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& You'll Quickly Discover:

  • What women REALLY want, not what they say they want
  • The simple step to become a sexual leader with women
  • What women think of you when you get instant female feedback from Marveliz on your conversation style and sexual appeal
  • How to be direct with women and get what you want
  • How to be your authentic, genuine, masculine self and get the girl.
  • What you are looking for in a woman
  • Boundaries you must have in place with women so that they won't walk all over you
  • How to avoid the friend zone for LIFE!
  • And more…

Whether you are single, dating, divorced, in a long term relationship, married or trying to figure out how to approach women, I will advise you on what to do and how to do it to ensure you get maximum results!

I am here to be your Wing Girl and provide step-by-step direction on what you need to do to ensure you are successful with women.


I can help you with your fashion, your body language, your mannerisms, they way you speak and even the way you make eye contact with women. Yes, even the smallest detail of how you interact with a woman can tell her that you are … or are not … the right man for her – and I can make sense of all of those details and girly preferences so you're no longer in the dark.

Most of all, I can help you connect to women. This is my area of expertise and I have helped 1000's of men connect through touch and conversation for almost a decade. This 1 skill is something that the male experts have no idea how to teach you, because they are not a woman.

How It Works?

I will personally contact you shortly after you sign up. We'll schedule a time that works for both of us to get on skype/phone. If you use Skype, I'll also give you my special “coaching ID” to add me.

And if you don't have Skype, no worries… I will call YOU!

Feel free to fire me with questions like:

  • Can you critic my online profile and tell if it's attractive and what should I change?
  • How do I SPARK attraction with this woman I see almost every day?
  • How can I make her think I'm sexy?
  • Can you tell me what it means when a girl __________?
  • Can you tell me what this texting conversation with a woman means?
  • How do I make a woman want me sexually?
  • How do I avoid becoming a friend to a woman?

… the possibilities are endless!

You'll be receiving super-customized answers from me – particularly for YOU!

I Will Tell You:

  • How to approach women & how women WANT to be approached
  • How to be a leader and do the things i want.
  • How to become more confident.
  • How to avoid negative responses from women.
  • How do i shed my nice guy image
  • How to be fun and funny.
  • How to make any woman interested in me and attracted to me.
  • How to sexually attract woman
  • How to flirt
  • How to tease woman
  • How not to be scared of woman
  • How to make a girl or a woman comfortable with you.
  • How not to be a boring guy.
  • How to approach any woman any time any where and make them attracted to you.
  • How to talk dirty or escalate sexually.
  • How not to take rejection seriously.
  • How to start touching woman without seeming creepy
  • How to read all her signals
  • How to spark energy in the conversation.


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Wishing you success with women,


That's right! After we finish the session if you don't feel you'll have that inner power to enjoy the dating success you deserve, I'll personally refund you every cent of your investment. Honesty, if I I can't help you, I don't want your money.

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