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Asking Out A Girl: The Proper Way To Do It!

As I have told you before, I have many guy friends.  Guy friends who I love and think are the best guys in the world. And guy friends who can still shock me when I see how terribly they handle … keep reading

Guide To Selecting The Proper Accessories For Men

Last week you I introduced you my wonderful, attractive stylist friend Erin, who told you what to wear for summer dating.  This post is a follow up to that piece.  It tells you what to wear for summer dating when … keep reading

Guide To A Successful First Date

First dates can be the most nerve racking experience.  You get stuck thinking of things to do on a date, where to go, how to behave. But what if the next time you went on a first date you were … keep reading

Where To Take A Girl On A Date: First Date Ideas

First dates can be a little tricky but they don’t have to be. The Wing Girl Method recommends 14 First Date Ideas that are fun, entertaining and inexpensive. keep reading