I can't tell him I'm not into him… THAT'S JUST MEAN!"

I admit it… it's hard out there for a guy in the dating world. Trying to understand girls' "surface" communications can be a total crap chute sometimes.

That's why I'm pulling back the curtain and revealing what us girls REALLY mean (and what you NEED to do about it) when we say weird things like, "You'd make a GREAT BOYFRIEND to anyone BUT…"

Imagine if you had a special type of "x-ray vision" that—every time a woman says or does something totally mind boggling—can scan her brain and reveal to you in simple terms what she really wants—and passionately needs—in order to get her powerfully attracted to you. What would that be like?

Imagine how it would feel to be the only man around who has this x-ray vision… the only man who knows what women are really thinking… and ultimately what women WANT.

Wouldn't that give you an unfair advantage over guys who are competing with you—or trying to steal your girl? Wouldn't it feel GREAT to attract sexy stares and massive interest from the women you meet and interact with every day?

If there's anything that turns us girls on—that overrides any height, weight, money, or age discrepancy—it's a guy that JUST GETS US. Whether it's by knowing exactly what we mean and challenging us on it…

Or even calling us out on our female BS!

(We know when we're doing it, and we want YOU to know the right times to call us on it).

And if you're the type of guy who can be clear on what you want—even when we're NOT—then you'll find yourself ahead of 90% of the OTHER GUYS out there trying to "figure us out" and missing the mark completely (which is an immediate turn-off).


It's Easy To Get What You Want When You Figure Out The Hidden "Female Messages"

Men aren't biologically predisposed to figuring this stuff out. Even my guy friends who think they can… totally can't.

So whether you need help figuring out if she's actually worth the chase (I'll show you how to stealthily determine that)…

Or even help realizing how BAD she secretly wants you (and what you NEED to do once you find that out)…

You can give yourself a serious advantage by grabbing your copy of The Chicktionary right now to find out exactly what women are REALLY telling you—and use it to start any type of relationship you want with her TONIGHT.


In ADDITION To The Chicktionary You'll Get These 3 Exclusive BONUSES:

CD Chicktionary

As if it isn't enough being the only guy who responds to girls with magnetism instead of confusion, when you grab your copy of The Chicktionary I'm ALSO giving you three more BONUS Mini-Courses to make sure your skills with women multiply like rabbits.

You're getting 3 FREE Complete Audio Mini-Courses—where I teamed up with 3 gorgeous women who get approached SO much they each have over 10,000 hours of experience talking to, dating, and rejecting all kinds of men. If anyone's the authority on this, it's them.

I use covert interrogation techniques to dive DEEP into their psyches and pump out the astonishing secrets they didn't even know were behind their behaviors. If you want to get better at attracting women, you CAN'T miss this. Here's what you'll learn:

  • Audio Mini-Course #1: Advanced Female Mind-Reading In Conversation - with Nicki (Valued at $27)
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  • Audio Mini-Course #3: Using Invisible Female Feedback To Amplify Attraction - With Justine (Valued at $21)

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  • The Chick-tionary: Decode & Respond Attractively To The Hidden "Girl Messages" Most Guys Are Completely Derailed By

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  • BONUS Audio Mini-Course: Advanced Female Mind-Reading In Conversation - with Nicki (Valued at $27)
  • BONUS Audio Mini-Course: The Sneaky "Canned Lines" Women Use On YOU (And What To Do About Them) - With Kim (Valued at $16)
  • BONUS Audio Mini-Course: Using Invisible Female Feedback To Amplify Attraction - With Justine (Valued at $21)

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