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Does Real Estate Matter To Women?

Does real estate matter women??  I sat down yesterday with the Founder of BuzzBuzzHome.com Matthew Slutsky (funny name right?) to find out if real estate matters in the world of dating. He asked me these 5 questions to find out … keep reading

#1 Reason You Are NOT Attracting Women

Want to to know the #1 reason you are NOT attracting women? The main problem that many men struggle with, when trying to attract the opposite sex, is that they really don’t understand what creates attraction. Once a man can … keep reading

Marni #1 Wing Girl & The Wing Girl Method Join Askmen.com

Marni #1 Wing Girl and The Wing Girl Method join Askmen.com!! I, Marni, your Wing Girl have been asked to be one of Askmen.com‘s video experts on SEX!!!  To be fair, “Sexpert” is not a hat I am used to … keep reading

The Art of Picking Up Women Gets a Female Touch – Huffington Post Article

Last week Peter Nowak, award winning journalist and best-selling author, interviewed me for a piece he was writing for the Huffington Post Canada.  The piece is excellent and well written.  The article is posted below: By: Peter Nowak Award-winning journalist … keep reading

How Do You Talk To Women and Make Them Feel Attracted To You

Hayley Quinn – UK Wing Girl! (Don’t miss out on the audio at the end of this post where Hayley and I give you a more in depth explanation) So how do you talk to women? And I’m not talking … keep reading

The Wing Girl Method on CNN.com

My article on CNN.com/lifestyle is getting a great response. Over 250 people have recommended it to their friends to read and 109 people have commented. The article is 6 Dating Tips for guys on how to pick up girls! I … keep reading

#1 Mistake Men Make With Women

Drove down to San Diego yesterday to do a 3 minute segment on San Diego 6, The CW Morning Show with Mark and Heather.  It was awesome and in just 3 minutes, Mark got a lot of great information out … keep reading

What Is your Personality Type? MBTI Free Test

Ever taken The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test? It is really helpful in getting a better understanding of who you are and the way you see the world. What Is Myers Briggs? The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment is a psychometric … keep reading