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I am a 5 ‘6 bald guy and I asked out a 23 year old model at a tanning saloon and she said yes! I love u Marni!

— Daniel

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Listen in as i speak with my inner cicle of dating experts and wing girls as we break down exactly how to get women you desire


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The F Formula: Your Wing Girl-Guided Blueprint For Combining The Nuts & Bolts Of Female Psychology With Your Genuine Personality—For Effortless Flirting, Attraction & Escalation With Any Woman


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The Chick-Tionary

The Chick-tionary: The Hidden Meaning Behind What Women Say & Do

This manual gives the full run down of ALL THE THINGS women say that confuses men, written in dictionary format

Includes: Bonus MP3 Interviews with beautiful women revealing what the things they say to men really mean

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I’ve followed your courses and managed to land myself an awesome, quality girlfriend. Thank you!

— Peter

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Friend Zone: Get Out and Stay Out

Now you can GET OUT of the friend zone and stay out for good!

1 Hour Video Seminar PLUS over $150 worth of bonus material.

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Your products have served as the catalyst for my social improvement with women, everything I’ve learned came together thanks to your material.

— Drew

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How To Become A Man Women Want (Starter System)

Get the program that has transformed thousands of men around the world, from “Mr. Nice” to “Mr. Holy S*&T I Want Him”. In just 30 days you will have women begging you to be theirs! Learn how to approach women, talk to women, attract women, date women, seduce women and get everything you have ever wanted from women.  This program will tell you how step by step!

I can’t believe it! lol I got a new girlfriend…within a day? That’s insane right? I wanna thank you for your help… keep up with the good work! Stay awesome!

— Peter

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What’s Inside A Woman’s Mind: Secrets Women Will Never Tell You

Uncensored, private conversations with over 50 sexy, intelligent, beautiful women all caught on tape!

No more guessing what women say when you’re not around. Get your answers to every burning question you have ever had about women. Hear the blunt, honest truth about what women REALLY want.

Your materials have opened my eyes. Women are showing interest in me because I now project myself as someone who knows what I want and where I’m going.

— James

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The INSIDhER 30-Day Advanced System

The INSIDhER is The Wing Girl Method’s most innovate and advanced system.

After over a decade of working with 100’s of thousands of men around the world, Marni has put all of the information she provides her private coaching clients and put it into this system.

This program is broken down into 4 weeks:

Week 1: Building Your Masculine Confidence

Week 2: Activating A Social Life Women Die To Be Part of

Week 3: Approaching & Talking To Women

Week 4: How To Be Seen By Women As A Lover Not A Friend

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Confidence Booster Package

Confidence Booster Package

Discover Who You Are, What You Want and Your Boundaries NOW!

INCLUDES: 1 Week of Email Coaching

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  • Discovering What Your Values Guidebook
  • Discovering Who you are & Where You are Right Now
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